GH Update Friday 1/23/04

General Hospital Update Friday 1/23/04

By Sue Ellen
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Suzanne

At Fern Cliff Sanitarium, Zander arrives to see if Faith needs help getting out of the hospital. Faith tells Zander that she would prefer to stay in the hospital as it would make a good alibi. She also tells Zander that she wants Jason eliminated.  Zander informs Faith this will not be a problem for him. He explains that he owes Jason no respect. Later, Lorenzo visits Faith at Fern Cliff and tells her that her plan failed. He and Sonny will not kill each other over Carly. Faith then tells Lorenzo how at this very minute Jason is being eliminated. She suggests to Lorenzo this will make Sonny an easy target. She further implies that with Sonny out of the way, Lorenzo would be able to be there for Carly.

At Lorenzoís, Sonny arrives to find Carly and Lorenzo kissing, and he immediately jumps to the worst conclusions. He tells Carly that she can stay with Lorenzo and refuses to listen to her explanation. He walks out. Lorenzo encourages Carly to stay with him. He tells her this is a sign that her marriage to Sonny is over. He tells Carly that Sonny will never be able to forgive Carly for what he is sure is her betrayal. Carly insists she and Sonny can make things right as they have always done. Courtney arrives and demands to know what is going on and what Carly is doing with this man. Lorenzo gives them some privacy. Courtney explains that she came with Sonny but he left without her. Carly tells Courtney that she was saying goodbye to Lorenzo.  Carly tells her that if she could forgive Sonny for kissing Brenda, then he will forgive her. Courtney reminds Carly that Sonny isnít as good at forgiveness as she is.

At the penthouse, Sonny returns to find Jason and an associate discussing a shipment coming in. Sonnyís Puerto Rican contacts have been concerned that heís been distracted by his personal life. Sonny tells the messenger that he will run his territory his way and that he is not distracted. Jason tries to find out what happened and to discuss the business situation. Morgan begins to cry, so Sonny snaps at Jason to make the baby be quiet. Jason accomplishes this and Sonny confesses he doesnít know how to be a father on his own. Jason reminds Sonny that unless he wants to throw out his whole family, he will have to make peace with Carly. Sonny tells Jason what he saw and how he canít deal with the business or his family right now. Jason tells Sonny that Carly checked herself in to Shady Brook to fight her feelings for Lorenzo. Sonny tells Jason that Carly is smart enough to know the difference between right and wrong. Sonny leaves, and in awhile, Carly arrives home. She asks Jason to help her win back her husband. Jason tells her he doesnít know how to help her. He tells her to stay at home and do nothing. She asks Jason to tell her where Sonny is, but Jason refuses and heads out.

On the docks, Brian and Capelli prepare to bust the mob when the shipment arrives. Brian insists that they must be prepared to kill if Jason is involved. Also on the docks, a distraught Sonny encounters an equally devastated Sam. They seek comfort from each other. Sonny tells her he was wrong about Carly. He tells her that he caught Carly with Lorenzo. He tells her he no longer considers himself a happily married man. Sam and Sonny Kiss.   He doesn't want anything romantic, and neither does she.

At Kellyís, Dylan tries to find out what the truth is regarding Georgieís mysterious boyfriend. Sage urges Dylan to let it go: She tells him this boyfriend is real. Georgie tells Dylan and Sage that Tom is at a track meet in Canada. She says he was snowed in but will be back for Valentineís Day. Georgie and Maxie discuss the situation: how to find Tom and be able to present him to the disbelieving Dylan. Georgie tries to get Lucky to help her track down Tom, but Lucky refuses.

At Wyndemere, Sam encounters Helena in the tunnels. Helena offers Sam a portion of the treasure if she will just work for her. Sam lets her know that she saw Helenaís assistant being stabbed. Helena insists this will merely remind her of the cost of disloyalty. Helena gives Sam one item from the treasure as a retainer and Sam accepts. Jax arrives as they come to an agreement. Helena and Sam exchange further insults;  Jax tries to warn Sam after Helena leaves that she is getting mixed up with a dangerous woman. Sam tells Jax to stop trying to save her. She insists that she only came to Wyndemere to see Nikolas and Emily, to find out about her fatherís last days. Jax isnít buying any of it; he knows that she and Helena are working together. Jax tells her that he canít live with her lies and her stealing. He lets her know he wonít rescue her anymore. Sam leaves, very upset at losing Jax. Jax next interrupts Emily and Nikolasís romantic dinner to let them know that Helena is also after the treasure. Nikolas advises Emily to beware of Helena as she will try to come between them. Emily assures Nik that this wonít happen and that she wonít let Helena get to her. Helena then arrives and lets Nikolas know that she is not pleased with his engagement. He tells Helena that he knows she stole the Blackthorn treasure. Helena tells her grandson that she did indeed steal it for him.

The police have a shootout on the docks with Faith's men and with Sonny's men, including Jason.  Brian ends up behind Jason, but before he can do anything, he is shot and falls.  We see Courtney behind him with the smoking gun.  Meanwhile, Sonny and Sam have sex.


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