GH Update Wednesday 2/18/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/18/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Ric gives Jason his gun back. He tells him he is free to go. Ric gets news that Brian Beck died. Capelli tries to get Ric to press charges against Jason for threatening him. Ric refuses. Capelli states he believes Ric is using him as bait. Jason will kill him and then Ric can prosecute Jason for murdering Capelli.

At GH, Luke reassures Skye that Edward will be alright.

At GH, Jason visits Monica to ask how Emily is doing. She tells him Courtney was with Brian when he died. Jason asks her how come she is certain he is dead.

Courtney brings Brian’s son’s baseball glove to cemetery and puts it on his grave. Jason shows up. They argue again about Brian. She tells him that Brian did not deserve to die. She lambastes Jason’s “Profession”. Capelli watches, hidden in the bushes. Courtney tells him she will miss him because she cannot be in his life. Jason just walks away. Courtney does not try to stop him. A man approaches her. Not trusting him, she dropkicks him in the groin before asking questions. Unable to speak, the man hands her an envelope. She opens it to find a check for ten million dollars made out to her.

Tracy and Justus plot to save Edward’s good name. They plot to say he was going crazy up to the time of the fire and was thus making bad decisions. Edward overhears them and tells them that he won’t go along with it. They manage to talk him into it though. Skye visits Edward and tells him he should not go along with Tracy and Justus’ plan. He tells her he changed his will to give her control of the company. He asks her to keep it a secret.

Emily waits in the ashes and rubble of the PC Hotel for a sign that Nikolas is alive. Lucky joins her there. He tells her that the search for survivors is over. She says she will keep looking for him. Lucky tells her to face the fact that Nikolas is gone. They talk about their feelings about Nikolas. Lucky comforts her. Emily second guesses her actions with regard to leaving him in the hotel when it was still on fire. Ned enters and expresses his sorrow at their loss. A reporter enters and asks her if she knows that her grandfather was responsible for the fire. She is surprised by the allegation. A fire investigator interrupts and asks Ned to come with him. Lucky confirms that the fire was Edward’s fault. Emily says she is going to the hospital. Lucky brings Emily to hospital. She goes to see Edward. She lays into him for all his sins and blames him for Nikolas’ death. Edward gets another heart attack. Recovering, Ric walks in and tells Edward he has some allegations to ask him about. Edward goes into his “senile act”. Ric falls for it.

Emily goes back to Wyndemere. Helena attacks her, blaming her for Nikolas’ death. She orders her out of Wyndemere. Emily tells her she is not going anywhere.

Lucky bumps into Luke at GH. Luke asks about Nikolas. He tells him there is no way he could still be alive. He chastises Luke for his ill-treatment of Nikolas. Luke says he has no sad feelings about Nikolas’ death.

Alexis goes to GH and talks to Luke at the chapel. They talk mainly about Zander and Cameron. Luke tells her that Cameron was in love with her. Luke “memorializes” Cameron by giving a makeshift eulogy. Skye walks in at the time. She compliments him on giving the “eulogy”.

Coleman visits Helena at Wyndemere and says he has the treasure. He shows her a bauble to prove he has it. She says she will pay $200,000.00 for it. She asks him if he would like to double the finders fee in exchange for killing Edward. Alexis walks in and says she will have to kill her first. Coleman tells her she has nothing to worry about since he is “a lover not a fighter”. Alexis tells Helena that from now on, she is running the family.

Tracy meets with Lorenzo’s lawyer and asks her to help her solidify control over ELQ.

Capelli sneaks up on Jason, pulls a gun, and tells him that he is going to finish what he started.

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