GH Update Wednesday 2/11/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/11/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny and Lucky try to find Carly. As they are doing so, Lucky spies Luke on one of the monitors in the surveillance room. Lucky goes to fond Luke.

Cameron bumps into Luke and Skye in the hotel basement. Cameron believes Zander is dead and is grief-stricken. Cameron and Luke leave to find some sort of escape route. They leave Skye behind. As she sits waiting for them to come back, someone in a fireman’s suit, hits her in the head from behind.

Luke keeps trying to convince Cameron to escape with him and Skye. Cameron refuses. Luke begs Cameron to let him help him. Lucky shows up and a fiery beam begins to fall down on him. Seeing the beam, falling Cameron pushes Lucky out of the way, and gets hit. He warns Luke to take good care of Lucky before dying. Luke and Lucky share warm moment. Luke tells Lucky they have to get Skye after they get Cameron’s body out. After admitting to Lucky that he cares about her, Luke goes to basement and finds Skye unconscious.

Edward tells Tracy that the electrician told him about the fire risk and that he brushed her off. Edward, guilt-ridden, is ready to tell the authorities about his negligent behavior. Tracy tells him not to utter a word about it. Justus, overhearing the tail end of the conversation, interrupts and tells Edward that hiding his culpability is the worst thing he could do. Helena eavesdrops on Tracy, Edward, and Justus. Later, she blackmails them and says she wants the treasure or else she will tell them that Edward is responsible for the fire and death and injuries.

Brian helps Courtney but criticizes her for rescuing a dog (Rosie). Just then, there is an explosion and Courtney and Brian get separated from Jason. Jason tells them he will be okay and urges them to keep trying to escape. Courtney and Brian argue about how to escape. Sonny finds them and pulls a gun on Brian. Courtney pleading, convinces Sonny not to kill Brian. Brian takes off. Courtney tells Sonny she is “done” with him and Jason and their way of life. She says that his way of life and way of thinking is abnormal. She tries to dispel these feelings by telling her it was too bad Brian was only wounded as opposed to dead when she shot him. Courtney is beside herself.

Jason finds Carly’s wallet near a stairway and then finds Carly. He brings her into a vacant room. In the room, Carly comes to. She suspects that Alexis has died since Jason did not see her when he found Carly. She and Jason try to leave the room, but there is too much fire and smoke outside their room. They go back on the bed and start talking. Carly begins to get hysterical, realizing that she most likely will not get out of this situation alive. Sha asks Jason if he ever though that they could have been “more”. He answers that yes, he did. She says she did too. He says “there was always something in the way” in response to her question about why he did not do anything about his feelings. Sensing that they are about to die, she asks him to kiss her goodbye. He obliges by embracing and tenderly kissing her.

Edward prays to God not to take Emily as punishment for all his wrongdoings.

Sam and Jax bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Sonny comes banging on the door. He asks Jax if he has seen Carly. Sam hides in the recesses of the hotel room so that Sonny does not see she is there. Sonny tells Jax that he has a window of only a few minutes in which to escape. When Sonny leaves, Sam asks Jax why he did not help Sonny. Jax asked her why she didn’t go help Sonny since she is so concerned about him. He tells her he realizes that she does not really want to be with him but with Sonny. Jax and Sam take Sonny’s advice and try to escape but are simply unable to. They run back to the room where Sam tries to convince Jax that he is the one she wants to be with.

Outside the hotel, Capelli approaches Ric and tells him that the body in the basement was not Zander but was Scott Baldwin. Ric is incredulous. Maxie tearfully begs Ric to look for Zander since the body that was found was not his. She fears he might really get hurt now. Ric says he is trying everything he can to get everyone out safely, including Georgie. Maxie becomes even more terrified upon hearing that Georgie is in the burning building.

In the hotel, Georgie tells Dillon she meant it when she told him she loves him but that the fact she loves him does not change anything. Sage approaches Faith and asks her to go convince Alcazar not to go looking for Carly. Faith tells her basically to forget about it. She says that nothing will get between Carly and Alcazar. Alcazar starts out on his trek to find Carly, but passes out after only a few steps. Georgie goes about giving first aid to an unconscious Alcazar. Tom, Sage, and Dillon watch. Tom, in awe of Georgie’s smarts and expertise, tells Dillon that anyone who would give Georgie up is a moron. Sage, upset at her uncle being hurt, turns to Dillon for comfort. He hugs her. Georgie sees this and is jealous.

Nikolas and Monica are having a hard time reviving Emily. Helena looks on with glee at Emily’s misfortune. Monica tells Nikolas that she thinks that Emily was hurt deliberately. Nikolas immediately suspects Helena of foul play. Emily come to and tells Nikolas she loves him.

Brian enters an empty room and is summarily shot by an unidentified assailant.

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