GH Update Thursday 2/12/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/12/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Helena insists that she will call authorities if Tracy and Edward do not give her the treasure. Tracy asks Helena what she has been smoking since no one knows where the treasure is.

Tracy continues to discourage Ed from telling authorities about his role in causing the fire.

Nikolas promises Emily she will be on the first helicopter out of there. Nikolas announces to everyone in the Versailles room that fire dept will send rescue helicopters as soon as the wind dies down. Nikolas tells Helena that she will wish she died in the fire if he finds out she had something to do with Emily’s tourniquet coming loose.

Tom comforts Georgie.

Maxie roams the streets outside the hotel by herself, wailing at the danger her sister, stuck in the hotel, is in. Lucky finds her and tries to calm her down.

Skye wants to keep looking for the treasure after Luke revives her. They stumble onto a room full of fire extinguishers and make use of them.

Carly and Jason kiss. She asks if there is a heaven and if they will see each other there. He says yes on both counts. She tells him she is not ready to die. Jason responds that neither is he. Jason and Carly make their way out of the room. They bump into the person in the fireman’s suit who had knocked Skye out and is now trying to get away with the treasure. Automatically assuming it is a real, legit fireman, Jason tells the person to take Carly out of there while he goes to find Courtney.

Brian’s assailant is stuck in the room with him. After a while, Jason enters looking for Courtney. The assailant shoots after Jason as well. Jason returns fire and the assailant runs out. Skye and Luke stumble into the same room. Jason hides and they discover Brian’s body. They take the body out of the room. After they leave, Jason also exits.

Fiery rubble falls, nearly hitting Sonny and Courtney. He saves her but injures his knee in the process. She fashions a tourniquet for him and they bond as he tells her about his childhood and how he got into the mob life. As they leave the stairwell they took cover in, Jason enters. They all begin leaving when explosion rocks the building.

Sam and Jax, still in the hotel room, continue to bond. She talks, he listens. They hear a noise and open the door and find the person in the firesuit. The person seems lifeless. Jax takes some of the equipment off of the person and fashions rappelling gear. He tells Sam that they must rappel a few floors down and find a way out.

Reporters on the scene interrogate Ric about Zander, his guilt, his whereabouts, and about the death Scott Badwin. Ric decides that as ranking official on the scene, he must go up in chopper to help get the people out. Elizabeth begs him not to, but he insists he must do this.

Justus asks Faith for the truth about her feelings for him.

When Alcazar comes to, he starts to go after Carly, Dillon knocks him out so that he doesn’t. Dillon goes on the terrace. Tom goes after him and tells him that Georgie still loves him. Georgie also enters the terrace. Just then, Dillon notices that the wind has died down and his hopes for rescue begin to be raised. Dillon tells Nikolas about the wind dying down. Nikolas gets on the phone with Lucky and tells him to send the chopper.

The person in the firesuit brings Carly to the Versailles room where she meets up with Alcazar.

As the helicopters begin going up, another huge explosion goes off leaving the hotel without lights. Ned begins to meltdown as he realizes that his whole family is stuck up there.

Luke, Skye, and Brian and Sonny, Jason, and Courtney arrive at the Versailles room at just about the same time. So does Ric. As they enter, Brian begins to come to. Skye shouts that Brian has been shot and needs help. Ric asks him if he knows who shot him. He looks at Jason who now has some kind of hood over his head, just as his assailant did. He identifies Jason as the assailant.

The man in firesuit leaves the scene dragging a bag that seems to be filled with garbage but is actually the treasure. He lifts the screen on the mask just enough for us to realize that it is Scott Baldwin.

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