GH Update Friday 1/23/04

General Hospital Update Friday 1/23/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Helena and Sam square off against each other. Helena admits that she has the treasure. Helena decides maybe Sam could be of use to her and proposes a business arrangement.

Sam agrees but Jax walks in on them. Helena warns Jax to keep Sam out her way (trying to throw him off). She tells him she came to see Nikolas and Emily because they were the last to see her father alive. He tells her to cut the BS. He knows that they struck a deal. Sam lies and says that no such thing happened.

Nikolas and Emily go to Kellys to celebrate the charges against him being dropped. When they get home, they find Jax waiting for them. He tells them Sam is looking for the treasure and that she is in league with Helena. When he leaves, Nikolas warns Emily about Helena’s devious ways. She enters and tells Nikolas she stole the treasure for him

Brian and Capelli meet on the docks and discuss how they are going to ambush Jason and Faith as a shipment of Sonny’s comes in. Capelli warns Brian that he better be prepared to kill Jason because she won’t “go down quietly”. Brian goes back to Kellys to wait until the appointed time. As Brian leaves Kellys for the stakeout, Courtney eavesdrops on his conversation with Ric over the phone and hears their plans for Faith, Sonny and Jason. She follows Brian and sees the meeting up of the police, Faith’s men, and Sonny’s men. Lucky gets shot down. Courtney, seeing that Brian was about to kill Jason, shoots Brian in the back.

Faith orders Zander to eliminate Jason. She decides to stay at Ferncliff so that she will have an alibi when Jason is killed. Alcazar goes to see her at Ferncliff.

Sonny says goodbye to Carly. He goes back to the penthouse and talks business with Jason. He starts screaming in frustration for someone to quiet the baby down when it begins to cry. Jason goes up to calm the baby down. Sonny tells Jason he is through with Carly. Jason tells him he cannot do that because Carly she is the mother of his children. He says he cannot have anything to do with her again. Sonny goes for a walk on the docks where he takes off his wedding band and throws it away. Sam bumps into him. He tells her his marriage is over. She offers to help him clean up a cut he has on his hands. He says that is not what he needs. Sam understands where he is going, and is willing to go THERE with him. They begin to kiss.

Alcazar tries to comfort Carly. He asks her why she didn’t run after Sonny. She said that she is just giving Sonny time to cool down. Alcazar tells her that her marriage is over since Sonny saw her kissing someone else. She insists that Sonny and she will find their way back to each other. He says that he hopes he is wrong, but again pledges his undying love to Carly. Courtney shows up and expresses her disappointment at finding Carly with him. Carly tells Courtney she forgave Sonny when he kissed Brenda so Sonny will forgive her for kissing Alcazar.


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