GH Update Tuesday 2/3/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/3/04

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Luke reveals himself to Helena and eats a hamburger in front of her, knowing that she has no eaten in two days. Helena finally gives in and tells Luke where the treasure is. He gives her the rest of his hamburger and leaves to go retrieve his fortune.

Luke comes back, after finding no treasure. Helena laughs at him and tells him how she has bought herself two more days. Luke laughs at her and waves a bottle in front of her face. The hamburger he gave her was poisoned on the side that she ate from and she only has an hour to live, unless of course, she tells Luke where the treasure is and he will give her the antidote. Desperate for her life, Helena tells him, but Luke lets her out so that she can show him, before her time runs out because he is not giving her the antidote until he gets the treasure.

Emily and Nicolas sort through Helena’s stuff that she left behind. Emily finds more of Black Thorn’s notes. It turns out that Constance and Black Thorn didn’t die and lived on Spoon Island, where they found a secret doorway that kept them safe from Constance’s ex-fiancé who was out to kill Black Thorn. Emily and Nicolas go to that exact spot and find the treasure.

Luke and Helena show up in front of the secret door, but they are too late, the treasure is gone and Nicolas was the one that took it. Luke tells Helena that she gets no antidote since he got no treasure. He spills it over the floor. Helena says her goodbyes to Nicolas and then Luke tells her to get over it and there was only enough poison in the hamburger to give her a stomachache. Nicolas then talks to Luke alone, where he tells Luke that he and Emily will be auctioning off the treasure tomorrow at the Port Charles hotel, if he is interested.

Edward meets Justus at the hotel to ask him again to run and save ELQ. He turns Edward down, again. Jason walks into the hotel and Edward pushes him to have a seat with them and tries to get Jason to run ELQ, he even brings up how it would be good for Courtney. Jason also turns Edward down and tells him that he has the life that he wants before walking away.

Edward tells Justus that he wants to change his will, and that after he and Lila die, everything is left to the one that saves ELQ. Justus is not intrigued by the offer and he tells Edward that if he wants his will changed, that he will have to pay top dollar. He too also leaves Edward standing alone.

Skye is drinking at the Quartermane house and Tract catches her with a smile on her face. The two of them start arguing when Edward comes in. He tells Tracy to leave them alone because he wants to talk to Skye alone. He tries to convince her to take over ELQ and starts to compliment her. He even tells her about the will and how she could become a real Quartermane if he gave it to her. Skye doesn’t exactly say no but walks away just the same.

Tracy, who has been eavesdropping, comes into the den and asks her father hoe he could chose Skye, a drunken fake, over her to run ELQ. Edward tells Tracy that she is heartless and to prove it, puts on a little act when he pretends he is having a heart attack and she does nothing to help him. He makes it quite clear that Tracy will never run ELQ because she doesn’t care about the family.

Edward is out of the room and Tracy is sitting alone when Skye comes in. Tracy pours Skye a drink and tells her that she will feel better after she takes it. Skye takes the drink and brings it close to her lips. She then splashes it on Tracy’s face, smiles and before she walks away, tells Tracy that she now does feel better.

Emily comes into the Quartermane house looking for her Grandfather, only to find Tracy. She tells Tracy that she has great news that could save the family, but won’t tell Tracy what it is.

Disguised, Maxie helps Zander get to a new hiding place. He is limping on his leg and is in a lot of pain. She leaves him in the basement of some place after he begs her to go get painkillers for him as his last favor. Maxie doesn’t want to leave him alone at first but she eventually does.

Maxie is at the hospital looking through drugs on a cart at the hospital. Cameron comes in and has a quick chat with Alexis, who tells him that she is sorry about Zander. Cameron says how he doesn’t even know if he’ll ever see Zander again and how obviously Zander doesn’t care. He keeps a close eye on Maxie while he talks.

When Maxie thinks no one is looking, she grabs the pills and runs into the elevator. Cameron stops the elevator door from shutting and asked Maxie what she is doing with the pills.

Maxie shows up back in the basement area with Cameron, who insisted on coming. Zander gets up to leave and get away from him, but collapses and is knocked out. Maxie helps Cameron take the bullet out of an unconscious Zander’s leg. She gets the bandages and asks Cameron if he is going to turn his son in as Zander wakes up again.

There are noises and the three hear people coming down the stairs. They quickly hide and Edward comes down with an electrical inspector who tells him that he needs to replace the wiring. Edward tells the man how he doesn’t have that kind of money and it will have to wait.

Carly knocks on the penthouse door and asks Sonny not to slam it on her. She comes in and she asks him about a time when she can see the kids. She is willing to co-operate with him to work out something. Michael listens at the stairway. Sonny turns her down. With tears in her eyes, Carly leaves the penthouse telling Sonny that it is not over. Alone, Sonny pushes Morgan’s stroller to the ground in frustration and walks into the kitchen. Michael picks up the stroller and stares at nothing.

Jason comes into the penthouse and asks to take the boys out. Sonny gets paranoid and accuses Jason of working against him with Carly. Jason convinces him that that is not what he is doing and Sonny calls down Leticia to get the boys ready. Michael and Morgan are gone. Michael told Leticia to get Morgan ready and that Sonny was going to take them out.

Michael pushes the stroller into the port Charles hotel. Carly sees him there and gives her son a big hug. She asks him who brought him and realizes that Michael came alone. He tells his mommy how he saw her at the penthouse. Carly tries to explain things to Michael and comfort him when Sonny and Jason come in.

Michael explains to his daddy what he did and why he did it. Sonny promises Michael that he won’t yell at Carly and Jason takes him to the door while Sonny and Carly talk. He accuses Carly of setting the whole thing up and making Michael lie for her. Carly tells him that is not the case and that Sonny didn’t know where his kids where and they were wandering the streets on their own. She tells him that that’s child abuse.

Back at the penthouse, Justus shows up and Sonny hands him some papers. He tells the lawyer that he is filing for a restraining order against Carly for the kids and that he wants a divorce and full custody.

Carly meets Alexis at the hotel and asks for help. Alexis is shocked and less then willing. Carly asks her if she would want Sonny looking after her daughter. Alexis doesn’t deny that she thinks Sonny is a bad father but she also says that she wouldn’t want Carly as the mother either.

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