GH Update Tuesday 3/2/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/2/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Maxie is thrilled to see Felicia. They hug. Maxie pulls away, saying she needs to know how long Felicia is staying. Georgie is with Dillon; she tells him that it's great that he's here, but he must have other stuff to do. He says he's fine there. Maxie brings in Felicia, so Georgie jumps up to hug her. Dillon watches the family scene with interest. Georgie introduces Dillon. Felicia says she remembers meeting Dillon from when he was a little boy. Sage rushes up and clings to Dillon's arm, and she introduces herself as Dillon's girlfriend. Dillon looks embarrassed. Sage suggests to Dillon that they leave, since Felicia is now there to support Georgie. Dillon asks Georgie if that's okay, and she hurriedly tells him it's fine. She flashes a fake smile and urges him to leave. Sage tells Georgie sincerely that she is sorry about her dad; she knows what she's going through, and not knowing if he is going to live or not. Georgie and Maxie talk to Felicia about Mac's condition. They ask about Maria. Felicia says she is very ill, but there's no excuse for the way she's acted and she promises to stay home now.

Nearby, Tracey tries to get Sage to pull out all the stops on keeping Dillon away from Georgie. Sage is suspicious as to why Tracey prefers her over Georgie. Tracey says that Sage is more appropriate than Georgie, whom she calls a "dishrag". Also, she fears that Dillon's compassion will compel him to help out Georgie and her family, which means not supporting the Quartermaines. Tracey says that Sage should make Dillon the father of her baby. Sage says, "No way". Alan comes up and asks Sage to excuse them. He tells Tracey that Edward has disappeared. Tracey yells at Alan for letting that happen and then they go look for him. Alan tells a guard to seal off all the exits. Alan worries about what will happen to Edward, but Tracey tells him not to worry because she stole his clothes so he couldn't get far. They split up to search. Alan gets paged to the ER, saying that his father was spotted near there.

Skye is shocked when Edward crawls out of a body bag where he was hiding. She hides him in a room and then phones Luke to say she needs a disguise. Edward grouses that his outfit is drafty (he's wearing a hospital gown). Luke comes in with the perfect disguise for Skye: A nun's habit. She tells him that it won't work because it's for Edward, not her. Edward refuses to get into the outfit. Skye explains the situation to Luke. Edward, in the nun's habit, complains because it's itchy. They make Edward hang out in the chapel while they go to find an escape route. After they leave, Alan comes in, looking for Edward. Edward kneels down and looks like he's praying as Alan describes him. Edward is having a hard time not scratching his itching skin; he wriggles around a lot instead.

Tracey finds Luke and Skye together, so she gets suspicious and demands to know what they did with Edward. Skye pretends to be surprised that he's missing. Luke grabs Skye and holds her close, saying that they are there because they're hoping Skye is pregnant. Tracey laughs and says that the longer Edward is missing, the loonier he looks (so she will win). Tracey runs into Dillon and Sage. She pointedly tells Sage to run along. Then she asks Dillon to follow Luke Luke gets Alan out of the chapel by telling him that Edward was spotted near the main entrance, so Alan runs off. Edward starts itching again and gets up from where he was kneeling, refusing Luke's help. Luke tells him to head for a service elevator to escape. Luke and Skye will be waiting with a getaway car outside. Luke sees Dillon heading into the chapel, so he turns him around, convincing him to look away instead of following Tracey's orders. Dillon is willing to comply. He runs into Tracey, who is not pleased to hear that Dillon lost Luke. He yells at her for always wanting him to do bad things. He wants to do the right thing. She tells him that he's too young to understand, but he doesn't buy it. He leaves, saying he doesn't want anything to do with her right now. Sage comes up to see how Dillon is doing, but Tracey tells her again about getting pregnant. Sage says that if she did that, Lorenzo would kill Dillon and send her to a convent.

At Courtney's office, Faith is suspicious about Courtney being willing to cooperate with her all of a sudden. She ransacks Courtney's office, looking for a wire. Courtney calls her paranoid. Grace grabs Courtney, but Courtney yells at her to keep her hands off her. Courtney threatens to snap Faith's wrist and kick her, so Faith threatens to bring her thugs in to do the search. Courtney suggests they make nice. Faith continues to search, still suspicious. The phone rings, so Faith answers it. While she's distracted, Courtney takes the bug out of plant and hides it on her person. Lucky is listening to them, so he suddenly loses the sound. Michael is on the phone and asks for Courtney. Faith jokes around with him and then says Courtney is in a meeting and can't be disturbed. He asks her to give her the message, thanks Faith and then hangs up. Faith asks Courtney why she didn't just call Sonny and Jason the first time she showed up. Courtney replies that Sonny doesn't need that trouble right now during his custody hearing. Faith is reminded of the phone call and tells Courtney that Michael called, but she is too impatient to tell her any of the details. Faith says she's running one of her ships through the harbor tonight, so Courtney says she doesn't care any more and tells her to get out. Courtney adds that she expects a check for the damages to her office. Faith says she might almost like her.

On the docks, Courtney meets with Lucky, who asks what happened, so she tells him. He wonders if Faith was still suspicious; Courtney confirms that she seems to have bought it so far. Lucky wonders why Courtney chose to call him for help, rather than Sonny or Jason. She tells him that she didn't want them involved right now because of the custody hearing. She asks him to swear not to tell anyone about this, until they get enough to stop Faith. He agrees but says that he is obligated to remind her that she's putting her life at risk. She says it's worth it to help two little kids who need to be with their parents.

At the courthouse, Carly and Sonny wonder if they are still in love with each other, since they are not in love with Sam and Lorenzo. But right then, Lorenzo walks in, ruining their possible reconciliation. Sonny tells Lorenzo that this is between him and Carly. Carly says that she asked him to come there, so Sonny gets angry, thinking that she thought she was going to win custody of the children and then leave with them and Lorenzo. Lorenzo doesn't help matters by getting in Sonny's face. Sonny and Lorenzo trade insults; Carly tries to stop it. Sonny alludes to Lorenzo's plans with Faith, making Carly wonder what he means. Lorenzo says he'll tell her later. Sonny tells Lorenzo that the day his children breathe Lorenzo's air, is the day he dies. The judge comes in and wonders if they were able to reach any kind of an agreement. Sonny and Carly confirm that they are going ahead with the divorce and custody hearing. The judge is disappointed; he thought that hearing their son say that he didn't want to live with either of them might make them work things out. He says he'll see them in court. Sonny tells Carly that this is war and she sarcastically agrees.

After Sonny leaves and Lorenzo returns, Carly is very upset and wants to phone Alexis right away. He tries to calm her down. He mentions that he has taken care of everything. She wonders what that means, so he tells her about his plan to use Faith to get at Sonny. Carly slaps him, hard, and says, "How dare you!" Carly rages on about how he is hurting Sonny instead of helping her. He realizes that she still loves Sonny. She says she's very angry at Sonny, but she doesn't want him hurt. She points out that he is still the father of her children. Carly softens as Lorenzo tells her that he never expected her to fall out of love with Sonny so quickly. He offers his help so she thanks him. She says she is going to take a bath to calm her nerves.

Back at the penthouse, Jason wants to know why Michael was phoning Courtney. Michael says that he wanted to let Courtney know that he told the judge that he wanted to live with him (Jason). Jason says that Michael was going to slip in the part about Courtney living there, too, so Michael asks if this was wrong. Jason says that he just has to learn that he can't get everything he wants. He assures Michael that he and Courtney love him, but they are not his parents. He also points out that he and Courtney are not together any more. Michael says glumly that his parents aren't, either, but Jason says that could change. Michael says he missed Jason and Courtney. Jason says he will get him and Morgan out of the house every once in a while. Michael hopes Courtney will be there, too, but Jason says she has her own life now.

Alexis is at the courthouse (probably waiting for Carly, Sonny, and the judge). She has Kristina with her and she is looking for her lost lamby. Ned comes along and finds the stuffed toy. He hugs Kristina and remarks how big she's getting. Ned asks for her help as a lawyer to defend Edward in his competency trial. She replies that she can't because she's busy with Carly's custody case. He is surprised to find her working for Carly but quickly figures out that Carly must have found out that Sonny is the father of Kristina. Alexis shares that she told Carly when they were trapped in the elevator and she thought she might die. Later, she is chatting to Kristina. One of the other lawyers walks by so she asks him to drop off some papers to the judge for her. She turns around and finds Kristina gone. She starts looking and calling around frantically. She turns the corner and finds Sonny, squatting down in front of Kristina. Sonny flashes his dimples and says hi. Alexis, almost shaking with worry, introduces Kristina to Sonny. Sonny says she's beautiful and she must love her very much. He muses on her motherly bonding thing with Carly and then he asks if anyone's ever told her about a father's love. He says that his children are his pride, his legacy, and more important than money, power, or anything else He talks about how he will do anything to protect them, and how he'l destroy everyone or everything that gets in his way. Alexis tries to appear unfazed by his remarks but she is putting up a brave front. Alexis suggests once again that he compromise with Carly. Sonny refuses, saying, "I will not share my sons with an unfit mother and her freaky lover any more than you would share kristina with a father who didn't deserve her."

Courtney goes to the penthouse to find out what Michael wanted. Jason tells her that when the judge asked who Michael wanted to see, he picked them (Jason and Courtney). Courtney is shocked. She feels bad for Michael and wonders what Sonny and Carly must have felt when they heard that Michael didn't want to live with either of them. Jason says that maybe they'll stop fighting and figure out what to do that's best for their kids. Sonny comes in and is not happy to see Courtney. He feels she betrayed him by telling Carly where Michael was meeting with the judge today. Courtney leaves, looking sad. Jason tells Sonny that she isn't the enemy. Jason fills Sonny in on the conversation he had with Michael. Sonny tells Jason that he needs to decide whose side he's on. Jason says it's not about sides. He tells Sonny that he can deal with Carly however he wants, but he has to do what's best for his kids by sharing them. Jason says that Sonny knows that's the right thing to do. Sonny admits that he was about to agree to that when Lorenzo walked in. He starts complaining about Lorenzo and Carly again. Jason yells that Sonny had better get under control or he will take his kids away.

Luke and Skye Edward at her place. He won't stop complaining about everything. Edward asks Luke what his intentions are towards Skye because he thinks Luke is just after the money. Luke replies that he intends to ravish her every night and hopes she will do the same. Skye comes in to hear that. Luke and Skye chat while Edward tries on another outfit. They flirt and talk about what Luke said (about ravishing). Edward returns and asks if they really intend for him to wear this frilly pink robe.

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