GH Update Monday 2/16/04

General Hospital Update Monday 2/16/04

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

The Quartermaines panic when Edward falls to the ground. Alan takes charge and gives out orders. He goes to ride in the ambulance with his father. Tracy wants to ride with him also, but there is no room.

Jax tells Sam that Sonny is dead but she can’t find it in her to believe it. Jax, on the other hand, doesn’t really care about Sonny but can see that Sam does. He asks her if she’s in love with him.

Courtney yells and screams at Ric and blames him for the death of their brother. Mike and Elizabeth try to calm her down but have little success.

Sonny strokes Carly’s hair and talks to her in the middle of the burning room. She wakes up and sees Sonny, then Lorenzo. She let’s Lorenzo know that she is okay now because Sonny has her. Lorenzo ignores what she is saying and tells the couple that they need to get out.

Capelli comes out onto the roof and claims the last seat on the chopper; his causes Nicolas to be left behind with no helicopter to come and pick him back up. Emily wants to stay with him but Nicolas and Monica force Emily to go on the copper. There is an explosion on the roof while the copper is taking off.

Skye and Luke talk about going to the hospital and getting a checkup. Luke thinks that Skye should get checked for smoke inhalation but she really wants to go home.

Maxie and Georgie talk about their father. Georgie is really upset but tries to stay calm while talking to her sister. Maxie leaves to go sit with Mac. Dillon goes to comfort Georgie, gives her a hug and asks her is she wants him to go with her. Georgie smiles and tells him that that would help.

The doctors bring Edward into a hospital room. Ned, Tracy and Justus get into the hospital and talk to Alan about their family member’s condition. The family starts to pick on Tracy and accuse her of wanted Edward dead. Ned tries to make the family stop and come together as a unit.

Courtney continues to yell at Rick and tries to blame him for her brother’s death. Elizabeth stands up for her husband. Emily comes over and tells Rick to send a helicopter for Nicolas, but he can’t. Nicolas and Jason are both trapped in the building and the only thing Rick is able to do is radio firefighters to look for him.

Nicolas walks down the stairs and sees Jason struggling to get a paperclip. Nicolas bends down and hands it to him.

Jax again, questions Sam about her feelings for Sonny when she assures herself that he is still alive. Sam tries to avoid the question but in the end tells Jax that she doesn’t know but would like to find out. Jax sarcastically wishes her luck and then walks away.

Alcazar pulls Carly into level floor and Sonny pushes them to go on without him. Carly insists on not leaving without Sonny. Lorenzo sees how much it means to Carly and helps her rescue Sonny. They pull him out of the pit and the three of them walk on.

Justus holds Edward’s hand in the hospital bed and talks to him. He tells Edward not to die on him.

Monica brings Emily into the hospital and gets her leg stitched up. The whole family has to calm her down since all she can think about is Nicolas. Alan tells Monica about Edward being in the hospital after having a heart attack.

Luke finds his sister and she is glad to see him alive. He asks her to have a look at Skye. Bobby agrees but first asks Luke about her daughter, Luke, of course, hasn’t seen her.

Lorenzo and Carly have to hold up Sonny together since he can’t walk. He tells them that he’s slowing them down and tells them to drop him off in the elevator to save his life.

Capelli tries to explain himself to Courtney and gives reasons as to why he left Jason there to die. Courtney doesn’t believe a word coming out of his mouth and tells him it’s all a lie.

Nicolas stands by while Jason tries to pick the lock in his handcuffs. Jason tells Nicolas that he is of no use to him and he should get out to survive.

Georgie gathers up enough strength to go into the hospital room and talk to her father. Maxie leaves them alone.

Tracy tries to help her father but realizes she’s not very good at it.

Ned asks if Dillon is here and Justus says how he has been paged. They talk about home and how the butler is keeping Lila away from the television so she won’t know about any of this yet.

Tracy continues to talk to Edward and he finally wakes up. She smiles at him and he manages one word: Justus.

Skye and Luke walk into her house and drink together, Skye drinks water of course. They start toasting each other and just as they are getting really close, Jax walks in wearing only a towel.

Courtney orders Capelli to tell her where Jason is and he finally does after a little nudge from Rick. She tries to go after him but the fire fighters hold her back, saying it is too dangerous.

Emily wakes up in the hospital demanding information on Nicolas. Monica leaves to get some as soon as Emily says she is tried and will try and get some rest.

Monica and Bobby talk about Emily getting rest as she slips out of the hospital to go find her fiancé.

Nicolas comes back to Jason with an axe in his hand. Jason isn’t to sure about it but Nicolas swings the axe anyways and cuts the handcuff off. He’s relieved that he didn’t cut Jason’s hand off. Jason moves Nicolas out of the way. He hears hissing coming from the pipe, there’s a gas leak.

Sonny tries to hotwire the elevator. He tells Lorenzo and Carly to leave but Lorenzo sees that the halls are blocked and the elevator is the only way down. They all get in, and there is a jolt. Carly screams.

Skye tries to get the two men out of her house so that she can have a private bubble bath. They all talk and confuse each other.

Georgie talks to her father for a while and then comes out and hugs Dillon. They are interrupted by a nurse, and tells Dillon about his grandfather’s condition.

Tracy watches Justus and Edward through the window. Tracy sees that Edward hands him a document, which she assumes is his will. Alan and Monica talk about the surgery. Monica can’t perform it since she is family but she is going to observe.

Courtney watches as Sonny, Lorenzo and Carly are come out of the burning building. Courtney and Mike are glad to see them and Courtney gives them an update on Jason, who is still in the burning building. Sonny and Carly talk off to the side, but get interrupted by Sam, just when they are about to work things out. Carly drifts off back to Lorenzo.

They wheel Edward off to another room where surgery will be preformed. Alone, Tracy asks Justus what he made he father sign but Justus refuses to tell her, since it is confidential.

Skye tries to kick both men out of her house but they both refuse to leave. A phone call from Ned interrupts her. She sounds worried and tells him she’ll be right there.

Lorenzo and Carly talk and then are interrupted by Courtney. Carly tells her not to worry and that Jason will get out. Sam and Sonny also talk about Jason, as well as Jax and how he saved her life.

Emily shows up at the hotel grounds and tries to find people to give her information and Nicolas. She talks to Carly, who tells her not to worry, Nicolas and Jason will get out fine.

Dillon shows up and is surrounded by his family. Justus is distracted and Tracy steals the document he has and reads it. Edward had claimed that he is the only one responsible for the fire and that his family is not to blame.

Luke shows up back at the hospital and his sister tells him that Scott Baldwin is dead. Meanwhile, Scott shows up at the hotel grounds, looking for the treasure that he left in the garbage. It is gone; he quickly hides his face when people come around.

Emily tries to get Sonny to help her continue the search for Jason and Nicolas. Carly tries to get through to some men as Courtney spots Jason coming out of the building.

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