GH Update Wednesday 2/4/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/4/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

At General Hospital, Bobbie tries to get Courtney to talk to Sonny about allowing Carly to see the children.

At Kellys, Maxie buys a huge bag of food for Zander. Georgie comments on the amount of food and Maxie says it is for some of her friends. Tom/Travis is there and Georgie tells him she needs him to stay with her at the hotel with her that night. Excited, Tom/Travis believes they are going to have sex. Georgie slowly explains to him that staying with each other at the hotel does not mean they will have sex. Tom/Travis is not interested since sex is not involved. She begs him, but he is not moved. He exits Kellys. Dillon comes in and Georgie is again about to tell him the truth when Sage walks in and begins talking to Dillon. Georgie gets mad and tells Dillon she is spending the night with Tom at the hotel (where she and Dillon almost had sex). The irony is not lost on him. He also gets upset. Georgies stomps off and bumps into Tom just entering Kellys again. She whispers to him to go along with her and he complies. They sit down at a table together. Dillon, getting madder by the minute, tells Sage that they too, are going to spend the night at the hotel.

Ed orders Dillon to meet him at the hotel. He tells Dillon that he thinks he has potential to be CEO of ELQ. Dillon brushes him off saying he plans to be a filmmaker.

Michael spies Brian across the reception area and is about to return his wave when Jason warns him not to speak to Brian. Jason tells Michael that Brian is not really his friend and was only pretending to be his friend in order to hurt Sonny and Jason. Later, as they are walking out of the reception area, Michael has to pass Brian and Brian tries to strike up a conversation. Michael tells Brian point blank that he cannot speak to him because he is trying to hurt Jason and his father. Courtney asks Jason if it was necessary to tell Michael not to trust Brian. She tells him the only ones being hurt by the lifestyle he and Sonny lead are Michael and Morgan. She begs him to talk to Sonny about compromising with Carly.

In their hotel room, Sam tells Sonny that Jason offered her a million dollars to leave town. He fills her in on Jason and Carly’s history with one another. Sam reiterates her disdain for “feelings”. She insists that she will not take bribes and that she will not allow anyone other than herself to ruin her life. Just then, she spots the newspaper that is advertising the auctioning off of the treasure. She calls the Port Charles Hotel, which is where the auction will be held and pretends to be someone who will be attending. She asks about the type of security system. Apparently, she intends to break the security system and steal the treasure. Tracy Quartermaine has the same idea. She meets Coleman at the hotel and asks him to steal the treasure and give it to her.

After a night with Alcazar, there is a knock at their door. Carly is served with a restraining order. She is not to go within 100 feet of her children. Alcazar calls a lawyer for Carly and cautions her to keep a cool head and not play Sonny’s game. Carly and Alcazar meet with the lawyer and she tells Carly that she must comply with the restraining order until she can get it rescinded. Later, as Carly walks in the park, she comes upon Sonny with Morgan in the stroller. She cannot help herself and goes to take Morgan out of the stroller and cuddle. Sonny trips over his words as he tries to get her to leave the baby alone but reluctantly allows her to hold the baby. However, when Alcazar shows up, he freaks out and begins emphatically telling Carly to put the baby down. Lucky happens to be walking by and Sonny gives him a copy of the restraining order. Lucky arrests Carly.

Cameron meets Alexis in the hotel and asks her to try to convince Zander to give himself up. After a while, she agrees.

In the basement of the PC Hotel, Zander hallucinates that Emily has come to him told him that it is he who she really loves and that they will go away together. He tells her he has felt dead inside ever since she left and that he will love her forever. Maxie enters with food for him and they hide as the electrician comes in and checks the electrical system. She explains to him that Ric saw her enter the hotel with all the food and seems a bit suspicious. She said his dad tried to cover for him by saying the food was for his colleagues who were at a meeting at the hotel. Zander tells her Cameron just feels guilty and really wishes Zander was dead. Maxie tells him she thinks Cameron does care about him. Cameron then shows up with Alexis in tow. Not knowing who is entering, Maxie and Zander hide. Upon hearing who it is, Zander comes out of hiding with a gun held on Maxie. He says he is not giving himself up.

The electrician tells Edward that the electrical system at the hotel cannot withstand the newly installed security system. She says that a fire could result if they keep using it. Edward insists that the security system can and must remain intact for the auction or else she is fired. She says she will comply with his wishes. Later, however, she stops Ric and tells him that the security system is a serious fire hazard.

At Kellys, Brian stops Courtney. She says she does not want to talk to him since he is not a friend and was only pretending to be her friend to get the goods on Sonny and Jason. Brian says he can prove he is a true friend to her. He tells her that he knows she is the one who killed him. She asks him what he wants from her.

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