GH Update Monday 3/1/04

General Hospital Update Monday 3/1/04

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Dillon is just about to tell Georgie everything about how his Grandfather is faking being senile to escape bankruptcy when Tracy pulls him away and tells him that he can’t. Dillon doesn’t agree. All he can think about is how Georgie is suffering and should know the truth. Tracy tells him that if he does, the family will have nothing and he will destroy all the Quartermanes. She reminds him of all the good Quartermanes such as Ned and Monica and tells Dillon that she will look after the girls of anything happens to Mac.

Travis admits to Sage that Georgie made a deal with him to pretend he was her boyfriend so that she could make Dillon jealous. He also admits that he now actually likes Georgie and is afraid that Sage is going to tell Dillon everything and ruin his chance to get close to Georgie.

Instead on spilling on Travis, Sage tries to help him get closer to Georgie. She tells him what to say to her and he goes over and does exactly that. She gets mad at him for his insensitivity and goes right back to Dillon. Sage gets mad and Tracy gives her a different idea, seduce Dillon.

Maxie prays for her father to get better. Just as she finishes someone comes up to her and puts their hand on her shoulder. Maxie looks up and hugs the woman, who is her mother.

Edward sits in the hospital bed playing chess with Skye. A doctor comes in to ask Edward some questions and he quickly changes the game to chess to make it look like he’s crazy. The doctor asks him questions, which he answers. She leaves and says that she will review his answers and give a diagnosis for them later.

Tracy comes in and tells Edward what she has done to make the act more convincing, she has placed Edward in a mental institution. Edward is outraged and later on Skye tells him that he will not be going and she will stop it. Skye tries to talk Alan out of it, but he agrees with Tracy, this is the best possible way to prove that Edward really is crazy.

Skye goes on the elevator alone and as the doors close notice that there was a body bag left behind. She sees movement and opens it up to find Edward.

Carly, Sonny and Jason all wait for Michael to come out for the judge’s chamber. Meanwhile, when Michael is asked which parent he wants to live with, he responds that he wants to live with neither of them.

Michael comes out and Carly and Sonny both hold out their hands. He runs to Jason. The judge asks Carly and Sonny to come speak with him and he tells them what Michael said: he doesn’t want to live with his parents, but Courtney and Jason. Sonny and Carly try to explain both the judge wants them to work something out. He leaves and Sonny and Carly are left alone to talk.

Sonny and Carly talk about what’s happened between them and who betrayed who. Carly and Sonny are both curious if the other one loves who they are with right now. Carly asks Sonny if he thinks he could ever love Sam.

Faith comes into her house to find Justus standing there. He has come to warn her not to start a war with Sonny. She tells him that she had no intention of doing such a thing. She asks Justus to come back and work with her but he has no intentions of being part of Faith’s life anymore. He walks out.

Courtney goes into her office and finds it totally trashed. She finds a note on the table asking if she’s seen her father lately. Justus comes in and Courtney tells him that Faith murdered her father. He looks inside the blood stained closet and finds nothing. Courtney calls up her dad and he is there. It was just a warning. Justus tells Courtney that she should work with Faith but Courtney doesn’t want to.

Faith comes into Courtney’s office to talk business. Courtney tells Faith that she is willing to turn her head while Faith brings in her shipments but she has to know what she is shipping. Faith suspects that Courtney is wearing a wire.

Michael goes back to the penthouse with Jason and tells him that he chose to live with him. Jason is honored but tells Michael that he can’t because he is not his parent. He promises Michael that he will not make him choose between his parents. He shows Michael the first book he ever read to him and reads it again to calm Michael down. He falls asleep in Jason’s arms.


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