GH Update Friday 2/6/04

General Hospital Update Friday 2/6/04

By Suzanne
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At a suite in the Port Charles Hotel, Nikolas makes a phone call to the police to tell them that Zander is locked up in the basement and to send someone to pick him up. Nikolas grimaces in pain from his injuries (from fighting).

Also at the Port Charles Hotel, Lucky is on a walkie-talkie to some other police to tell them that some rare coins were stolen from the auction. Nikolas gets out of the elevator behind him, headed somewhere. Edward, with Tracy, tells Justus to take Helena into a room and interrogate her because she knows where the treasure is. Justus doesn't care. Helena tells
him that he's wasting his time because it's obvious that the Quartermaine's are responsible for stealing it; she looks at Tracy and asks if she wasn't working alone. Tracy counters that the Cassadine's are to blame. Nikolas and Alexis discuss who might have stolen it. Edward questions Justus about liability concerning the theft (since it was his hotel). Justus is snide instead of helpful in his response.

Brian is rounding a corner; Jason follows him with his gun drawn. Jason has to duck into a closet when someone walks by. He starts to point his gun at Brian but a little girl comes out asking for help so Jason has to put his gun away. Brian phones someone to tell them that they are trapped on a floor with a fire and two kids (the girl has a brother). Brian loses the signal on his phone. He introduces himself to the children as a policeman and says they'll be okay. He also introduces Jason, so they ask if he's a policeman, too. He says he isn't and he just happened to be in the hallway. Jason asks about their parents, so the little girls says that they are downstairs buying treasure and they said to call them if anything happens, but the phone doesn't work. Brian reassures them again. He wants to go see if there are other guests to help, but Jason stops him. He says it's too late to wait for the fire dept. They have to get the kids out of there right now; he
suggests Brian check the stairwell. They go down the stairs but find the door is locked so they have to retreat, after arguing about it for a few minutes. Jason wants to take them to the roof, but Brian wants to go inside one of the doors to find firemen. Jason says not to open the door and risk bringing the fire in the stairwell (which is clear of fire and
smoke). Brian makes sure the kids are with Jason and goes to open the door, but Jason sees smoke coming out from the under
the door and stops him, yelling, "No!"

Emily, in the auction room, apologizes to Lorenzo for the confusion. He says there is no confusion; the treasure's been stolen. She doesn't think that could have really happened with all these people around. Emily questions Nikolas about where he was. The lights go out. Ric comes up and asks Lucky what's going on. Lucky tells him that Brian is investigating.
Ric addresses the crowd, telling them that he and Lucky are going to be questioning them quickly about what happened. He
starts with Nikolas, who says he was in the lobby when it happened. Ric asks Nikolas why he wasn't present during the sale,
since he arranged it. We don't hear Nikolas' answer. Next Ric questions Lorenzo. Lucky questions Skye, but he is more concerned about her relationship with Luke than about the treasure.

Cameron interrupts Alexis, who is talking to Nikolas and Emily about the treasure, to ask her about helping him save Zander's life. He tries to make her feel guilty for not helping sooner. They discuss Alexis' case. He is concerned about Zander dying in the meantime. Ric questions Alexis as the lights continue to flicker off and on. Alexis promises Cameron
that he will be the first one to know when Zander turns himself in.

Emily learns that Nikolas fought with Zander during the auction. She is upset that she didn't tell him. He tells her that
he didn't want her involved or to be upset. She says Zander is probably being arrested right now.

Alan and Edward argue about the auction. Edward gets a phone call that shocks and worries him. He makes an announcement to everyone that there is a fire in the hotel and they should evacuate immediately. The express elevator shaft is clear and safe, they are told, so Edward and Alan organize the evacuation. Alan is not happy that Emily won't follow him in the first group, but Monica, Nikolas, and Emily assure him that she will be safe.

We see Sam hiding the treasure in a laundry cart, in an elevator. The elevator jerks and she looks worried. I guess she is
stuck because she steps on the basket's lid to crawl out of the elevator through the handy door at the top. She looks
around and then climbs back in. She starts to use the phone to call for help but instead opens the box behind it and
rearranges some wires. The elevator door opens but she sees a wall of flames. She closes the door and goes back to working
on the phone. She gets frustrated but then manages to get the elevator to a floor where there is no fire yet. She takes
the laundry cart out, coughing.

Luke, dressed in his tuxedo still, lies on the floor while smoke fumes surround him. He coughs but doesn't wake up.
Eventually, he does awaken and crawls toward the door. He pounds on it as he keeps coughing horribly. He tries to pick the
lock on the door with his handy lockpick, but it doesn't work. Skye comes looking for Luke just about the time he gets out
of the room, coughing like crazy. She wants to call for help but he tells her that it's too late. He says the fire is in
the walls and will move quickly. He suggests that she move to a stairwell. She won't leave him, even though he says he'll
be fine. She checks with the firemen and confirms that the stairwell is safe. Luke says he's too weak to go with her, but
she forces him up. He grumbles about how stubborn she is. Luke passes out before Skye can get him out. She is slapping
him to help him come around. Faith walks up so Skye begs her for help, until she sees who it is. Faith asks why the Hell
she should help her.

Flames crackle in the basement of the PC Hotel around an unconscious body. They continue to build.

Georgie finds Tom, wearing sweats, in the Port Charles Hotel lobby. She asks him to carry her bag but he refuses, saying
her arms don't look broken. She reminds him that he's supposed to be crazy in love with her, so he has to do things like
carry her bag, especially since they are meeting there for a romantic stay at the hotel. He hands her a piece of paper as
he takes the bag, saying he hopes she knows a lot about the civil war because he needs a five-page essay. They check in to
their room. Nearby, Georgie sees Dillon with Sage; he tells her that he booked a suite. The teens all argue with the desk
clerk about the rooms. Dillon is suspicious when it comes out that Georgie booked her room because she had said it was
Tom's idea. Tom tells a really unconvincing lie about how he let Georgie handle the details, but he's paying. The clerk
tells them all that they can't have their rooms because two floors are being renovated. Sage kisses Dillon, saying that as
long as the room has a bed, they'll be fine. The two couples get their rooms after all; they are very small, and worse,
they are adjoining. They are disgusted to find out that they are adjoining. The bellhop tells them about the amenities,
but Georgie only cares about the room next door. Same with Dillon, who wants to make sure they have privacy. Sage worries
that Dillon is obsessing over Georgie in the next room. She suggests they take a bath together to relax. He turns her down
but assures her that he's not going over. He hears Tom exclaiming about sex with Georgie and how great she is. We see that
he has headphones on while he watches TV, and Georgie is writing at the desk. Sage comes out of the bathroom wearing just a towel. Dillon walks away from the door, grabs her and starts kissing her. The towel falls. Georgie is upset to hear
Dillon and Sage having sex, She goes outside and sees smoke. She rushes back in and tells Tom the hotel is one fire, then
she starts banging on Dillon and Sage's door to tell them. (Hasn't this hotel ever heard of, I don't know, smoke alarms and

Carly visits Sam's room and is not surprised to find Sonny there. She hands him a paper and tells him that a judge
rescinded his restraining order and given her temporary custody. Sonny hands them back, saying it doesn't mean anything to
him. Carly tells him that her kids will live with her from now on, whether he likes it or not. He says he will do whatever
it takes to keep his sons. He assures her that her custody will be temporary. They argue about it. Carly is more
reasonable, suggesting they work things out. To Sonny it's all about betrayal and winning. They keep arguing about her
fitness as a mother and her involvement with Alcazar. Sonny says that he would take his children and disappear before he
lets Alcazar have any hand in raising them. They both want to compromise but can't see how to work it out because they are
both being stubborn (especially Sonny). Lorenzo arrives, saying he was afraid he's find her there. It is really bad timing
because she'd just said that this has nothing to do with Alcazar. Oops! Sonny orders them out after they trade a few more
insults. Carly rants and rages about how much she hates Sonny. She shares what Sonny said about taking the kids out of the
country. He tells her that Sonny is being watched at all times, so he can't do that. Lorenzo asks her to trust him, and
she says she does. They are kissing just as Sonny pokes his head outside the door. He watches them glumly, then he heads
down the stairs. Lorenzo finds Sonny and tells him that Carly shouldn't have to go through a custody fight for her kids on
top of everything else. Sonny says he'll die before he lets Carly get the kids. Lorenzo jumps him, intent on killing him.
They fight. Then suddenly they are interrupted by a huge backdraft of fire from a nearby stairwell.

Courtney cuddles baby Morgan, talking about how he must miss his mommy. She hears on the radio about the fire at the
basement of the Port Charles Hotel and looks concerned. She phones Jason but has to leave a message. She has Leticia stay
with the kids so she can find Carly and Sonny (and possibly Jason). Courtney arrives at the hotel to ask if Carly or Sonny
has been evacuated yet; she's told they haven't. She finds out from Alan that Jason and Brian were seen upstairs. She
panics and rushes past the firemen.

Mac tells the hotel clerk that a fugitive is locked in the basement, so the clerk gives Mac directions how to get down
there. Mac and a cop go to the basement. They warn Zander that they are coming in. As they open the door, a huge
backdraft of fire knocks them down (and possibly off the stairs).

Maxie enters the PC Hotel to se a fire chief talking to the hotel desk clerk. She gets upset when the paramedics wheel Mac
out on a stretcher. Learning that he was in the basement, Maxie tells the firechief that someone (Zander) is in the
basement. He says that room has been fully engulfed so nobody could have survived.

Ric is in the group of people who take the elevator down. He finds the firechief and says that he wants to know why the
fireman are not allowing the elevator back up. The firechief says it's not safe, so Ric explains that they just took it
down and it was very safe. There was no evidence of fire. He also tells them that there is a group of people stranded up
there still. The firechief informs Ric that due to some construction on the 10th floor, there is flammable material,
including propane tanks. If they ignite, he says, it could take out every elevator and stairwell shaft in the building.

Carly is taking the elevator down but isn't happy to see Alexis in the elevator. Then, the elevator stops. They try the
phone but it doesn't work, much to their frustration. They hear smoke alarms and realize that the hotel is on fire.

Helena and the others at the auction are wondering why the elevator isn't returning. Lucky gets a message from the
firechief on his walkie talkie. After a quick conference, Lucky tells everyone that they can't use the elevators now. He
asks them to remain calm until the fire department can evacuate them from the roof. Nikolas and Emily find out that the
fire started in the basement. Emily asks if that isn't where he left Zander. Nikolas tells her that he locked the doors,

Jax finds Sam passed out and picks her up, carrying her away (and leaving the treasure there). Jax takes Sam to his place
and lays her on the couch, looking concerned. He is coughing, too


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