GH Update Monday 2/9/04

General Hospital Update Monday 2/9/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Skye convinces Faith to help her carry Luke to safety.

The fireman tries to stop Courtney from going into the burning building but he is unsuccessful. Courtney refuses to leave until she finds her husband.

Jason stops Bryan from opening the door in the stairway after he sees the smoke and realizes that it will explode and possibly kill them all.

Alexis tells Carly that banging on the elevator door is pointless and that it’s not going to do anything. Carly refuses to listen and continues. All she can think about is getting out; she fears that there is a fire. Alexis tries to calm her down but Carly doesn’t want to listen to reason. She just wants to get out of the elevator, and alive.

Sonny and Lorenzo continue to fight in the stairway. A door opens and the fire explodes, knocking them both down.

Georgie bangs on Dillon’s door to inform him of the fire. At fire Sage thinks it is just an excuse to interrupt them but Dillon sees smoke and tells Sage to call 911.

The fireman warns Courtney of the dangers and explains to her that her husband is probably safer then her if she is running around in stairways, which are about to collapse. He gets a call on his radio and Courtney uses the interruption to bolt up the stairs and away from the fireman.

Lucky stands in a hotel room and tries to see if people can use the stairs to get out. A fireman reports that the stairs are blocked and that they have to wait.

Jason tells Bryan about the smoke he say under the door, and tells the kids as well as Bryan that they have to keep moving up.

Faith and Skye drop Luke in a hotel room, unable to carry him any further. Skye notices that he is barely breathing and goes in to do AR. Skye asks Faith why she isn’t leaving and she says how Luke is her shield out of there.

Carly and Alexis argue for a while about their techniques on how to handle the situation. Carly ends the conversation by tells Alexis to either help or shut-up.

Sonny and Lorenzo both survived the explosion but Lorenzo is trapped under a bunch of debris. He tells Sonny, how is free to walk, that he might want to try another stairwell. Sonny makes it clear to Lorenzo that he has no intention of helping him and give him some advice before he leaves, that the flames are hot.

Maxie runs around outside the hotel frantically, looking for someone to help her. She asks about her dad, and about a man in the electrical room, who everyone believes is probably dead. She bumps into Ric, who tries to calm her down. She tells him about how Zander was in the room down there. Ric looks at her in shock, Zander might be dead?

Nicolas tells Emily how he left Zander in the room where the fire started and if he dies, its all his fault. Emily tries to comfort him while Nicolas continues to apologize.

Helena and Tracy watch Nicolas and Emily. Helena makes it no secret that she doesn’t approve of Emily and Nicolas together. Monica hears them and tells them both to stay out of Nicolas and Emily’s relationship. Tracy tries to annoy Monica by telling her she is a bad mother but not letter Emily on the elevator first. She mentions that if Dillon were here, she would make sure he was safe before her.

The teens freak out, afraid that no one is going to find them in the hotel room. Dillon takes charge, telling people what to do and what not to do and trying to give hope and keep everyone calm.

Sonny walks through the halls and finds what he seems to be looking for, the emergency axe.

Carly manages to open the elevator doors but it is a dead end, they are stuck between floors. Carly tries something else, she opens the grate on the ceiling and climbs to the top of the elevator. Alexis asks her what she sees and Carly comes back down looking pale and worried. The elevator cable is starting to break.

Luke coughs and wakes up. He and Faith start to argue but Skye stops them by reminding them that they are trapped in a burning building. Faith and Luke talk about getting out, since Luke knows the hotel well enough to know that the room could burst into flames in any minutes. Skye doesn’t want to go anywhere.

The kids Bryan and Jason are holding continue to cough. Bryan convinces Jason to let them stop and get a drink of water since there is a room that is not in flames yet. Jason agrees and helps to open the door since it is locked.

A tired woman walks down the stairs with her dog. She asks Courtney to help her, since she won’t leave her dog but Courtney is motivated to find her husband. The woman tells Courtney to keep going and wishes her well. She tells Courtney she will wait for someone else to help her.

Sonny goes back to Alcazar, who is struggling, with an axe at hand. Lorenzo assumes that he is about to die, but Sonny frees him instead. Lorenzo doesn’t bother to thank him. Sonny lets his enemy know that when he does kill him, it won’t be an accident.

Carly tries to hotwire the elevator so that they can get to the next floor. Alexis tries to help but they are stopped when there is a jolt that knocks them down. Carly goes back and sees that the elevator is off track and there is only one wire now holding them. Alexis sits and begs Carly to do the same. She tells Carly that she can’t die because then Kristina will have no one.

Elizabeth walks around frantically looking for her husband. A woman tells her about the fire, how there was an explosion and how her son is still in the hotel. Elizabeth stays to freak out. Ric finds her and calms Elizabeth down. He lets her know he is fine.

Justus and Edward talk about the fire and Justus is shocked that Edward is actually accepting blame for the fire. Lucky talks to them and tells them that there was an explosion on the 10th floor and the only way to evacuate is the roof. He tells everyone to remain calm and not to panic, but the words are not helping.

The teens start to panic when they feel the room heating up. Travis tries to bolt, but Dillon talks him into staying, since it is the best way to stay alive the longest.

Luke tries to talk Skye into leaving but she refuses to leave the room. Faith tells Luke to leave her and tries to get him to go. He eventually does leave with Faith, but then comes back and tells Skye that he’s not going anywhere without her.

Courtney ends up helping the woman down the stairs. She thanks Courtney, claiming that she just saved her life. Courtney encourages her to keep moving so that she can get safe and Courtney can find her husband.

Jason and Bryan get the kids into a room and get them some water. Jason and Bryan argue about opening the window to get them some air. Bryan tells Jason that the window is jammed anyways. Jason throws a chair at the window and tells Bryan that now it is open.

Georgie apologizes to Travis but he tells her that it’s not her fault. He tries to comfort her and tells her how she’s not all the bad. The two hug. Dillon also comforts Sage by hugging her.

Jason holds Molly at the window and they look down at the fire truck. He tries to comfort her and Bryan helps. Mickey insists that they should help the firemen. Jason tells them to go fill their water bottles. Bryan asks Jason why he didn’t just let him die. Jason tells Bryan that he needs his help to get the kids to safety.

Sonny is disoriented and asks Lorenzo where they are. Lorenzo answers him and says that they have to get out. Sonny asks Lorenzo why he didn’t just leave without him and Lorenzo give Sonny the same answer he gave him: that when he kills Sonny, it wont be an accident.

Carly and Alexis talk about something they both have in common, loving their children. They talk about best moments and Carly gets into how much Sonny loves the boys. She tries to comfort Alexis by saying that Kristina will still have Ned, that he is the best Quartermane and how he loves Kristina. Alexis tells Carly that Kristina is not a Quartermane.

Bryan gets a hold of people down below on his radio, who tells him to go to the roof. He tells Jason and they go to get the kids. Molly tells the two men that Mickey went to go help the firemen. Jason goes after him.

Luke tells Skye that he is only leaving if she leaves, not wanting Luke to die; she agrees to go with him.

Helena talks to Nicolas and tries to convince him that he is the only person in the room that matters so he should get evacuated first. Nicolas ignores her and they go out onto the balcony to see what everyone is yelling about. The helicopters can’t get down to help the people because the wind from the fire is too strong.

Ric tries to talk Elizabeth into going home but she doesn’t want to leave until Nicolas, Emily and Lucky are all safe. An officer comes up to Ric and informs him that the helicopters can’t land on the roof. Ric asks if that means that the people in the hotel are trapped.

Georgie gets a moment to talk to Dillon alone. She tells him that she is the only guy she has ever loved and ever wanted to love. She talks as if she is about to die. They are interrupted by Travis and Sage, who are both freaking out. Lorenzo bursts into the room, surprised to see Sage there. He tells the teens he is going to help them get out.

Carly questions Alexis on what she meant when she said Kristina is not a Quartermane and then corrects herself in saying that Kristina is a Davis. She babbles on for a while until Alexis gets the chance to speak and tell Carly the truth: Sonny is the father of her child.


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