GH Update Friday 2/27/04

General Hospital Update Friday 2/27/04

By Suzanne
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At the courthouse, Elizabeth hides the note from Zander (that says Ric killed him) as Ric comes over to her. He mentions that she looks worried, but she covers with an excuse about dinner. He worries about her and says she should be home resting. She is worried about Nikolas and wants Ric to drop the charges. He reminds her that he can't do that if there is evidence. She asks him about whether he's looking into Scott as a suspect. He says the case is still open. He doesn't want her to worry because the doctor told her to avoid stress. She wants to be at Nikolas' bail hearing, but he assures her that it will go fine, and he wants her to go home. He has to rush off.  She sees Nikolas and gets a moment with him. She tells him that she knows he's innocent and not to worry because Ric will only go through the motions with the hearing and he is keeping the investigation open. Nikolas suspiciously asks how she is so sure that he is innocent. She answers that he didn't say it was in self-defense and that he wouldn't lie to her. Nikolas appreciates her trust but thinks that Ric is rushing to judgment. Lucky comes up to say hi. Elizabeth asks him if he has found anything out about Scott Baldwin. He isn't sure what she means, so she explains that Ric said they are looking into him as a possible suspect. Before Lucky can answer, Emily arrives. Then Nikolas' lawyer, Jen, says the hearing is about to start. Elizabeth says she has to leave because she is supposed to be resting, but she wishes Nikolas good luck.

Carly asks Courtney if she can help her out because the family court is interviewing Michael today. She wants to speak with him first. Courtney is concerned that she will cause a scene, but Carly says she is just worried that her children will think she has abandoned them. She wants Michael to know that she will love him no matter what the judge decides. Courtney agrees that a child should grow up with both of his parents, so she tells Carly where and when the hearing will be held. Carly thanks her. Courtney insists that Carly promise that whatever Michael decides, Carly will work hard to come to terms with Sonny.

At home, Sam awakens (naked, in bed) to find Sonny staring out the window. She asks if he got any sleep, but replies that he only slept a little. She knows he is worried about losing his kids and tries to comfort him. He says that he doesn't want to do what he has to do in order to keep them. Sam quizzes Sonny about why he is trying to take custody away from Carly. She shares that her mom abandoned her when she was little, and it left a void in her life. Sonny replies that when his father left, instead of a void, it left them vulnerable, and he doesn't want Michael to be exposed to any threats (like Alcazar).

At the penthouse, Jason takes Michael's temperature. Michael says he's sick, but his temperature is normal, Jason tells him. Michael claims he has a stomach ache. Jason knows he's faking and tells him that he shouldn't be nervous about seeing the judge today. He urges Michael to just tell what he feels. Michael asks who he should choose to live with, his mommy or his daddy. Jason has a talk with Michael about it. Michael doesn't want to choose between either of his parents. Jason suggests that he tell the judge that, then. Michael says Morgan is lucky that he doesn't have to make these choices. Jason assures him that he just has to be honest with the judge and he will be the one making decisions. Michael asks if Jason can be in there with him, but Jason says he isn't allowed, but he will be right outside. Sonny comes home; Jason leaves to make a phone call. Sonny takes Michael in his lap and ask him to tell the judge that he wants to live with his dad. Sonny explains that when he was little, his mother fell in love with a bad man that hurt him and his mom, and he doesn't want the same thing to happen with Michael. Michael says he'll just stop his mom from being around anyone like that. Sonny asks Michael to trust him and says he just wants to make sure he's safe.

Sage and Dillon go to Kelly's for breakfast. She really doesn't want to be there but is trying not to nag him. He insists on staying and asks Mike for the special. Mike is not sure what he means but then catches on. Sage yells at him for ordering for her, but then Mike brings out a stack of pancakes with a lit candle on top. Sage is happy that Dillon knows it's her birthday. She isn't sure how he knew, so he tells her that he saw it on her driver's license and remembered it. She is very pleased. They chat about being friends. He is worried about Georgie because he plotted to cause problems by having Tom put the moves on her, but it backfired because Georgie didn't shy away. She tells him to welcome to the villain's club and suggests that he move on now since Georgie is obviously in love for real. Dillon tells Sage that part of their celebration will be Sunday during the Oscars. He is going to use his family's screening room to watch them and the cook will make a bunch of Oscar-theme foods for them. Sage admits she likes watching the pre-Oscar ceremonies and red-carpet walk. They talk about what birthdays mean to them; they both have in common the fact that their parents were flakes who weren't always there for important occasions.

Georgie and Maxie visit the hospital because of Mac being in the burn unit. They are worried that he might have an infection because the doctor told them that was their biggest concern. The girls discuss what it could be and then Georgie says she's feeling bad because she didn't do anything when "Tom" was kissing her, while Dillon was there. She blames it all on Tracy for convincing her to break up with Dillon. She is mad at herself for continuing to make Dillon jealous rather than telling
him the truth. Then she berates herself for worrying about boys when Mac is in trouble. Maxie tells her it's okay because she's thinking about someone she loves. She assures Georgie that this is a great hospital and it saved her life, so it will save Mac's too. Monica comes out to give them news. She tells them that Mac's lungs have filled with fluid. They are doing everything they can. The girls look upset so Monica assures them that Mac is a fighter. Monica suggests they stay on the positive side, but Georgie is worried that Monica never said that Mac wouldn't die.

Justus tells Tracy that Mac is not doing well, so if he dies, his daughters will have a case for a wrongful death suit. Tracy objects, saying her father is senile so he's not liable. Justus reminds her that they want to just avoid bankruptcy, not avoid liability altogether.

Sam visits Carly at home. Carly is not happy to see her. Sam says that she thinks that Sonny wants to have joint custody, but he is worried about their safety with Alcazar. She thinks that if Carly dumps Alcazar, Sonny will cooperate. Carly sarcasticly asks if Sonny will agree to her terms: for him to dump Sam first. Carly then accuses Sam of wanting to get rid of Sonny's kids because they will remind them of his love for Carly. Sam denies that's true. They exchange insults about who knows Sonny best and who he prefers to be with. Carly wins by saying that Sonny is just sleeping with Sam because she's

Courtney goes home to find Faith waiting for her; she has flowers sitting on the table. She says she wants to share in the celebration with Courtney. She says that just last week she was slinging hash and now she's a big executive. Courtney orders her out. Faith says she wants to work with Courtney and they can be friends. Courtney wonders if Faith has lost it. Faith says that Courtney owns the docks that she needs access to. Courtney tells her that she will never work with her. Faith smiles and says she will, with proper encouragement.

Maxie phones Dillon to tell him about Mac's conditioning worsening. He tells Sage about it so she tells him to go ahead because Maxie and Georgie need him. He assures her that they will have their celebration on Sunday.

Tracy brings flowers and tries to be nice to Maxie and Georgie, but they see through her. Maxie blames the Quartermaines, particularly Edward, for Mac's condition and knows that Tracy is just concerned about liability. Maxie says she heard Edward the night of the fire when the supervisor told him that the hotel electrical system wasn't safe, and Edward said they couldn't afford to fix it. She also tells Tracy that Mac can't have flowers because of infection. Georgie comes up and grabs the flowers out of Tracy's hands and throws them across the room. Tracy keeps up her steely smile and keeps trying but they tell her off. Maxie points out that because of Edward, Zander and his father died, and Mac will be in pain the rest of his life. Georgie yells that Dillon told her how greedy and selfish she was, but he was being nice. She says, "You're not even human -- you're a monster, and Maxie and I want nothing, nothing to do with you."

At the courthouse, Sonny tells Michael that a social worker will take Michael to the judge, but they'll be waiting there for him. He tells Michael to be strong and brave. He knows Michael wants to run away, but he tells him that running only makes things worse. Michael asks him if he'll love him no matter what, so Sonny assures him that he will. Carly comes up, so Sonny lets Michael go see her. She brings him a book as a gift. She tells him that no matter, she will always love him and Morgan. She tells him to answer the judge's questions honestly. The social worker takes Michael to see Judge Marland. Carly guesses that Sonny asked Michael to say that he wants to live with his dad. Sonny guesses that she was bribing Michael to pick her. He asks sadly what they're doing to their children. Sam watches from nearby as Carly and Sonny argue. Sonny tells Carly that if she agrees to stop seeing Alcazar, he will go along with shared custody. She tells him that she doesn't trust the offer because she thinks he just wants to control her life and that will just be the first in his life of demands. She tells Sonny to face the fact that she will be moving on, whether with Lorenzo or someone else.

Jason and Courtney chat at the courthouse. She admits that she told Carly where the hearing was so she could see Michael. They talk about how hard this is for everyone. He asks her to let him know if Faith approaches her because he thinks Faith is going to start violence against Sonny during the custody battle, at Alcazar's request. He wants to protect Sonny and his family.

Nikolas and Emily go to Kelly's and let Elizabeth know that he is out on bail; they are happy for him. Elizabeth wants to prove who really committed the murder. Lucky comes by so she asks him why he didn't answer he earlier question. He says he didn't want to get in the middle of this. She asks him what that means and whether Ric is looking at other suspects or not. We don't hear what Lucky answers. Later, he talks to Nikolas and says that Ric is determined to see Nikolas as the other suspect, despite what he told Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Elizabeth asks Emily how she's holding up. She's worried and says that she thinks Nikolas' future is in Ric's hands. Meanwhile, Ric is looking in at them via the window at Kelly's.

"Tom" comes into Kelly's; Sage wonders why he's there instead of the hospital. He replies stupidly that he's not sick. She says that normally when loved ones have a family member that is in terrible, you go there to support them, like a girlfriend. He says automatically that he doesn't have a girlfriend. She asks him what Georgie is, then. He covers very badly, saying that Georgie is more than a girlfriend to him, so Sage realizes that they are not together. The whole story pours out, including the fact that his name is really Travis, not Tom.

Dillon visits the hospital and takes Georgie in his arms. She is really glad to see him. She whines that she can't lose Mac since her mother is always out of town and her real dad never calls her or visits. He assures her that she won't lose Mac.  She tells him about Tracy dropping by. He is disgusted and says he hates it when his family uses the Quartermaine name to get their way. Tracy is nearby and overhears this. Georgie tells him that Maxie thinks Edward is to blame. He says that it's time he told her the truth.

The judge tries to talk to Michael a little first to get to know him, but Michael wonders why because he was told the judge wants to ask him about who he wants to live with. The judge says that is true. Michael says he doesn't want to choose; he wants them to live together. The judge says that's not an option, so he asks Michael which parent he would be happier with.

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