GH Update Tuesday 2/24/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/24/04

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Luke goes to the casino and sees a sign that says that the casino is closed die to a death in the family. Luke goes in the find Skye drinking and assumes that Edward has died. She tells him the Edward is fine and that he left her everything in his will. She is know screwing it up because she would rather be unwanted then wanted the most when it comes to the Quartermanes.

Luke convinces Skye to stop drinking and be the hostess of the casino. Soon after, Tracy comes in and Luke urges Skye to go talk to her instead of running off and hiding. Skye does this and is put down by Tracy when she is informed that Edward’s will is no good considering his plea of insanity. Skye is again left with nothing.

Tracy wants to play blackjack so Luke makes it his interest to deal her in. They play several rounds and Tracy loses most of her money. Luke warns her to stay away from Skye.

Outside of the casino, Luke talks to Skye. He tells her that she better sober up so that she can win this battle against the Quatermanes.

Courtney tells Jason about her reward and informs him that she is now CEO. She tells him that he is still able to lease the docks the same as always but there are a few added rules now. At the first sign of violence, the lease is pulled. Courtney is running a completely legal business.

Jason thinks that Courtney is doing this to punish him for being in the illegal business but she tells him that she just wants to make something of herself and this is all about being successful. She wants documents now on shipments to make sure that everything is legitimate. Jason leaves, telling Courtney that he will inform her on his decision to stay or not to stay later on.

Jason comes back with papers on his first shipment. Courtney tells him that maybe this can work but Jason is not as sure as she is.

Lorenzo tells Carly that he is leaving the business but she tells him that it is impossible just to walk away. Lorenzo disagrees, Sonny couldn’t do it but he can. There is a knock on the door and Faith comes in. Lorenzo offers her all his supplies that run his business if she offers him a decent price. She tells him that she is not sure and will inform him later. Carly is still not sure and afraid that walking away might cause Lorenzo to get hurt. He is touched by the way she is worried but knows that Carly still doesn’t love him. He informs her that he is willing to wait around until she does fall in love with him.

Alexis tells Sonny how she has taken Carly’s. She offers him a deal for shared custody but he turns it down, his sons stay with him. Alexis tells him that he is being unreasonable and that she plans on winning the case. Sonny asks her why she is doing this considering that she doesn’t exactly like Carly. Alexis makes up the excuse that she is tired of people like him thinking they are above the law.

Justus comes in just as Alexis is leaving and she gives him some information on his client. She leaves and Justus talks about the case and why Sonny won’t accept shared custody. He thinks that Sonny is putting his kids through hell. Sonny explains that he won’t lose his kids the way he lost Carly. Justus wonders out loud if this is about keeping the children or getting Carly back.

Ric arrests Nicolas for the murder of Zander even though Nicolas swears that he didn’t kill him. Emily questions Ric on why he is jumping to conclusions so quickly but the evidence is against Nicolas therefore he feels that he has to arrest him.

Alexis comes to the police station and Emily automatically assumes that she will be Nicolas’s lawyer. She tells Emily that she can’t because she is already Carly’s lawyer. Emily wonders why Alexis would choose to represent Carly over her own family but Alexis just tells her that she has already made a commitment to another case.

Elizabeth tells Ric that Nicolas is innocent and she is not going to stand around while Nicolas gets put in jail for a crime that he didn’t commit.

Sonny finds Sam in the boat and immediately they are all over each other and having sex. Sonny leaves quickly after, in a hurry to get dressed and go. Sam seems upset and they talk about not getting emotionally involved. Sam tells Sonny how she feels about him.

Alexis goes back to Carly’s and is annoyed to see Lorenzo there since she agreed that she would stop seeing him. Lorenzo and Carly both inform her that he is now a legal businessman before Lorenzo leaves.

Carly and Alexis talk about the case and Alexis tells Carly that they should use the facts about Sonny’s violent childhood and mental break-downs against him to make him look like an unfit father. Carly refuses to make these things to public since they are private family matters. Alexis tells her that she better smarten up since Sonny will stop at nothing to get the kids back and she should be that way too.

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