GH Update Friday 2/20/04

General Hospital Update Friday 2/20/04

By Trish
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Faith, Luke and Skye meet on the docks. Skye tells Faith she doesn't get a say in how they run the business. Faith says she is trying to protect Luke's interests, but Skye reiterates that they don't need her. Luke disagrees however.

Alexis arrives at the mansion to see Nikolas. She tells him that she almost had to probate his will and thanks him for providing for Kristina. She tells Nikolas and Emily that Cameron died in the fire and that Zander disappeared. Emily says that if he did get away, he is probably in Canada. Nikolas thinks its his fault, but Alexis assures him that it isn't. Alexis laments over not telling Cameron that she cared for him. As Nikolas leaves to go shower, Emily tells Alexis how afraid she is to let him out of her sight. She thanks Alexis for her kindness and support and for dealing her being a "basketcase." Alexis tells Emily that a "basketcase" is someone that blurts out things that shouldn't be said and that Emily is not one.

Courtney visits the home that she and Jason were leasing. She tells the owner that she wants to buy it for herself so she can start a new life.

Sam and Jax meet at Kelly's. Sam tells him how she likes being independent and since she hasn't taken money from Sonny, she won't take any from him. He insists and she assures him she will pay him back. Sam tells Jax that she thinks they should keep a low-profile because of her relationship with Sonny. Jax reminds Sam that the first time she does something he doesn't like, he will break her down. Sam asks if that's what he did to Brenda. Jax says that he did it to Brenda and Lily and its the way he is treating Carly now and he assures Sam that she will be next.

At the airport, Carly calls Michael over to her. Sonny and Carly argue and Sonny wants Michael not to go with Lucky, but to see what Carly is trying to do. Carly tells Michael that she knows he is confused, but she loves him and asks Michael to call her. Carly leaves with Lorenzo. Lucky tells Sonny he is taking all of them home. He goes to get Leticia and Morgan. Sonny tells Jason that he had no intention of leaving with the boys -he just wanted Carly to come and cause a scene in front of the police and says that if she keeps listening to Lorenzo, the fight will get even uglier.

Skye calls Faith a homicidal maniac. Luke tells her that they can benefit from Faith's money laundering and then tells Faith that he looks forward to doing more business with her. As Faith leaves, Skye is furious with Luke and tells her to never kiss her again and if he does, he will shoot her himself!

Nikolas is looking at a newpaper headline about the fire as Helena enters. Nicolas tells her that even though they haven't always gotten along, he is glad she is alive. Helena tells Nicolas that he survived because he is meant to live out his legacy of being the greatest Cassadine of all.

Carly and Lorenzo arrive home. Carly is mad at Lorenzo for not letting her have Sonny arrested for trying to take the boys. Lorenzo tells Carly that she cannot play into Sonny's hands and that she has to do what is best for her sons.

Jason meets with Carly's lawyer at Kelly's and tells her he has a message from Sonny.

Sonny brings the boys home and sits down with Michael. Sonny tells Michael he can ask any questions he wants and he will answer them honestly. Michael asks why Sonny and Carly are always fighting. Sonny tells Michael that they are going to get a divorce and that this time he will stay with Sonny. Sonny asks Michael to be strong and to remember that he and Carly will always love him. Michael asks Sonny if he is going to marry Sam. Sonny tells Michael that sometimes he will visit Sam, but that she will not be coming there and they will not be getting married. Sam arrives under the impression that the boys were gone.

Back at the mansion, Helena and Nikolas talk about how the fire might give them a chance to start over and connect as a family. Helena then asks Emily to walk away from Nicolas.

Courtney runs into Jason. Courtney tells Jason that she can't believe he was involved in helping Sonny to try leave with the boys. Jason tells her that calling Carly was a mistake and that walking away from things is harder for him that it seems to be for her.

Carly's lawyer comes to Lorenzo's house to meet with them. Carly asks if they can use Sonny's attempt to leave against him and the lawyer tells her that they can't since the judge resinded the restraining order. Carly tells her to do whatever it takes, but the laywer says she will have to find a new attorney because Jason told her that if she continues with the case she will lose clients and cases because Sonny is "above the law".

Back at the penthouse, Sonny tells Sam that the boys will be staying with him. Michael tells Sam that his Dad told him that she can't come to the penthouse and that his Dad isn't going to marry him. Sonny sends Michael upstairs and tells Sam that Michael was just repeating what he told him.

Helena reminds Emily about the Cassidine obsession with women and how that ruins them. She reminds Emily of Stefan and Stavros' obsession with Laura and tells her that Nikolas's love for her will ruin his life. She asks Emily to break off the engagement.

Courtney runs into Jax as she is leaving Kelly's with her bags. Jax asks where she is going. Courtney tells him she is off to begin her new life. Jax asks if he can help.

Lorenzo and Jason have a secret meeting. Lorenzo thanks Jason for coming and tells Jason that the battle between Sonny and Carly is going to escalate and that they are the only two people right now that are thinking clearly. Lorenzo asks Jason to work with him on a solution, because he wants the battle to be over.

Carly arranges a meeting with Alexis. She reminds Alexis about how much they have in common and how they both are mothers of Sonny's children. She tells Alexis she wants her to represent her because she wants to keep her children safe from Sonny. She tells Alexis that if she refuses, she will tell Sonny that Kristina is his daughter.

Sonny tells Sam that he owes her an apology. He tells her that he may have given her the wrong impression - that he should not involve her in his family problems. Sam says that she understands - that she is the "big secret" and that their arrangement is too much to deal with. She threatens to call it quits with Sonny and he tells her that he thinks that's a good idea.


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