GH Update Wednesday 1/28/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/28/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

On the docks, Jason confronts Faith about trying to kill him. She pins the blame on Zander.

Maxie hides Zander in her closet. She tells Georgie that she is not going to the dance since she does not have a date. Georgie almost finds him, but Guy calls in the nick of time and Georgie leaves to go meet him. After Georgie leaves, Zander asks her why she does not have a date. She briefly goes into her bad luck history with men. Zander, feeling sorry for her, decides that he will leave her alone. She tells him she will still help him. Zander warns her that he is bad news that she should not get involved with. She insists on helping him based on the fact the she believes he is a wrongly accused man. He decides to give her a special evening. He fixes up her room with candles and soft music. Maxie puts on a beautiful dress. He tells her about his bad prom experience with Emily. He asks her to dance with him, cautioning her that he is not trying to hit on her—only trying to recapture some semblance of who he used to be. As they dance, Zander breaks down a bit and says that the old Zander was “dead” and that he cannot “go back”. Mac comes home and knocks on Maxie’s door.

Courtney and Emily discuss the possibility of Zander being the one who shot Brian. Emily accosts Faith and accuses her of framing Zander. Faith denies it.

Emily then confronts Ric asking him if he is just conveniently allowing Zander to take the rap for the shooting so that he will be out of Ric and Liz’s way. Ric denies that he is going after him. He tells Emily that both Faith and Brian pinned the shooting on Zander. Courtney eavesdrops on this conversation and becomes overwhelmed with regret. Jason shows and can tell what she is thinking. He tells her not to confess. Jason says that Zander was there, so it is no big deal if he gets nailed for the crime. Ric interrupts and grills Jason about who shot Brian. Jason, of course, remains tight-lipped.

Alcazar tells Carly he wants her love as well as her gratitude. She goes back to the hotel to see Sonny. Max gives her a hard time and tells her she can’t see Sonny. She decides to wait right there in the lobby. Soon enough, Sonny appears with Sam. Carly confronts Sonny and does not back down when he tries to brush her off. He merely reiterates how “done” he is with her. She tells him she slept with Alcazar the previous night. She ends up telling Sonny that Alcazar is a “braver, stronger, and more honorable man” than he could ever hope to be. She makes it to the front door of Kelly’s when she bumps into Alcazar again.

Back at the penthouse, Sonny tells Courtney that he does not want Carly anymore. When Carly shows up and tells him she is there for her kids, he immediately slams it in her face.

Sonny begs Sam to continue seeing him on the same no strings attached basis. Jason offers her a million dollars to leave. She declines.

Georgie meets Guy as they continue to try and find “Tom”. Dillon shows up and goads her about “Tom”. Sage shows up and gives him a huge hug. Georgie stomps off practically in tears. At the formal, Dillon keeps trying to follow Georgie since Tom has not showed up. Thinking all hope of finding “Tom” was gone, she tells him she had a fight with Tom because he was cheating her. So when Guy finally shows up with “Tom”, Dillon punches him out.


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