GH Update Monday 1/26/04

General Hospital Update Monday 1/26/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Helena tells Nikolas and Emily that she has the treasure. She gives Nikolas a choice: Emily or the treasure. Nikolas doesn’t take long to make his decision, Emily. Emily then comes out and tells Nikolas that he much take the treasure, that he needs it. She tries to make it sound like the treasure is more important then her because it would mean he would have money. Helena doesn’t buy a word of it, and after she leaves, Emily lets Nikolas know it was all an act and he lets her know that Helena didn't buy a word of it.

The couple talks about where Helena could be hiding the treasure. Helena is listening to them through a picture in on the wall. They talk about how they are going to try and fake a big break up and how eventually Helena will need money, go to the treasure and Nikolas will follow her.

After Nikolas and Emily are gone, Helena goes into the room they were talking and pours herself a drink. She lifts her glass to the man in the photo. Someone comes up behind her and puts a cloth to her mouth. Helena collapses and the glass she was drinking in breaks.

Sam and Sonny start taking off clothes while kissing and end up in bed together. Afterwards, Sam tries to talk to Sonny and convince both her and him that his is just a one-night thing and there’s nothing romantic that’s going on. Sonny tells her that she talks too much and they start to kiss again. Later on, Sam talks about Jax and how now she knows why she wanted her away from Sonny, because she couldn’t resist him. They drink brandy in bed together.

Courtney sees Brain with a gun pointed at Jason’s back. Without thinking, she shoots him. Jason looks at her and the scared look on her face. Courtney is in shock and can’t believe what she has just done. Jason takes her away from the scene. They disappear together as the cops are coming.

Lucky comes onto the scene and sees Brian lying on the floor. He tries to talk to him but Brian can manage little words. Rick comes onto the scene and tries to get the ambulance there; he seems more interested in questioning Brian then getting him help.

Jason comes into the penthouse with Courtney. He tells Carly that Courtney has been here the whole time. Carly agrees and is eager to know what happened. After Jason leaves, Courtney tells Carly how she shot Brain in the back. Carly tries to tell her that she did the right thing but Courtney doesn’t think so. She didn’t believe in shooting people and she just did it.

At the hospital, Ric rushes to get Brian help. At first, the doctors are not sure if Brian is going to be okay but in the end, he got lucky and is going to be all right. Brian has a flash of Courtney shooting him. Rick comes in and questions Brian. He tells Rick that he knows nothing except for that it wasn’t Jason who shot him.

Courtney tells Carly to call the hospital and find out if Brian is okay. Carly disagrees, she says the call might be traced and it would look suspicious. Courtney wants to confess to her crimes but Carly tells her that it will all go away.

Carly and Courtney get a surprise visit from the cops. Courtney keeps her head low to the ground and is quite upset but Carly has no problem telling Rick to get lost. Rick tells Courtney that she and Brian must have been really close in order for her to be this upset. He also says that that would give Jason reason to shot Brian.

Jason knocks on Sonny’s door. He puts on a robe and opens the door. Jason gets a glimpse of Sam before Sonny steps outside to talk to him. Jason tells Sonny everything except for the fact that it was Courtney who shot Brian. Sonny goes back into the room and starts to kiss Sam. They end up in bed together again.

Courtney grabs her purse and leaves to see Brain. Carly tries to stop her but can’t.

Sonny gets up to leave and deal with things. He tells Sam that he’s going to get her a house, some money and visit her whenever he can. This offends Sam, she tells Sonny that she is not his wife and she is not his whore.

Jason comes back to the penthouse, he asks where Courtney is and she explains that she had to go see for herself that Brian was okay. Carly asks about Sonny. Jason admits that he saw Sonny but is hesitate to talk about him.

Courtney walks into the hospital room where Brian is. He smiles at her and tells Courtney that he must be the luckiest man in the world since she is visiting him. He asks as is she didn’t even shoot him and that nothing is wrong between them.

Zander visits Faith at the mental hospital. He watches her boss people around and tries to get her way. After everyone has gone, he tells Faith the bad news. Faith is upset that Jason is not dead and will come after her but is glad he can’t get to her in the place she’s in.

Faith asks Zander to keep an eye out for her and says that if he does a good job she will help him get his heart desire.

Justus visits Faith and lets her know that he has the release papers so she can leave. Faith doesn’t want to go and tries to talk Justus out of it but Justus is there by orders of Jason. Faith tries to act insane to get her way but it doesn’t work.

Faith goes to Ric and tells him that she needs protection against Sonny and Jason. He tells her about the shipment gone wrong and how he could use a name of the person who shot Brian. Faith gives Rick Zander’s name in order to save her own skin.


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