GH Update Monday 3/8/04

General Hospital Update Monday 3/8/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


While Lucky and Emily are talking about the letter from Zander, Ric comes up to tell them to hand it over because it's evidence in a murder case. Emily says he'll have to get a subpoena to search her. They deny having the letter; Emily walks away. Ric chews Lucky out, yelling at him for not following orders. They both accuse the other of lacking objectivity. Lucky wants to know why Ric is so determined to railroad Nikolas.

Nikolas is reading Zander's letter to Emily when his lawyer drops by to tell him that she got his trial date delayed. He tells her not to; he wants it to be right away. He would rather take his chances with the jury than with Ric. She warns him that he might be risking his case by going to trial before she's ready. He knows. She asks who he's protecting. Emily comes in, so the lawyer leaves. She gives him the letter and says Ric or the police might be right behind her. Nikolas tells her that he got a letter, too, saying he might kidnap her. He thinks it would give her a motive for Zander's motive. They discuss it; Emily wants to skip town. Elizabeth arrives and says she can explain everything.

Faith shoots at the wall or window near Courtney's head. Courtney orders her out, saying she gets it, Faith is tough. Faith says that was a warning and Courtney had better let her do what she wants, then she leaves.

Michael tells Lorenzo that he wants his mommy to come home. Lorenzo suggests that Michael go home rather than be wandering around at night by himself. Lorenzo talks to Michael about how much he loves his mother and won't hurt her (he insinuates that Sonny always yells at her because they're not happy). He promises he won't hurt Carly. He and Michael are headed off the docks when Courtney runs up and yells at Lorenzo to get away from him. Lorenzo leaves Michael with her. Michael says he skipped out on Leticia and wanted to tell Lorenzo to leave Carly alone so she can come home. Courtney tells her that his parents need to work everything out on their own and he has to mind Leticia to help them out. He wants to know why his parents can't just love each other again; she has no answer.

Jason is sworn in to court. Alexis asks Carly if he will support her; Carly says grimly that he knows what's at stake.  Alexis questions him about Carly's fitness as a mother; he agrees that she's a good mother. She asks him about the accident where Carly saved Michael from the ice and he gives the details. She asks about whether Sonny's lifestyle is dangerous and how many times he's been the target of gunfire. Jason says he doesn't know so Alexis says there's been at least 12 documented times. Jason doesn't know how many times Sonny has had explosions go off, or how many times Jason has been a target, or whether the children have been put in danger because of Sonny being their father. He doesn't know the answer to the first two but answers yes on the third, reluctantly.

It's Justus' turn to question Jason. He talks about after Michael was born, how Carly left town and Jason had custody of Michael. He gets out of Justus how much he respects Sonny and how he took care of Michael, and how Jason basically gave him to Sonny. Jason says Sonny is the best father and that if he could choose a father, he'd choose Sonny. When put to it, Jason says that he thinks the boys should be with both of their parents. Alexis wants to redirect but the judge calls a brief recess. Sonny and Carly are both angry. Carly follows Jason outside and yells at him. Jason suggests that she tell the judge that they both love the kids and that they both want to raise them. She says Sonny won't share. He yells at her to stop thinking of herself and says that Michael needs his parents to make peace. He talks about how it ripped his heart out to give up Michael but she has to take that risk now. She says she will have to talk about Sonny's mental problems, but he says if she does, Sonny will turn around and make her look like an unfit parent, too, and nobody wins. She yells at him some more, saying she never thought he would let her down. She storms off.  Sonny tears into Jason, but he tells Sonny that he thinks the kids should be with both parents. Then he tells Sonny that Carly blackmailed him. He explains what she threatened to do. Sonny is shocked and livid.

Elizabeth and Audrey walk at GH; Audrey goes on and on about how great it will be to have a great-granddaughter to spoil. Elizabeth looks pale and thinks about when she whacked Zander over the head. Audrey asks her if everything's okay, so Elizabeth says she is just distracted. Elizabeth plans to give her little girl, if it is a girl, the name Audrey. She is afraid of making mistakes. Audrey is sure she will always do the right thing. Elizabeth says she has to start now. Ric comes in and tells them that they all got letters from Zander so he was trying to manipulate everyone. He asks them to let him do his job. Emily and Nikolas don't want to hear it. Ric wants to investigate further, but Elizabeth interrupts and says she's the one who killed Zander. She explains to them what happened and apologizes to Nikolas. Ric tells her it's okay because she is pregnant. Nikolas and Emily are upset about it. Ric wants time to find out if she really did kill him, but Elizabeth wants to turn herself in. He asks her to trust them; Nikolas says they don't. They discuss what to do but Elizabeth slips out when they're not looking. Ric rushes out to keep her from confessing. Elizabeth is crying as she drives. She leans down to pick up something and ends up crashing her car to avoid someone else.

Felicia talks to Mac, who is all wrapped up in bandages and can't talk. He tries to talk but she warns him not to because the doctors don't want him to yet. She is upset that he nor the girls told her about all of the things that have been going on, like Maxie and Kyle, and Georgie and Dillon. She can't believe how fast they're growing up. Georgie walks in and listens in. Felicia says she knows that Mac was doing what he thought was right, to protect her while she was helping her grandmother. She says she is there now and will take care of the family. Georgie smiles.

Felicia, Maxie and Georgie sit down and chat. Felicia mildly rebukes Georgie for them misbehaving while she was gone. She points out that Mac would not want her hanging out in the hospital, so she should get back to school. Georgie is unsure but Felicia tells her she wants her to be happy since she's had such a bad year. They agree to go pick up their homework and they make plans to have dinner later. Then the girls leave, and Audrey comes up to ask Felicia if Mac has any additional insurance besides what he gets for through the PCPD. Felicia doesn't think so and looks uneasy. Audrey tells her not to worry. Tracy comes up and is nice to her. She gives Felicia a check for $10,000 to make sure he gets the care he needs. Felicia refuses it and tells her she doesn't want her blood money.

Sage finds Dillon walking by Kelly's with two tickets. She grabs them out of his hand and comments on them: La Boheme. He is clearly uncomfortable. She babbles on about them. He stops her and says they are for him and Georgie. He explains that Georgie made him watch Moulin Rouge many times, and she loves rent, both of which are loosely based on La Boheme. Sage understands but says that maybe it's not a good idea for Georgie right now. Dillon says she can probably use the distraction. He tells her that they have a history. Sage replies that it sounds like he thinks he has a future with Georgie. He confides that yes, he's still in love with Georgie and hopes to get things back with her.

Georgie meets Dillon at Kelly's for coffee. She is impressed that he already knew what kind of latte she wanted. He asks about Mac and they get their coffee. She says it feels so normal with the two of them being there. They agree it feels "right" like it used to be. He says she is the one he fell in love with when she kissed him without introducing herself. She is unsure but he tells her some more sweet things.

Sage meets Travis on the docks. She asks if he still wants to be with Georgie and if so, he should follow what she says. She tells him to get interested in show tunes. He won't go along with that, so she threatens him. Dillon is about to ask Georgie to go with him to see La Boheme when Travis comes up to ask her if she will go with him. He hands the tickets to her and she gets really excited. Dillon knows exactly what's going on and is annoyed. Georgie hugs him because she feels bad for how she treated him at the hospital. Sage smiles at them through the window. Dillon comes out and yells at Sage. She pretends not to know what's going on. He doesn't buy it as she plays the innocent act. He accuses her of lying and says this is her M.O., doing something horrible and then acting nice. He makes her swear that she didn't do it, so of course she does, acting as if he's being unreasonable.

Lorenzo arrives at the courtroom with a new haircut and a nice suit. Courtney gives him a hard time. Carly tells Alexis that she wants to testify that Sonny had a nervous breakdown. Alexis wonders why she changed her mind and if she's ready to do what it takes. Carly says she doesn't care about hurting Sonny anymore; all that matters is getting her kids back. Jason suggests to Sonny that he give Carly a different way out. The court starts up again and Carly is called to the stand. Sonny tells Justus to tear Carly apart and make her look like a liar. Alexis questions Carly about whether Sonny has been violent. Justus objects but is over-ruled. Alexis asks if Sonny has a history of severe nervous breakdowns.

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