GH Update Monday 2/23/04

General Hospital Update Monday 2/23/04

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny tells Sam that maybe she should get out of the relationship since he doesn’t want to hurt her and he’s not making any plans with her. Sam tells him not to worry and that she doesn’t want anyone to depend on and that she wants to go back to the way things were between them. Sonny agrees and then looks up at the stairs. After making sure the stairs are clear, he rings Sam into a kiss. Justus sees them from the hallway.

He comes in and tells Sonny that he has to end his affair with Sam McCall in over to look good in front of the court. He tells Sonny that the court tends to favor the mother and they have to prove that Sonny is a legitimate businessman in order for him to keep his kids.

Justus tells Sonny that the custody battle is going to get a lot uglier then he expects. Sonny tells Justus to do whatever he has to do; his sons have to stay with him. Justus warns Sonny to think about his kids because they are who get hurt the most in the end.

Carly blackmails Alexis into becoming her lawyer. She threatens to tell Sonny. Alexis can’t understand why Carly wants her but agrees, but warns she doesn’t come cheap. Carly doesn’t have a problem with this. Alexis tells Carly that from now on they play by her rules, and she’s not going to like what she has to do first.

Lorenzo comes over and gives Carly some flowers. He asks her to go dancing with him. Carly tells him that they have to talk about her kids and getting them back. She tells him about her new lawyer, Alexis, whom Lorenzo does not like at all. She tells him to trust her on this one and he does. She tells him that he’s really not going to like what comes next and tells him that they can’t see each other anymore.

Carly makes Lorenzo understand that her getting into a relationship with him would look bad in court. Lorenzo finally understands and then kisses Carly before saying goodbye for a while.

Lorenzo comes back and he and Carly kiss. He tells her that he will stay away if she wants but he has an idea that could help even more. He tells Carly that he is going to do something that Sonny never could, give up the business for her.

Elizabeth comes into the police station looking for her husband. She asks him to come to dinner when Luke, who has a tape for Ric to play, interrupts them. On the tape is Scott, who is alive and well and letting Luke know this. He also tries to push Luke’s buttons by talking about Laura and how he is going to go see her. Luke warns Ric that is Scott goes anywhere near his wife, that he will be dead for real.

Maxie begs Georgie for some money. She wants to go looking for Zander, whom she believes got away and headed for Canada.

Courtney tries to tell Jax that she is starting over but he doesn’t believe that she is doing a good enough job. He thinks that she will run straight back to Jason if things aren’t done properly.

A man tells Mike that all his debts are paid off. He is confused as to who would do this and Courtney lets him know that it was her.

Courtney tells Mike about the 10 million dollars and tells him there is also something else, but he will not tell her yet and would like to keep things to herself for a while.

Sam meets Jax on the docks and they talk about her and Sonny. He tries to tell her how he is going to destroy her and Sam suggests that maybe Jax is afraid that they might be good together. Jax shakes his head, saying that will never happen because she won’t let it.

He tells Sam that she will run if her and Sonny get to close. He also says that she will use the fact that she slept with him in order to push Sonny away so that she can run to someone or something else. Sam walks away crying, saying that Jax doesn’t know anything about her.

Helena makes a different attempt at separating Nicolas and Emily. She talks about how love destroys all the Cassidines’ and the ones they love. She warns both Nicolas and Emily that Nicolas will destroy her and because of that, he will be destroyed to. Emily believes that their love for each other can only make them stronger but Nicolas tells her that everything his grandmother just said is true.

Emily tells Nicolas that he is wrong and tells him that there is no way he is leaving her for her own protection.

Alcazar tells Jason that they have to work together to stop the custody battle between Sonny and Carly. Jason blames Lorenzo for the battle in the first place and makes it clear that he will never work with him.

A man tells Jason that no shipments can be landed now without paperwork. The worker asks Jason what he wants him to do but Jason tells him that he has a pretty good idea who is behind this and is going to deal with it himself.

Jason tells Sonny about the situation on the docks and tells Sonny that he thinks Faith is pressuring the people. Sonny disagrees; there are other people who would want better security on the docks.

Sonny tells Jason that he is going to talk with the company and find out what is going on. There is a knock on the door and Jason answers it. Alexis comes in and tells Sonny that she is Carly’s new lawyer.

She offers him to make a deal and share custody with Carly but Sonny is not interested. She tells him that she plans on winning the case so he either works with Carly or risks losing his kids.

Jason walks into the office looking for the CEO of the docking company. The person turns around and Jason sees Courtney sitting in the chair.

Sage asks Dillon to go to a movie with him but Dillon is off in another world. She continues talking and Dillon totally walks away when Tom comes in. He asks about Georgie and give advice. Georgie then walks in and her and Dillon look at each other. Off to the side Sage asks him who he wants to be with, her or Georgie.

Tom calls everyone over to the television to watch. At a press conference, Ric tells everyone that Scott is living and has fled the country, alive and well. The body in the electrical room was in fact Zander Smith’s.

Maxie walks out of the diner and Georgie leave to go after her. Dillon offers to go with her but Georgie leaves, tells him she has to do this alone.

Lucky calls Nicolas and tells him how Zander is dead. Nicolas blames himself for Zander’s death and tells Emily that he has to turn himself in.

Nicolas goes to the police station with Emily. Both Elizabeth and Ric are glad that he is okay. He tells them about hoe he locked Zander in the basement. Maxie overhears him and tells him that he left Zander in the building to burn to death.

Nicolas tells her that it was just an accident, that Zander tries to attack him and that he left him unconscious to call the police. Maxie cries and walks out frustrated when Ric says that no crime has been committed and Nicolas is free to go.

Maxie tells Georgie that Zander was a good guy while she tries to tell her sister that he was using her. Maxie tells Georgie that she doesn’t understand and that they both needed a friend. Maxie walks away tells her sister that she doesn’t expect her to understand since her biggest problem is whether or not to tell Dillon she’s been in love with him the whole time. Just then Dillon walks out and faces Georgie.

Dillon and Georgie talk about her and how she feels alone. Just as the two are getting somewhere, Sage comes telling Dillon that he promised to take her to a movie. Georgie tells him to go and ruins her chance of talking to Dillon, once again.

Ric stops Nicolas from leaving. Forensics report has comes back and he needs to know what Nicolas hit Zander with before he left.

Nicolas tells Ric that he used nothing to hit Zander but forensics disagrees. Tests show that a blow to the head caused Zander to die before the fire. Nicolas is arrested for the death of Zander Smith.

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