GH Update Tuesday 1/27/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/27/04

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Dillon walks into Kelly’s with Sage. She’s all excited about the Winter Formal that’s coming up and she’s making plans to go with Dillon. He stops her in the middle of all her excitement and tells Sage and he doesn’t really want to go and never asked her to go with him. She talks about Tom and Dillon gives her his theory again on how there is no Tom.

Lorenzo walks into the diner and Sage is thrilled to see him. She greets her uncle with a big hug and they leave together to go talk.

Georgie walks into Kelly’s. She sees Dillon but sits at a table separate from him. Dillon comes up to her and tries to make Georgie talk about Tom. She gets pissed off at his interrogation and Dillon admits that he’s trying to make her slip up to prove that there is no Tom. Georgie gets even more mad at Dillon and that fact that he could think such a thing.

Lorenzo and Sage sit on a bench outside and talk about what his been going on since he left. Sage tells her uncle about how much she likes Dillon and how he has no interest in her. Lorenzo gives his niece a hug and tells her that it’s better fight and lose then to give up and never know what could have happened.

Guy overhears Georgie and Dillon talking and comes in to help her out. He says how he has just saw Tom and how he wants to know what flower to give to Georgie. She has a huge smile on her face. They talk about Tom for a while and it convinces Dillon enough that he gets up and walks away, hurt.

Sage meets up with Dillon outside of Kelly’s. She is so happy that he uncle is back in town again. She tells him how her life is perfect now. Dillon releases how much Sage’s uncle means to her and apologizes for not really caring when she was worried about him. She acts as if it was nothing. Dillon tells Sage that he will take her to the dance. They smile and get playful. Sage messes up his hair and Dillon tries to get Sage back. They walk away together.

Bryan tries to talk to Courtney and question her about how she really feels. He asks her to be honest with him and Courtney keeps on coming back to the fact that he used her to get information on her husband. Zander stands outside the curtain and listens intensively. A cop comes by and tells Zander that the police need to talk to him. Zander runs off in a hurry and goes to hide.

The cop asks Brian what Zander would be doing here. Brian answers that Zander may have been waiting to talk to Courtney since he is involved in Jason and Sonny’s business. The cop nods his head and leaves.

Carly asks Jason where Sonny is and asks about him. Jason won’t give her the name of a place and just tells her to leave it alone. He tells Carly that Sonny is hurt and that she should just leave him. He tells Carly that he doesn’t have time to baby-sit her and that he is going to go see Courtney.

Sam gets ready to leave the room and Sonny again. He accuses her of running away. Sam tells him that she is not dependant on anyone and doesn’t want to be. Sonny explains to Sam that he has nothing to give her except for money and company and he doesn’t plan on paying her for sex.

Carly calls the Port Charles hotel and asks for Sonny’s room. The phone starts to ring but no one picks up. Sonny and Sam look down at the phone and try to figure out who might be calling. Sam thinks that it might be Jason but Sonny tells her about how Jason is silent. They start talking about secrets and Sam assumes that’s what she is, Sonny’s secret. He tells her that he doesn’t even know if she’s staying. He tells her that he wants nothing from her except what they are having now. Sam nods her head and they start to kiss again. Carly picks up her purse and leaves to go find Sonny.

Bryan tells Courtney that he should be thanking her. That he could have said something incriminating against Jason but he didn’t. Just then, Jason comes in and tells Courtney that they are leaving. Brian asks her to stay and says that they have a lot to talk about. Courtney just looks at him and then leaves with Jason.

Zander runs into one of the hospital rooms and hides behind a bed. Someone comes in shortly after and turns on the lights. Maxie looks around and asks if anyone is here. Zander comes out and tells Maxie that she must help him and that if she doesn’t, he might die.

There is a knock on the hospital door and Zander goes to hide again. It is Lucky on the other side of the door and he is asking about Zander and if she’s seen him. Lucky explains that Zander is the prime suspect and that they think he might have shot a cop. Maxie lies and tells Lucky that she hasn’t seen him around.

Maxie looks at Zander in horror. He tries to calm her down, tells her that it’s a long story but he didn’t shoot anyone. Maxie tells him to just leave her alone and she walks out of the room all confused.

Guy talks to Georgie some more alone and she admits that Tom is not real but there is another person that looks like him out there someone. Maxie walks in on the conversation all upset but Georgie doesn’t notice. She is too busy talking to Guy about Tom and how he is going to help her find him. Maxie is disgusted at Georgie’s small problems and how that’s all she cares about. She grabs her coat and walks out of Kelly’s.

Outside, Maxie runs into Zander again. She tells him to leave her alone but Zander tells her again that she is the only one that can help him and that if she doesn’t, he will die.

Ric comes into Brian’s room and asks him if he remembers anything about his shooter. Brian informs Ric that it is coming back to him now. Ric shows him a picture of Zander. Brian nods his head and tells Ric that the man who shot him was Zander Smith.

Courtney and Jason walk into the penthouse and look for Carly but she is nowhere to be found. Jason picks up the phone and sees who the last person Carly called is. He listens and hangs up the phone, knowing that Carly has gone looking for Sonny and is about to find him.

Carly holds a key in her hand and is about to go into Sonny’s hotel room. She hesitates at first but then opens to door. She is silent, and in shock. She finds Sonny and Sam in bed together. They don’t notice her at first, but Sonny looks up and finally sees his wife. They don’t say anything to each other and Carly leaves as quietly as she came in. Sam notices Sonny staring at the door and asks him what is going on.

Sam gets dressed and ready to leave again. She accuses Sonny of using her to get to Carly. Sonny admits that he is glad that Carly came in but he did not plan it. He asks Sam to stay. He tells her that he is hurting right now and she makes him hurt less. Sam tells him to expect anything from her because the second he does, she will run and never come back. Sonny tells her that she can’t possibly disappoint him since he has no expectations. Sam goes silent and then they start to kiss again.

Courtney and Jason talk about the shooting. He tells her how the gun was destroyed and how now nothing can link her to Brian’s shooting. Courtney acts guilty and tells Jason that she wishes there was another way and how she realizes how trapped her is in this life. Jason tells her to look at the bigger picture and tries to make Courtney think that shooting Brian was not wrong. He is unsuccessful at this and tells Courtney that she can just walk away from this life anytime she chooses. Courtney tells him how she can’t. She explains how Morgan and Michael are also trapped and she promised to look after the children.

Carly shows up ay Lorenzo’s house and starts to look for him. Lorenzo is shocked to hear Carly’s voice but also pleased. She is hurt. She tells Lorenzo how he was right about everything, that she was just a possession to Sonny and he never really loved her. She tells him how she loved him and broke her heart so many times for him, and the one time she needed him, he wasn’t there. Carly asks Lorenzo is it is foolish to want love that lasts. She tells him that that is what she wants and then the two of them start to kiss.

Carly ends up in bed with Lorenzo after having sex with him. She lies on his chest close to tears. Sonny also lies in bed with Sam, the same way.


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