GH Update Thursday 3/4/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/4/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly’s, Ric hides Zander’s letter from Liz. He reassures her that there is nothing she could do or say that would turn him away from her. He says if there is anything she knows about Zander’s case, she should tell him. She tells him to look outside her circle of friends when he asks if she thinks Nikolas or Emily could have done it.

Emily and Liz go at it at Kelly’s. Emily tells Liz that Liz wants a father for her baby so much that she will look past anything Ric does. Liz tells Emily they should stop the discussion in order to preserve their friendship.

Justus proposes to Alexis that he will drop some of the most damaging info on Carly if she would do the same with regard to Sonny. Alexis says she must do what Carly wants her to do. Alexis says she will not make any deals under the table. Justus says that it sounds as if Alexis has some sort of personal stake in the case.

Sonny and Michael get ready to go to the custody hearing. Jason arrives. Michael says no one would fight or be mad if he just lived with Jason. Sonny tells him to stop trying to fix things. Jason hangs out with Michael after Sonny leaves. Michael says he is scared he will never see his mother again because Sonny always wins.

Lorenzo reassures Carly she has nothing to worry about with regard to the custody hearing. She voices her suspicion that he has done something to influence the outcome of the hearing. Lorenzo reassures Carly that he is confident in Carly’s case because he is confident in her. He tells her she must remember to relax and just let Alexis defend her. He tells her that when things get difficult, she should just turn to him. Carly replies that she does not want him to go to court with her. She thinks it will reflect badly on her because Justus will argue she left her children for him. Lorenzo argues that if the judge sees him he will see that he is not some monster and that he loves and supports Carly. Carly still believes he should not go to court. He acquiesces.

At GH reception area, Dillon brings Georgie a muffin. She tells him that Mac is doing okay. Tracy approaches and interrupts their conversation. When Tracy tries to tell Georgie she is sorry about Mac’s troubles, Georgie tells her off and leaves.

As Skye sleeps on the couch, Luke attempts to pull the blanket up to her chin since it slipped down a bit. She wakes as he is doing this and believes he is pulling it off instead. He convinces her he was just trying to help. He tells her that Edward is just manipulating her and will end up breaking her heart. They have breakfast together which would have ended in a kiss had Edward not shown up and told Luke to “get away from her, you leach!” Luke says he has arranged for Edward to go to Brazil. Skye says he should stay in Port Charles. Dillon sneaks into the house ands makes his presence known. Luke suggests that they should read the arson report before they come up with a plan. Luke tells Dillon that they need him to keep an eye on Tracy. Dillon says he will not turn against his mom.

Sonny arrives at the courthouse to find Sam waiting for him. He tells her it is not a good idea for her to be there. She realizes he is right. She tells him she will be on her boat. When Ric arrives, Justus tells him that he is on Alexis’ witness list. When he sees Alexis he tells her it is better to have Carly mad at her than to have him mad at her. Jason makes a last ditch effort to get Sonny to give up the case. When Carly arrives and drops her bracelet, he bends down and picks it up. He puts it back on for her and is very sweet about it. Just then, the court officer says the hearing is about to begin. At the hearing, even though Ric is Alexis’ witness, he says Sonny is a great and loving father. Carly stands up and calls him a “lying scum”. There is a recess. Lorenzo shows up and tells Carly Sonny subpoenaed him. Jason and Sonny speculate as to why Ric gave testimony in Sonny’s favor. Ric comes up and says he needs to speak to Sonny. When the hearing reconvenes, Faith shows up and takes a seat. Everyone looks at her wondering what she is doing there.

At Kelly’s, Ned and Tracy have a meeting of the minds regarding ELQ. She warns him that if Edward keeps control, Skye will get to take over the company. Ned agrees to bury the arson report if she relinquishes 50% of ELQ to him. She agrees.

Jax bumps into Sam on the docks. He guesses that Sonny has asked her not to stay at the hearing. Jax voices his thought that the judge should hear him testify to the atrocious way Sonny treats women. Sam begs him not to go to the courthouse. She makes lots of excuses up as to why he should not testify. Jax reminds her that Sonny will eventually take Carly back and will shut Sam out permanently.

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