GH Update Wednesday 2/25/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/25/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis tells Courtney that she might be subpoenaed due to the custody battle.

Emily and Nikolas try to figure out who killed Zander.

Liz is worried that Nikolas will be convicted of murdering Zander.

Sage tells Dillon to go back to Georgie. Dillon admits he likes Sage.

Tom meets Georgie on the docks and asks her out. She declines. She tells him he does not have to pretend to be her boyfriend anymore. Tom is not pleased about this news.

At Alcazar’s, Carly warns Alcazar to watch out for Faith. She also confesses she is still trying to get over Sonny. She tells Alcazar she is getting used to having him around and does not want him to die. He tells her he has no intention of dying.

Jason tells Courtney that he cannot guarantee that no one is going to die. She tells him she does not want anyone to get killed or hurt on her property. Jason pulls the “sister card”.

At GH, Sonny shows up as Sam and Jax are there talking. Jax tells her to go join Sonny. She says she does not want to traumatize the kids anymore by going over to him and Michael and Morgan.

At the police station, Emily snaps at Liz and sarcastically tells her that if she wants to do something, she should get Ric to drop charges against Nikolas.

Sam goes to Courtney’s office and asks who is renting dock space. When Courtney tells her that she is, Sam acts like a snob and, while looking down her nose, tells Courtney that she could not possibly be the one renting dock space. She reminds Courtney that she is “just a waitress”. After Sam pulls the witch act (decked out in all black too!), Courtney tells her to take her trashy, home-wrecking ass out of there. Sam, speechless, leaves.

At the penthouse, Michael and Sonny return from the doctor. Jason tells Sonny the Courtney will hold Alcazar off for six months. Jason tries to rationalize with him. Sonny is upset that Jason is not agreeing to everything he says. Regarding getting dock space, he yells at Jason to just “get it done”. Jason throws a glass against the wall. Sonny asks him what the hell he is doing. He says he is trying to get his attention because if Sonny does not calm down, he is going to go off the deep end again.

Tracy and Edward go at it in Edward’s hospital room. Emily comes in and apologizes to Edward for getting mad at him before. She tells Edward and Tracy one way or another, she is going to make sure that Nikolas gets acquitted.

Liz visits Nikolas. Ric enters and reminds her that she has a doctor’s appointment at GH.

Sage shows her insecurities about Alcazar being with Carly and possibly becoming step- father to her children. He reassures her he loves her and won’t ship her off to boarding school.

Alexis tells Carly she needs Jason and Courtney to testify on her behalf at the trial.

Jason encourages Sonny to compromise with Carly. He keeps saying he does not want the kids to be near Alcazar even though he knows it is hurting Carly and the kids.

Carly calls Jason and asks him to come over.

At GH, Dillon meets up with Georgie. He says he was late because he had to help Sage. Georgie is not happy to hear this. She leaves. Tom shows up and asks Dillon advice on how to woo Georgie. Dillon tells him that Georgie likes to make out in public and that she tells him she likes a lot of aggression. He should just walk up to her and “BAM” start making out with her.

Jax visits Courtney and tells her she has the makings of a fine businesswoman. He tells her to quit working for Alcazar and go work for him. He says he will not give up asking her.

Emily and Sam get stuck on the elevator together. Emily yells at Sam that it is her fault. Sam starts feeling sorry for herself saying that everyone blames her for everything.

Jason goes to see Carly. She tells him that she really needs him now. She asks him to testify to the court that the kids belong with her.

Sonny meets Faith at the docks. She tells him that she is taking over Alcazar’s territory. Alcazar then joins Faith, showing that they are working together. Faith threatens to take Sonny out if he does not cooperate with her.

Tom takes Dillon’s advice as Dillon looks on in amusement. Georgie, at first startled, kisses Tom back after seeing that Dillon is watching.

In the elevator, Emily apologizes since Sam is really getting into her pity party act. In the end, they both start laughing at the absurdity of it all.

Courtney finally tells Jax she does not need a job, since SHE owns the company not Alcazar.

Jason tells Carly that he will tell the judge he thinks joint custody is the best thing. She tells him that if he does not testify that she should have sole custody of the children, she will tell the court that Sonny is mentally unstable due to his manic depression.

Alcazar tells Sonny that since he will be waging a power struggle with Faith for the territory she owns, the court will see him for the mobster he is and will decide he is an unfit father.

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