GH Update Monday 2/2/04

General Hospital Update Monday 2/2/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Jax is shocked to see Sam with Sonny and in a hurry to leave. She tells him that she wants him to stay and she wants to hear what he has to say. Sonny leaves so that they can have some privacy.

Sam pressures Jax to tell her what she came to say but he isn’t interested anymore. He tells Sam that he cares about her and tries to warn her about Sonny. She tells him that she knows what she’s doing but Jax isn’t sure. He tells her that Sonny’s life destroys women and it would be a shame to destroy her. He leaves and Sam realized that he’s really worried about her, but she doesn’t do anything about it.

Carly admits to Jason that Lorenzo has gone to get her kids for her. Jason tells her that it is wrong but Carly saw it as her only option. She tells Jason again hoe Sonny is keeping her away from her kids and that is wrong.

Courtney tries to get Lorenzo out of the penthouse. He refuses to leave without Carly’s kids. Courtney tells him that the children need to stay with her until Sonny and Carly work things out. Michael overhears Lorenzo and Courtney and comes downstairs to protect his aunt and get the bad man out. Lorenzo tells Michael that his mommy sent him and even comes with a message from her. Michael and Courtney are both left confused and unsure of what to do or think.

Carly and Jason watch in the distance as Lorenzo and Courtney come in the hotel with Carly’s children. Jason tells Carly that she is going to talk to the kids and then he is going to take them back home. He explains that he is trying to do damage control so that everything will work out.

Sonny comes down on the elevator and sees Lorenzo in the lobby with his children. He goes to talk Michael back Carly comes out and tells Michael to come with him.

Michael stands in the middle of his parents, confused. Jason comes in and does damage control. Carly hugs Michael and tells him she loves him. She then gets to hold Morgan for a couple of seconds before Jason takes him away and they leave with him.

Carly tells Sonny that this is not the end and that he is not going to take her away from her children. Lorenzo stops her from getting upset and arguing some more and they leave together. When Sonny and Courtney are alone, Sonny warns Courtney that is she ever lets Lorenzo near his children again, that she will not be able to see them anymore.

Back at the penthouse, Sonny has a chat with Jason. They talk about the children and Carly. Jason is trying to solve everything peacefully but Sonny informs him that his is a war and he needs to decide whose side he’s on. Jason tells Sonny that he just wants to do what’s best for Michael and Morgan. Sonny suggests that he should tell them the truth, that their mother is a whore that left him for his enemy. Sonny tells Jason that Carly is now the enemy, and if she comes near him again, he might have to treat her like one.

In Carly’s hotel room, Lorenzo tells Carly that she did the right thing and that she will get her children back because there is no way Sonny is going to be able to keep them. Carly says all the things Sonny might do but Carly tells her that Sonny is not as indestructible as he might think and that he will help Carly since he loves her and it is important to her. There is a knock on the door and Courtney comes in. She tells Carl she needs to talk to her but not in front of Lorenzo. He leaves to give Carly and Courtney some privacy.

Courtney tells Carly that she is just as bad as Sonny and that she left her in the middle by sending Lorenzo. Carly tries to explain why she did what she did, but her reasons don’t seem to matter to Courtney, it was still wrong in her opinion.

Lorenzo sees Sam downstairs and introduces himself. He suggests to her that it would be wise for her to convince Sonny to give up the kids. He tries to give her reasons to do this but Sam turns to tables. She tells Lorenzo that he better be careful, because Sonny and Carly might get back together and she has nothing to lose, but Lorenzo does because he loves Carly. She walks away satisfied and Lorenzo stays there, looking not so worried by Sam’s threats.

Skye talks to Justus and talks him for helping her out with her silent partner who is more silent thanks to Justus. She gives him a bunch of chips for free, on the house. She tells him how she is in a good mood and all the Quartermanes are gambling in her casino.

Emily comes into the casino to talk with Skye. They talk about Zander and how she wants to help him and feels that she can. Skye understands and Emily wishes that Nicolas would. Nicolas shows up soon after and Skye leaves them alone to talk.

Emily and Nicolas get into another argument about Zander. She tells him that it’s her life and she wants to help Zander with it. Nicolas reminds her how they are getting married and everything she does affects him in some way. She walks out of the casino and leaves Emily alone.

Tracy asks Skye to give her a loan for more chips to gamble with. Skye wants 10,000 shares of ELQ as a down payment but Tracy refuses. Skye walks away, refusing to deal with Tracy. Alan compliments her on her actions and also tells her that without her, the casino would be a success. Edward also compliments Skye on the way she handled Tracy.

Edwards tries to talk Justus into helping him out with ELQ and getting the family up and running again. He says how he cares about his family and realizes the time he’s wasted away from them. He also tries to tell Justus about favors he’s done for him in the past. Justus tells Edward that he doesn’t know right from wrong and has no moral value. He then walks away.

Tracy talks to Ned and tries to get him to talk to Edward before he gives ELQ to Justus. She tells him that the only reason she came back was to provide for her sons and she is trying to help him. Ned is less then eager to talk to his grandfather.

Jax comes into the casino upset and goes to talk to Skye. He tells her that she’s just the person he needs and starts hitting on her. Jax pulls her into a kiss but then Skye backs away. She calls Jax a jerk and asks him if he thinks she is so pathetic that she wouldn’t care if he slept with her as a rebound because of Sam. She walks away quite upset. A bartender comes up to her and gives her a drink. He then realizes that she didn’t order it but Skye tells him to leave it there. Skye debates whether to drink or not while Tracy pays off the bartender in the background.

Alan walks up to Emily at the casino and they start to talk. He tells her how maybe Nicolas is right and he is just trying to protect her from getting hurt.

Back at Windermere, Emily has flashbacks to some of her happiest times with Nicolas. She stands there alone until Nicolas walks in, surprised to see her there. He assumes because of their fight that she might not have come here tonight. Emily explains that this is her home and she belongs with him. The couple starts to kiss.

Zander holds the knife at Bryan’s throat and asked him why he is trying to frame him. Bryan denies this but then Zander says that they both know that he didn’t shoot him. He asks Bryan if he is working with Ric to set him up. He explains that Ric has reason to want him in jail because Ric’s wife is pregnant with his child.

Rick questions Maxie about the last time she saw Zander. She lies and saying that she hardly knows Zander and that she hasn’t seen him around in a long time. Ric tells Maxie that she should come to the police if she sees Zander and explains that she can be charged with aiding and abiding if she helps Zander out.

There is a call through the halls about a patient being attacked. Rick recognizes the room as Bryan’s and rushes to see if Zander is there.

Maxie sees Zander go into the elevator and run in with him. The elevator gets jammed and they are left there alone. Zander explains that he didn’t shoot the cop and he went to go talk to him. He doesn’t know how he is going to get out though.

Lucky talks to a cop and tells him where to look for Zander. He then looks at the elevator, which is jammed, realizes that that’s where Zander is and tells the police officer to get it up and running again.

Ric questions Bryan about what happened and what Zander did. He talks about Zander saying Ric is setting him up but Ric reminds him that Bryan signed a statement that said Zander shot him. Bryan says how Ric is in a hurry to catch Zander but Ric doesn’t want to hear it. He thinks that Bryan has his motives a little mixed up.

The elevator gets up and running again and Zander starts to panic. However, when the elevator doors open, it appears that only Maxie is there. Zander is hiding in the ceiling. It takes a little bit of convincing, but Maxie is able to make Lucky believe that she doesn’t know where Zander is, he isn’t in the elevator and that he must have gotten out another way.

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