GH Update Thursday 2/26/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/26/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny tells Justus he must make Carly look worse.

Emily and Sam wait to get rescued out of the stuck elevator. They bond while they wait, sharing chocolate. Emily thanks Sam for trying to help her during the fire.

Nikolas lambastes Alexis for representing Carly and not him.

Jax and Courtney continue verbal sparring. Courtney tries to convince Jax that she is a good businesswoman.

Jason tells Carly not to expose Sonny’s mental illness. He tells her that if she exposes the secret she might as well kill Sonny and that his enemies will use the info again.

Sonny tells Justus that anyone can make Carly look unfit. Justus reminds Sonny that he shot Carly. He asks him if he really wants him to destroy Carly completely.

Carly tells Jason that she can no longer afford to love Sonny anymore. She begs Jason not to let her down.

Emily tells Sam that Sonny and Carly are exactly alike. As Emily asks if Sam is in love with Sonny, the elevator starts moving and Sam does not answer.

Ric and Liz visit the doctor. She tells Ric she has been thinking about Zander and how everything just went wrong for him in the end. She again asks him to make sure he does everything he can to make sure Nikolas is not convicted for Zander’s murder.

Sonny tells Justus that as long as Carly is with Alcazar there is no chance for joint custody. Jason walks in without being seen, when Sonny is telling Justus to that he is going to be so calm in the courtroom and that Justus needs to provoke her so that the judge will see that she is an unfit mother. Jason tries to convince Sonny to go for joint custody. Sonny tells him that he is trying to give his children a real home.

Carly goes to visit Courtney at her office. Carly tells her that she respects her for walking away. She had tried several times but couldn’t. Courtney tells Carly that she cannot say that the children belong with her.

Nikolas meets with lawyer Jen McNeil.

Ric tells Liz that all the evidence that he has points to Nikolas as the killer. Liz insists that Nikolas is not the killer.

Courtney tells Carly that she and Sonny must share custody. Courtney says he is only acting this way because he is hurting. Courtney asks her how can she trust Lorenzo. She says Sonny is using Lorenzo as an excuse to take away their kids and that he is making Lorenzo out to be worse than he really is.

Sonny tells Jason that he must tell the judge that the children belong with him. Jason does not respond and this is taken as a yes.

Over dinner, Sonny thanks Sam for being so discreet when he was at the hospital with his sons. He refers to her as being someone who makes him smile. He does smile a lot in scenes with her. She tells him that she does not care what anyone else thinks about him because he is good to her. He gives her a gift of some jewelry and tells her she is free to go whenever she wants but he would like her to stay.

Alexis asks Courtney if she is sure that Jason will support her and not Sonny.

At the penthouse, Courtney and Jason bump into each other. Courtney asks him how he will testify.

Emily visits Nikolas at the police station. He tells her that the lawyer, Jen McNeil, is arranging a bail hearing for him so he might go home soon.

Lucky and Ric butt heads over Nikolas being charged for Zander’s murder.

Lawyer comes to Nikolas and says that she could not get a hearing before tomorrow morning. She said the DA has a strong case.

Carly tells Alexis that Jason won’t say anything bad about Sonny but will say that she is a good mother.

Jason tells Courtney that he will tell the judge joint custody is best. He says they keep fighting in order to stay connected to each other. Michael comes downstairs and tells Jason that Leticia needs his help. Jason goes upstairs. Michael asks if she and Jason are together again and she says no. He asks why his parents can’t act like them. A call comes in from the custody judge.

Sonny gets a call from the judge informing him that he is setting up an interview with Michael to ask him which parent he wants to live with.

Ric tries to set up a plea bargain for Nikolas but Nikolas does not accept. Jen wonders why Ric seems a bit reluctant to prosecute the case. Nikolas asks Ric where he was when Zander was killed.

Liz gets a letter with return address “Zander Smith”. It says that if she receives the letter, he is probably dead and Ric killed him.


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