GH Update Friday 2/13/04

General Hospital Update Friday 2/13/04

By Trish
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The fire rages on…

Luke is standing over the crowd in the Versailles Room.  He announces that there is going to be a lottery for spots in the rescue helicopters.  Low numbers will leave first, high numbers will leave last with the exception of those under 18 or badly injured.  Faith questions his plan, but she is quickly shut down.  Nicolas tells Emily she needs to go, but she refuses because she doesn’t want special treatment.  Skye gives Luke the “thumbs-up” in the background.

Jax tells Sam he has a plan to get them out of there.  He tells Sam not to look down as he escapes to a lower floor, and then sends Sam the strap so she can get out.

Back in the Versailles Room, Luke comes around with the numbers.  Emily is number 32 and Nicolas is number 34 and Emily beams about how they are going to stick together through the end.  Nicolas thinks that that is unacceptable but Emily still won’t leave.

Lucky, Alan and Ned are on the ground trying to find out what is being done to get the people out.

Ric gets an injured Brian to the helicopter and then helicopter leaves.

Sonny and Jason look on as Carly and Alcazar are discussing their numbers.  Sonny tells Jason if he makes it and Sonny doesn’t, to make sure his boys never call “that bastard” Alcazar “Daddy”.  Courtney approaches and Carly asks her what number Sonny has because she wants Sonny to get out before her so someone can be with the boys.

Luke wants to give Skye his number.  She refuses.  Luke tells her that he “always heard that red heads were fiery and today she is proving it”.  Ric comes down and calls for numbers 1-7 to head to the roof.  Skye and Luke say goodbye.

Georgie and Dylan make it down and find Ned.  They embrace and Ned asks how many people remain in the hotel.  Lucky tells them its going to take the helicopter about five more trips.  Dylan tells Lucky that he doesn’t think Luke made it.

Skye runs after Luke as he is about to get into the helicopter.  Luke thinks she has changed her mind about the switch.  She starts to tell him something, but before she finishes they end up in a passionate kiss.  As Luke is boarding the helicopter, he tells Skye “back at ya!”  Tracy is getting impatient, so Luke boards and the helicopter leaves.

Ric comes back and calls for numbers 8-14 to go to the roof.  Helena starts to head up as does Faith after saying good-bye to Justus.  She tells Justus that someday he will be “joining her in Hell”.  Edward has number nine, but feels that since he owns the hotel and is responsible that he should stay.  Justus tells him to leave.  Jason has number eight but he is told that he is not leaving because he just shot a cop.  Jason agrees to stay if he can give his number to Courtney. 

Back on the ground, Georgie tells Dylan that he needs to go get medical help, but he wants to wait until Tracy is rescued.  He says that even though she has been a rotten person and tried to break them up, she is still his Mom.  Tom wants Georgie to go to the hospital so they leave in a van.  Tracy comes off the helicopter and embraces Dylan and Ned.  Luke finds Lucky and Lucky is glad to see him all in one piece.

Liz asks Lucky where Ric is.  He tells her to leave, but she won’t leave until Ric comes out. 

Sam straps herself in and prepares to go and join Jax.  She vows to herself not to look down as Jax told her not to. 

Courtney prepares to catch the next helicopter.  Jason urges her that it’s the right decision because he will know that she is O.K.  Courtney begs Jason to promise he will make it.  He does and they share a kiss.  Faith, Edward and Courtney all leave.

Ric, Justus and Capelli all approach Jason for his sweatshirt so they can use it for evidence.  Sonny yells at them and asks them where they are going with it because there is no way out.  Sonny tells Ric that convicting Jason is the type of “murder’ he likes best because he doesn’t get his hands dirty that way.  Capelli takes Jason away and Carly asks why.

Sam makes it down to Jax.  They hug and then prepare to go another 14 floors together to the ground.

At the hospital, Brian is being examined.  Georgie, Sage and Dylan arrive.  Sage asks Bobbi if she can call the site to see if Alcazar made it out of the hotel yet.  Bobbi tells her she will keep her posted on the progress.  Brian is told he needs surgery and he asks about Courtney.

Back at the hotel, Courtney makes it out and finds Michael, who hugs her.  She tells Michael that she was in one of the last helicopter trips, because the wind is picking up and the helicopter may not be able to land on the roof again.

Alan finds Edward and asks where Monica and Emily are.  Edward tells him they are still in the hotel and that he had to leave because he had to set an example for the others.  Luke interrupts and tells Edward that he is no example by letting people be in his building with faulty wiring and then letting them stay there like “sitting ducks”. 

Carly and Sonny meet each other in the hotel and Carly asks about Jason.  Alcazar is upset to find them talking.  Sonny tells her that it’s his fault they arrested Jason because he incited Ric.  The floor collapses and Sonny and Carly fall into a hole.  Alcazar insists that Carly is not dead.  Ric wants to go help his brother, but Justus urges him to think about his wife and baby and leave. 

As the next helicopter leaves, Nicolas tells Monica and Emily that they will head to the roof next.

Jax and Sam make it to the ground.  They hug.

Back at the hospital, Georgie asks about Mac.  Maxie tells her to be strong – that he is in ICU and that it is all her fault because he came looking for her and Zander in the basement.  The girls hug as Dylan looks on. Bobbi tells Brian before his surgery that Courtney made it out of the hotel, but that there are still people unaccounted for and Jason is one of them.

Capelli is trying to get Jason down to the ground via the stairs.  They struggle over their guns and Jason falls.

Alan finds Skye on the ground and asks about Monica and Emily.  Skye tells him that Emily is holding her own with her injury.  Ric makes it out and hugs Liz and tells her he loves her.  Ric tells Liz about Sonny and Carly and wonders if leaving his brother was the right thing to do.  She urges him that it was.  Justus is also on the ground and tells Courtney that Alcazar went after Sonny and Carly.

Sonny and Carly are under burning rubble after falling through the floor.  Carly is unconscious.  Sonny holds her and urges her not to die.

Skye finds Luke on the ground.  Skye brings up what happened on the roof and he says that it “never happened”.  Skye reluctantly agrees saying that they shouldn’t ruin a good friendship. Luke tells her that even though the kiss didn’t happen, it was amazing.  Skye agrees.  They then wonder what happened to the treasure, but Skye says she doesn’t ever want to hear about the treasure.

A part of the treasure is seen in a dumpster.

Lucky tries to arrest Edward for the problems with his hotel, but he starts to go into cardiac arrest before Lucky can continue.  Sam finds Courtney and asks about Sonny.  Courtney is under the impression that Sonny and Carly died when the floor collapsed and tells Sam.  Courtney sees Ric and yells at him for leaving people and coming back to his “happy little family”. 

Capelli cuffs Jason in the stairwell.  Jason tells Capelli that he will never get away with it and Capelli insists that Ric will cover for him.  Capelli heads to the roof.

Sonny and Carly are still buried under the rubble and Carly still has not awakened.  Sonny holds Carly and tells her that as much as he has hated and loved her before, he has never hated and loved her as much as he does now and begs her to wake up as Alcazar looks on.

The last helicopter is about to leave, so Monica, Emily and Nicolas head to the roof.  Capelli chases them and tells them that because he is a police officer, he has to go.  The pilot tells them that there isn’t enough room for everyone and one person can’t go.  Nicolas volunteers to stay.  Emily urges him to leave because they were going to stick together through the end.  Emily tells Nicolas that if he won’t leave, she will stay with him.  He tells her that she has to leave – she has to do this for him.  They kiss and Emily joins Monica and Capelli in the helicopter.  As the helicopter leaves, Emily watches through the window as there is a big explosion at the hotel.

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