GH Update Thursday 2/5/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/5/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

At police station, Sonny tells Ric, who assumes there has been some kid of mix-up, that he wants Carly to be locked up. Alcazar shows up with Carly’s lawyer and demands that Carly be released. Ric tells Sonny he gives new meaning to the word vindictive.

At Kellys, Brian tells Courtney he loves her. Jason, lurking outsie, hides when he sees Brian leave. Courtney tells Jason what Brian told her. Jason insists that Brian will eventually blackmail her. Courtney replies that Brian is in love with her. Jason tells Brian is lying about loving her. Jason believes that even if Brian does love her, he will work even harder at getting Jason out of the way.

Brian and Lucky head for the auction because they got some calls about disturbances there.

Alcazar and Carly discuss their remorse about their past actions.

At auction, Nikolas voices his feelings that someone will try to after the treasure. Tracy proposes a toast in order to create a diversion so that Coleman can go after the treasure. Nikolas catches Coleman making a move and has security escort him out. Luke skulks in screaming that the treasure is his and he is going to take it back.

Luke and Sam bump into each other while looking for the treasure. Luke decides they should be partners.

During auction, there is a brief blackout, which Edward promptly apologizes for. He blames it on the new security system. It seems though, that Luke has made off with the treasure. No one realizes this, so the auction goes on.

Sonny enters hotel room as Sam dresses for the auction, he looks dejected. She asks him what is wrong but he does not answer. They have sex again. She leaves and makes a beeline for the janitor’s closet where Luke is trying to get away with the treasure. Luke makes it clear he does not intend to split the treasure with her. When he turns around, she stun guns him and takes it. As Sam is making her escape in the elevator, it stops.

Jason visits Sonny at the hotel and tells him about Brian and Courtney. Sonny tells him that Brian is a problem that needs to go away. He orders Jason to do so. As Brian patrols the hotel checking for anything out of the ordinary, Jason follows him.

In PC Hotel basement, Zander holds Maxie hostage. Cameron tries to make amends with Zander. He pleads with him to give himself up. Alexis offers to go with him to the police. Zander hands Cameron the gun. Still, he believes that Ric will keep framing him. He says he needs something in writing from Ric saying that he will have nothing to do with Zander’s case. Maxie admitted that she was not really being held hostage but was just playing along with him. When Alexis and Cameron leave for the police station, Maxierefuses to leave Zander’s side. When they leave, Zander reveals he has no intentions of staying. He is leaving for Canada. Maxie, scared for his life, does not want him the risk running. He convinces her to help him again. She goes to find him more food and clothing.

Ric warns Carly not to mess with Sonny.

Nikolas sees Maxie come out of lower level access stairway and enters it. He meets up with Zander. Zander tells Nikolas he intends to knock him out and then make his way to Canada. They begin to fight and Nikolas knocks Zander unconscious. Nikolas leaves and locks the room. He calls police to go get Zander.

Alexis and Cameron tell Ric they know where Zander is and ask that Ric negotiate with them or else. After Alexis and Cameron point out Ric’s obvious conflict of interest when it comes to Zander, Ric agrees with their plan.

It turns out that the highest bidder was actually a proxy for Alcazar.

Carly goes to Sonny and says she came to see her children. Sonny tells her she does not have any. She gives him a piece of paper saying the order has been rescinded.

A fire has started in the basement.

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