GH Update Wednesday 3/3/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/3/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Jax visits Carly at her loft and tells her he will testify on her behalf.

Justus tells Jason the judge might put the boys in foster care if Jason does not take them in himself.

Emily tries to persuade Nikolas that they should tell Liz that Ric may have killed Zander.

At GH, Tracy tells Dillon that he must not let anyone know that Edward was in his right mind at time of fire, the family will be ruined and he might be shgipped back to boarding school.

At Skye’s place, Edward complains about everything. Luke comes to visit. Skye stomps away exasperated. Edward accuses Luke of taking advantage of Skye. Luke accuses Edward of the same thing then orders him to get him a proper breakfast.

Liz reads the note from Zander again. She compares it to an older note she got from Zander to make sure it is authentic. Ric comes home and asks her why she called him and asked him to come home.

Lucky visits Nik and Emily at Wyndemere. They tell Lucky that Ric is the one who killed Zander.

Justus tells Jason that he does not believe the judge will want the children to be with either Sonny or Carly.

Carly tells Jax that their business venture at the club ended on a sour note so what could he possibly have to testify that would help her. He said he saw her with Michael and believes she is a good mother. Carly remains unconvinced. Alexis then arrives. Carly accuses him of just trying to stick it to Sonny. Jax gets upset and leaves. Alexis informs Carly that Sonny’s violent life does not guarantee that she will gain custody of the children, which is what her goal should be as opposed to just proving that Sonny is unfit.

Monica visits Kellys and bumps into Jason. At first, he is as cold as usual, but as an afterthought tells her he needs to ask her something.

Ric and Liz go to Wyndemere at the behest of Nikolas and Emily. Lucky is still at Wyndemere. Ric again asks Nikolas to plead manslaughter. Nikolas refuses and says that maybe Ric killed Zander.

Tracy visits Skye’s place as Luke is on the porch. She tells him to cut the bull because she knows Edward is there.

Sage tries to get Dillon to go out. He refuses saying that he can’t because his family is imploding.

Jason asks Monica for advice regarding taking custody of Michael and Morgan. Of course she says yes. Michael is her grandchild and she would love to forge a bond with him and thinks Jason is good for him.

Alexis tries to figure out what is really going on with Sonny and Carly. She speculates that maybe they are bored. She quits.

Liz comes to Ric’s defense. She tells Emily she cannot believe that she used their friendship to lure them to Wyndemere so she could accuse her husband of murder. Ric turns the tables. He says Emily also had means, motive, and opportunity and probably killed him. Liz tells them they must stop this destructive pattern of blaming each other.

Dillon unloads emotionally on Sage regarding his family. She asks what it has to do with them taking a trip together. He tells her he needs time to figure things out.

Tracy barges into Skye’s house and demands to see Edward who she is certain is there. She sees the nun’s habit and says that must be the disguise they used to smuggle Edward out of GH. Luke says he wears the nun’s habit when he and Skye play games together.

As Alexis and Carly argue, Jason comes to visit. Alexis tells him that he should tell Carly not to use a custody battle to get Sonny back. Jason asks Carly if it is true that she wants Sonny back.

Em, Nik, and Lucky put their heads together to figure out how to nail Ric as the killer.

Back at home, Liz apologizes to Ric for how their “friends” ambushed them. He asks her if she thinks he killed Zander. She says no, of course not. He tells her he is grateful that she believes him after all he had done in the past.

Dillon bumps into Georgie reading in the park. He reassures her that Mac will get better. Dillon fills Georgie in on all that has been going on in his family with regard to Edward.

Carly tells Jason that she still loves Sonny. She says she almost told Sonny yesterday at courthouse, but Sonny’s walls went back up when Lorenzo came around. Jason insists that they are hurting the children.

At court, Alexis tells Jax that Carly is the most insane client she has ever had. Jax guesses that Carly is blackmailing Alexis and asks Alexis as much.

Dillon sneaks up on Skye’s house and spots Edward.

Tracy asks Justus to have Edward listed as a missing person and have the police search for him, find him, and put away.

Jason tells Carly that he won’t betray Sonny and tell the court that the kids belong with Carly. He warns her that they might both lose the boys.

Ric goes through the mail and finds a letter purportedly from Zander. It says that Liz killed him and that she should pay for it.

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