GH Update Thursday 1/29/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/29/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

At the formal, Tom returns Dillon’s punch. Georgie checks on Dillon before going to meet “Tom”. She tells Dillon Tom’s nose is broken and they leave together. Dillon is a broken man. Sage tries to get him into the spirit saying that they could be King and Queen of winter formal. He confirms Sage’s verbalized suspicion that he likes her, but she is not Georgie and therefore is not good enough. Dillon leaves.

“Tom” and Georgie go to Kellys. Tom is still furious and tells her that her situation is “twisted and sad”. She asks him what she can do to get him to help her. He says he needs a tutor so that he can get a 2.5 average. Georgie agrees. Tom tells her his real name is Travis. As they exit Kelly’s, Georgie sees Dillon approaching out of the corner of her eye and grabs Tom in an embrace and kisses him. Dillon apologizes for not believing her.

Mac demands that Maxie open her bedroom door right away. He says that there is something he needs to talk to her about. She tries to get Zander out of there pronto but the window is stuck. She runs out and tells Mac she is getting dressed and she will be right with him. Mac says that Maxie should not be embarrassed about going to the formal b/c of the Kyle situation. She reassures him that she is okay with it. When she goes back into her room, Zander again says that he has caused her too much trouble and is leaving. She insists on helping him. She tells him she is leaving for work but afterward she will meet him on the docks and give him some money.

At the penthouse, Sonny tells Courtney that Carly is not stepping foot in his home ever again. She yells through the door that she wants to see them. Michael. Having heard the ruckus comes downstairs. Courtney goes into the hallway and convinces Carly that she should leave for the good of her children. Courtney says she will find a way to bring the children to Carly in a day or two. Carly then leaves. When Jason shows up, Courtney tells him what transpired between Sonny and Carly. Jason tells Sonny he is not doing the right thing. Sonny says that all Carly has done since Michael was born was use Michael. And he is not going to let her do the same thing to Morgan. Sonny says he does not care about her. He reiterates that he is “done” with her. He orders Jason to ”remove” every trace of Carly” from his home. Jason tells him to do it himself. Jason and Courtney argue over the Carly/Sonny situation. Jason will not allow her to take the kids to see Carly.

Helena wakes up in some sort of cage somewhere with a disguised voice coming in over a sound system. Helena believes it is Nikolas and her spirits start to soar with the hope that it is as it would indicate “he is starting to take some initiative”. The voice, which turns out to be Lukes, offers Helena food in exchange for her telling him the location of the treasure. She refuses, saying that she is “watching her figure”.

At Kellys, there is a meeting of the minds between Emily, Lucky, and Nikolas. They discuss Zander’s disappearance. Emily begs Lucky to treat Zander in a decent manner when they find him. Lucky agrees. After Lucky leaves, Nikolas gets on Emily about trying to stick up for Zander after all that he has done. Nikolas dismisses Zander as an accident waiting to happen. He goes on to say that it is inevitable that Zander will hurt someone again. Later, as Emily walks on the docks, she bumps into Zander. He begs her to help him. He tells her that he did not shoot Brian. Emily insists that she can’t help him. Zander starts to break, telling her that everyone he ever put himself on the line for wants to see him gone; Sonny, Alexis, Faith, his father... Emily seems to get overwhelmed by his outpouring of emotion. He continues to plead with her, cupping her face in his hands, his eyes teary. Nikolas shows up and tells him to get away. Zander pulls his gun in desperation and painfully tells Emily if she won’t help him, she will watch him shoot her boyfriend.

At casino, Skye needles Sam. Sam tells her that she has broken up with Jax and is now with Sonny. Skye tells her Sonny will “grind her into dust” in the end. Luke shows up and asks Skye if she is still worrying herself over Jax. Luke tells her he is disappointed in her and that she can do better. He says Jax is as “shallow as a mud puddle”. He asks her what she sees in Jax. She tells Luke about Faith trying to muscle in on his business and how she had to get an injunction against her. He tells her he is about to make her even richer.

Sonny meets Sam on the docks and she expresses her creeping doubts about getting involved about him. She says her guts tell her to run from him. Sonny admits that his life is complicated. He describes himself as a “one man wrecking crew” and tells her if she wants to run, she should.

Carly shows up at Alcazar’s home as he is in the middle of a meltdown himself. He drops everything and comforts Carly. Alcazar says he is not going to stand by and let Sony take her children. He feels a bit responsible for the situation she now finds herself in.

Courtney meets Carly at the PC Hotel with some of her belongings. Alcazar shows up and Courtney is shocked that Carly is having anything to do with him. Carly is unapologetic. She tells Courtney that Sonny is the one who ruined her life by being cold and unforgiving. Carly goes to her room, leaving Alcazar to take care of her things. Sam and Sonny show up and Alcazar and he have a confrontation. Sonny tells Alcazar he should “take [Carly]”. Alcazar calls Sonny a “coward”. He says Sonny’s actions are beneath contempt. Carly meets Sam in the elevator and asks her how long she has been sleeping with her husband.


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