GH Update Tuesday 2/10/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/10/04

By Kelly
Pictures by Juanita

As the fire rages on:

In her search for Jason, Courtney finds an elderly lady trying to make her way down the stairs with her dog, Skippy, in hopes of getting away from the fire. At first Courtney doesn't want to help out the lady (whose name is Louise) but then she decides that she should and together she and the lady head down many flights of stairs. After a while it is too hard to take Skippy and Louise downstairs so Courtney ties the dog to the landing, promising to come back and retrieve him later. Courtney safely takes Louise downstairs and then heads back into the fire to save Skippy and see Jason.

When Alexis thinks that she is going to die in the elevator with Carly, she tells her something she shouldn't have; Sonny is Kristina's father. Carly does not take the news well and doesn't believe it. Alexis tells Carly that she had Ned change the DNA results because she was afraid about what would happen to the baby around Sonny. Alexis explains to Carly that she wanted to save Kristina from a violent man but now she is upset that she didn't tell Sonny because now Alexis thinks she's going to die and her baby will have no parents. Carly ends up getting out of the elevator (it dropped two floors and there is no longer a brick wall at the opening). Alexis is afraid to leave the elevator, but Carly helps her out. When Alexis and Carly realize that they are going to live, Alexis regrets telling Carly everything and begs her to not tell Sonny. Alexis and Carly are about to separate when a huge explosion occurs and Carly is trapped. Alexis tries to save her, but can't and she tells the fireman that Carly is trapped. Alexis isn't aware that Carly is unconscious.

Jason and Brian continue working together to save Mickey and Molly from the fire, hoping to return them to their parents. Surprisingly enough, the two men return the kids safely to their parents, who are waiting in the Versailles Room, without murdering each other.

Emily and Nikolas comfort each other, she telling him that it's not his fault if Zander died and he telling her that he loves her and they will live. As Emily and Nikolas decide to try to evacuate the building through the stairs, a chandelier falls, injuring Emily. She is now in serious danger of bleeding to death and there isn't enough in the emergency kit to save her. A helicopter is paged, asking for a better kit and Monica and Nikolas go to the balcony to wait for it. When they are gone Helena visits Emily, who is now semi-unconscious due to the loss of blood, and tells her that the world would be better without her. She threatens to remove the bandage that is around her lEG.

Skye and Faith save Luke and he is now awake. Faith and Luke want to head upstairs, but Skye says she will not leave the room they are in. She thinks that it is safer to wait because so far there is no fire. Luke warns her that the fire is in the walls and it could explode at any moment, but she does not listen and stays in the room while Faith and Luke head upstairs. Moment's later Luke returns saying he will not leave Skye, so either she comes with him or they die in that room together. Skye puts her trust in Luke and goes with him.

Sonny enlists Lucky's help to search for Carly. Lucky is confused about this because he had just served Carly a restraining order.

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