GH Update Thursday 2/19/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/19/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

An older woman approaches Courtney with a dog named Skippy. The ten million dollar check is a “token” of her appreciation for rescuing them from the fire. Courtney says she cannot accept the check. The woman insists. The woman tells her to think of all the good things she could do with the money.

At Alcazar’s house, Carly has died her hair to a dark auburn color. Alcazar tells her he likes it. Alexis comes to see Carly. Carly is a bit belligerent and so is Alcazar. He reminds her about her murdering his brother and tells her she will pay sooner or later. Alcazar goes to another room and Alexis begs Carly not to tell Sonny about Alexis’ baby belonging to Sonny. Carly says ahe will unless Alexis angers her.

Sam goes to the penthouse to visit Sonny. Michael suspiciously asks, “Who are you? And why are you touching my dad’s face?” Sonny introduces her as his friend. He tells her nothing has changed between he and Carly.

At GH, Ric continues to interrogate Edward. Edward continues his senile act. Ric tells Justus he knows its all an act. After Ric leaves, Edward tells Justus that Ric was just bluffing about not believing him. Justus tells him he has to act more like a fool. Edward reminds him that he has his dignity. Tracy brings in the new lawyer and Edward continues to act crazy. Tracy shows Justus papers she had drawn up relieving Edward of responsibilities for the Quartermaine businesses. Justus tells her she can’t get away with it. The lawyer says she already has.

Helena continues to have it out with Helena. She tells Emily she should have bled to death. Alexis shows up and tells her to back off. Later, Emily sits alone at the desk at Wyndemere. She is of course thinking about Nikolas. She looks up when she hears her name—it is Nikolas covered in soot and blood and tattered clothes.

Capelli and Jason square off. When Capelli turns away for a second, Jason speed dials Ric Lansing and then tricks Capelli into confessing that he shot Brian Beck. When Ric answers his phone, he hears everything. The police show up and yell for Capelli to drop the weapon. He and Jason struggle and the gun goes off. Capelli is shot dead. Ric does not have Jason arrested. Ric asks Jason for a statement that Capelli tried to kill him twice. Jason refuses telling Ric that Ric only wants Jason to owe him.

Carly, Lucky, and Alcazar go to the penthouse to get Michael and Morgan. Alcazar hangs back so that Sonny does not see him. He refuses to make Sam leave when Carly very politely asks her to do so. Sonny continues to refuse to bring the boys to Carly at that time, saying he will bring them to her at her residence later. Sam, upset that he did not slam the door in Carly’s face, starts to leave. Sonny stops her saying there is something he wants her to do. Later, he yells to Leticia that it is time to go. Leticia comes downstairs saying, Michael is gone.

Back at Alcazar’s house, Alcazar reassures Carly that she is a good mother. Sam shows up and tells Carly that the Sonny says the boys are staying with him.

Courtney and Jason bump into each other on the docks. Michael runs up and says he and Michael are leaving and he wants to say goodbye to Carly first. Jason calls Sonny and Sonny tells him to take Michael straight to the airport.


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