GH Update Tuesday 2/17/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/17/04

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Tracy reads the document. Everyone in the room are worried because that can ruin Edward, Tracy, on the other hand, is happy because they are all in the clear.

Jason comes out of the fire and gives Courtney a hug. He separates from her, saying that he has to talk to his little sister. He tells Emily what happened in the fire, hoe Nicolas found him and there was a gas leak. Nicolas was unconscious and then buried alive. Emily refuses to believe that Nicolas is dead and tries to convince Jason to help her go find him.

Skye asks Tracy hoe she could think such a thing. Tracy explains that she understands her father; Alan understands to, he will do whatever it takes for his family. Dillon takes his mother off to the side and asks her if she is okay. He tells Tracy that grandfather does love her.

Skye and Justus worry about Edward together and wonder why they are there since they really shouldn’t care what happens to the old man, but they do.

Dillon tries to talk Tracy into giving her father the watch her bought for him long ago. Tracy tries to explain to Dillon that that would show weakness and she wants her father to respect her. Dillon doesn’t seem to understand this kind of love that they share for one another.

Jason brings Emily into the hospital to be checked out. She tells the nurse to call the hotel area and see if they found Nicolas. She tries to get up but Jason pushes her down and forces her to see the doctor.

Carly thanks Lorenzo for coming and getting her at the hospital. He tells her that he had to because he loves her.

Jason gets arrested for the attempted murder of Bryan Beck. Courtney offers to come with him to the police station but Jason orders her to stay and page Monica and Alan and let them know Emily at here. Courtney agrees and Sonny leaves to go call Justus. Courtney asks the nurse to call Emily’s parents and gives her name. The nurse recognizes Courtney and tells her that Bryan Beck has been asking for her.

Lorenzo tells Carly that she should go home and get some rest but she has no home now that the hotel is burned down. He asks her to come home with him.

Bobby informs the family that Edward is out of surgery. Tracy rushes in to go see him. Edward looks up at her and sarcastically says how he’s died and gone to hell.

Courtney asks a nurse about Bryan’s condition and learns that there are complications and his wounds are barely healing.

Emily tells her parents to take her to the hotel so she can look for Nicolas. They try and tell her that he is gone but she doesn’t believe it. Elizabeth offers to drive Emily down.

Sonny tells Sam that she’s got her a room at another hotel. They both tell each other that they are glad the other one is all right and Sonny asks where she met up with Jax. She lies and tells Sonny that she run into Jax on the 16th floor.

Sage comes home with Carly and Lorenzo and she is sent off to bed. Carly asks him if it is awkward having her and his niece there but Lorenzo says that it’s the opposite and would like Carly to stay permanently.

Edward remembers signing the paper with Justus and gets worried. Tracy tells him that she is going to handle everything.

Elizabeth tells Alan that Emily needs space to grieve for Nicolas and accept his loss. Alan tells Monica this but she is unsure about sending Emily off to find a man that she’s never going to find.

Ric offers Jason a deal at the police station; Jason says that Capelli tried to kill him so that they can get him convicted. Jason shakes his head; he has nothing to say without his attorney present. Justus shows up and gets started on trying to free his client.

Courtney shows up outside of Bryan’s room. The nurse mistakes her as Bryan’s wife and tells her that she is looking for Bryan’s next of kin. They are not sure if he is going to make it.

Sonny comes home and is greeted by Michael. He knows about the fire and begs his daddy to see mommy. He is also confused as to why she didn’t come home with Sonny.

Carly tells Lorenzo how Sage hats her because she doesn’t think that Carly appreciates her uncle. She tells Lorenzo that Sage is wrong. He tells her to stay here but Carly can’t while she is fighting for custody for the boys. He tells her to stay at one of his houses and Carly agrees. The phone rings and it is Sonny asking for Carly. She picks up the phone and Sonny asks her to come alone to see Michael.

Ned answers questions from the press but stops when he sees Emily. He tries to stop her from going into the hotel but he can’t. Elizabeth tells him to let her go. Emily walks around and shouts out for her fiancé.

Helena meets up with the Quartermanes outside of Edward’s room. She tells them that she will make all of them pay for the death of her grandson.

Jason tells Justus that he found the sweatshirt on the floor and used it for protection. Justus tells him that this is a case of mistaken identity and Justus repeats this information to Ric. Jason gets frustrated and screams out that he didn’t shoot detective Beck.

Courtney sits beside Bryan and he opens his eyes, glad to see her. He tells her that he is sorry for everything and that he should have been honest with her.

Sage comes out and sits with her uncle. She tells him that he was brave and heroic but Lorenzo explains that he had to save the twp people he loved most. Sage asks where Carly is and he says how she had to go be with her children.

Carly comes into the penthouse and is greeted by Michael, who gives her a huge hug. She offers to tuck him in and he asks her to stay after he’s gone to sleep like she used to.

Ned and Elizabeth watch as Emily walks through the building calling Nicolas’s name. Ned doesn’t quite understand why they are letting her do this.

Helena tells all the Quartermanes that they will pay for the death of her grandson. Tracy doesn’t believe the woman. They talk about the debt and how they could lose ELQ. Tracy says that they can’t.

Ric informs Capelli and Jason that Jason is free to go since they now have nothing on him.

Bryan tells Courtney how he did love her and talks in the past tense. Courtney screams for a nurse while the heart monitor goes flat.

Carly and Sonny explain hoe some things are going to change. Michael asks the both of them to tuck him in and they agree.

Sam talks to Jax outside of the hotel. She asks him a favor and he already knows what it is, not to tell anyone about them in the hotel room that night. Jax tells her not to worry and that she will find out how hard Sonny is once he realizes he’s been betrayed.

Carly tells Sonny that he’s going to have to be calm when she takes the kids, since she has temporary custody. Sonny says how he doesn’t want his sons near Alcazar and that they stay with him. He slams the door in Carly’s face, which Carly thinks is a bad idea since he probably woke up the kids.

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