GH Update Friday 1/30/04

General Hospital Update Friday 1/30/04

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Courtney looks at the article about Bryan’s shooting while Jason tries to talk to her. He tells her that it’s not going to change. Courtney still doesn’t feel right about someone else going to jail or dying for something she did. Courtney wants to confess.

Emily tells Zander that he doesn’t really want to kill Nikolas. Zander assures her that he does. Nikolas is clam about the whole thing and tells Zander that at least Emily will see him for who he really is. Jax watches Zander continues to point a gun at Nikolas.

Carly stands in to elevator with Sam and asks her again how long she has been sleeping with Sonny. Sam tries not to talk to her but Carly insists. She tells Sam that she hopes she knows that she is just a substitute.

Sonny tells Lorenzo about all the things he’s done to get Carly. He tells Alcazar to keep Carly, do whatever he wants with her because he doesn’t care anymore. He makes it quite clear though that Alcazar will never come close to his children.

Alcazar questions Sonny’s way of revenge. He tells Sonny that he is taking a mother away from her children. Sonny tells Alcazar that Morgan is to young to know Carly and Michael will get over it. He tells Alcazar that he is never letting Carly or him near those boys.

Sam asks Carly what exactly she is doing. She tells Carly that she was in the wrong by cheating on her husband with his enemy. Carly ignores the statement and tells Sam about Brenda and how Sam looks almost like her. She says how everything always goes back to Brenda and she always shows up. Carly even goes as far as saying that Jax was attracted to her because she looked like Brenda. She then again mentions that Sam is just a substitute and always will be.

Jason tries to stop Courtney and tells her that the boys need her. Courtney feels guilty and tells Jason that he’s always saying how people should make their own choice. Jason tells her that he’s not trying to tell her what to do but asking her not to go to the cops. Courtney tells him that she has to.

Brain lies in the hospital bed and dreams about the shooting. Maxie comes in and wakes him up. She hands him some magazines and tells him how she is Mac’s daughter. He smiles at her and then she asks him if he’s positive Zander was the one that shot him.

Emily asks Zander what he thinks he is accomplishing. She stands in front of Nikolas to try and keep him safe. There is a lot of yelling and screaming on so Zander doesn’t hear Jax come down and try and grab the gun from him. Nikolas tries to help out but Emily holds him back.

Zander gets the gun back and aims it at Jax to kill. It jams and Zander gets all pissed off. He makes a run for it. Jax goes to call the cops and Nikolas gives Emily a kiss, asking her if she has seen enough to stop believing in Zander.

Bryan asks Maxie why she is so interested in his shooting. She tells him how she knows Zander a little bit and doesn’t think he could shoot a cop. She tells him that maybe he just thought he saw Zander but really didn’t and people just wanted to believe it. Bryan asks about someone who would want Zander in jail and Maxie brings up Rick. He walks in and questions Maxie. She gets nervous but tells Rick that Zander told her that Rick hated him because he hooked up with Elizabeth. Rick continues to question her but Maxie gets uncomfortable and walks out.

Michael comes downstairs and talks with Jason. He says how he missed his mommy. He asks when she will be back and Jason says how he doesn’t know. Michael can sense that something is up and asks Jason to tell him what it is. Jason tells Michael that it’s not his place to tell and that it will be up to his mom and dad. He gives Michael some advice and sends him up to bed as Justus comes in. He hands Jason a court order that needs Sonny’s signature to keep Carly away from the children.

Alcazar asks Sonny if he is even thinks about his children. Sonny says that the kids can deal without their mother. He again, makes it clear to Lorenzo that he and Carly will never get near his kids. Just then Carly comes down, Sonny tells her that her boyfriend’s waiting. Carly tells him that she can’t say the same about his girlfriend and tells Sony about hoe she told Sam about Brenda and how that’s the one reason he’s with her. Sonny tells Carly that she’s wrong and knows nothing about him and Sam.

Jason asks Justus a hypothetical question that sounds and is exactly like Courtney’s situation. Justus picks up on it but still pretends that it is in fact hypothetical. Jason asks what kind of sentence she would be getting and Justus tells him that with a good lawyer, she’s looking at 15 years.

Courtney comes into the hospital and listens as Bryan signs his statement for Ric Lansing. Ric sees Courtney at the door and tells her about what just happened. Courtney goes in to visit Bryan and he tells her that he is glad she came back.

Lucky gives a report on Zander to try and bring him in. Nikolas asks Emily again is she has seen enough of Zander. Lucky comes back and asks what went on. Jax22q tells him what just happened at the docks and then that he thinks Zander intended to kill. They also mention that Zander has a gun wound in the leg from the fight over the weapon.

Sonny tells Carly that she knows nothing about Sam. She tells him that she does and now Sam knows. She goes on in telling Sonny that she is not going to be enough for him and no one ever will. Sonny pretends to ignore her and tells Lorenzo to keep Carly away from him. Sonny mentions Carly’s kids and she tells him not to even think about keeping her away from them. She tells Sonny that she loves her kids but he doesn’t believe it. Carly goes in to slap Sonny but Lorenzo holds her back. Carly struggles and yells at Sonny. Sonny brushes her off and leaves on the elevator.

Courtney tells Bryan how she just talked to Ric and asks him again about his shooting. Bryan tells Courtney that Zander was the one who shot him and asks her if she was there. Courtney changes the subject and asks Bryan is he intended to kill Jason that night. Bryan tells her that he didn’t and that sometimes people just happen to get hurt or killed occasionally and it can’t be helped.

Nikolas brings Lucky off to the side and they talk about Zander. Nikolas is worried since Zander keeps on coming after Emily and Lucky tries to make him feel better by saying that they should have Zander in a couple of hours.

Emily thanks Jax again for helping her and Nikolas out. He tells her about his near death experience and how it made him think. Emily can relate and they talk about telling no lies and spending time with the one you love.

Carly goes back to her hotel room with Lorenzo and apologizes to him. He doesn’t accept her apology and tells Carly that he would rather see she fighting with Sonny then upset about him. Carly tells Alcazar how he got what he wanted because she will never go back to Sonny and she also says how she will not let him take her kids. Lorenzo asks her to trust him enough to believe in him and know that everything will be okay. The two start to kiss at the emotional moment.

Sam lies on a chair in the hotel room. Sonny comes in and is surprised that she is there. She tells Sonny not to worry about his wife because she wasn’t expecting her to be all nice to her. She tells him how she has been sitting there thinking about if Sonny had ever compared her to anyone. Sonny looks into Sam’s eyes and tells her that she does not compare to Brenda in any way.

Carly lies in bed with Lorenzo and they start to talk. She tells him how none of this seems real and how Lorenzo is not the person that she thought he was. Lorenzo holds Carly and just listens to her. He finally tells her that things will be better and that he will make them better starting tonight. Carly almost believes him.

Courtney comes back to the penthouse and Jason is surprised to see her there. She tells him how she couldn’t tell Bryan that she shot him because Jason asked her not to and that she’s not going to because this is something she can do for him. They hug and then are interrupted by the phone ringing. Jason picks up and it is Carly, sounding very upset. She tells him to come over quick and that she cannot tell him anything over the phone.

Sonny tells Sam that she resembles Brenda physically, but that is it. He gives her examples of how her and Brenda are alike and then asks if she thinks of anyone else when she is with him. Sam shakes her head and they start to kiss and take off clothes again.

Jax walks into the Port Charles hotel looking for Sam. He asks the lady at the front for her room number, and tells her that she could write it down on a piece of paper so she wasn’t giving out information. She helps Jax with no questions asked and a smile on her face.

Emily walks into Windermere and checks the phone for messages. Nikolas asks her what she is doing and she tells him that she’s checking to see if there is any news about Zander. Nikolas asks about if Zander were to contact her. Emily admits that she would probably help him. Nikolas tells him that he is playing on her guilt. She tells him that she doesn’t care, because she wants Zander to live a live away from here because he is a good person inside. She tells Nikolas how she doesn’t want Zander to die, but her and Nikolas disagree on that one because Nikolas admits that he wishes Zander would die.

Zander walks into the hospital limping. Maxie sees him but doesn’t talk to him. She notices blood on the ground but is interrupted by Rick. He questions her about when Zander told she about Elizabeth. She slips up and tells him it was 2-3 months ago, but Rick had only found out 2-3 weeks ago.

Zander walks into Bryan’s room and goes after him. Bryan tries to stop Zander but is to late. Zander holds a knife to Bryan’s throat and tells him that they both know he didn’t shoot the cop. Zander asks Bryan why he is trying to frame him.

Carly paces her room and runs to the door when she hears a knock. Jason comes in and is shocked when there is nothing wrong with Carly. She tells him how Sonny is trying to take her away from her kids and Jason knows it is wrong. Jason figures out that Carly wanted him out of the penthouse and asks her what she has done.

Lorenzo walks into Carly’s old home and Courtney tells him to get out before she calls the gaurds. Lorenzo has made it so that the guards are not a problem and is there to get Carly’s children for her.

Jax knocks on Sam’s door and she answers in her bathrobe. She tells him how there is something he must know but Jax doesn’t listen, he has something that he must tell Sam. Just as he is telling her how he almost died, Sonny comes in with only a towel around his waist. Jax looks from him to Sam again with mixed feelings.

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