GH Update Thursday 1/22/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/22/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

At Azure Key, Sam overhears Helena talking to her henchman in the cave about the treasure. Jax and Sonny wait for her on Sonny’s plane. Sonny decides to stop waiting and take off without her. She shows up just then. Jax asks her if she kept looking for the treasure and she says no. He is doubtful this is true and looks for signs of jewelry. He finds an interesting pendant on her necklace and asks her where she got it if she was not still looking for treasure. She says she saved it from the things she got from “The Courage” in Port Charles. The plane takes off.

Nikolas and Emily share a romantic evening together. They then continue reading the journal when Alexis comes in. They accompany her to GH to go visit Jax. They ask Jax if Sam found any treasure at Azure Key. He says no due to a mysterious assailant. He also informs them that the treasure from “The Courage” was also taken. He says the only thing Sam has is a pendant from the stuff she found on “The Courage”. Nikolas shows Jax a tattoo on his arm and asks if the pendant looked like that. Jax says yes. Nikolas and Emily tell him that the journal mentions the pendant and says that Blackthorne left that on Azure Key. She must have found something on Azure Key. Jax figures Sam has lied to him again.

Sam breaks into the study at Wyndemere and begins going through the journal. Helena sweeps into the room and states the obvious—Sam doesn’t belong there. Helena unsheathes a dagger and lets Sam know she does not appreciate trespassers.

Zander confronts Liz in front of Kellys. She tells him she knows he is setting up Nikolas, but says her main concern is for the safety of her baby. Zander then goes to the police station to confront Ric once again about his handling of the Nikolas frame-up. Ric turns the tables on Zander and shows him that there is a case against Zander himself for the Cody McCall murder. Zander is shocked but convinced that Ric does indeed have a case against him. Ric goes for the jugular telling him that with his involvement with Sonny and Faith and his criminal record plus his well-known resentment against Nikolas he will have no problem getting him convicted for the Cody McCall murder. He urges Zander to sign the papers relinquishing his rights as Liz’s baby’s father. At this point, there is a knock at the door and Ric steps out. Mac informs Ric that Ben’s body has been found on Azure Key and there are two witnesses who heard Ben confess to killing Cody. The case is closed. Ric goes back in to Zander and keeps pushing him to sign saying time is running out and he will press charges against him soon if he does not sign. Zander signs the papers and Ric has them rushed over to the courts to be finalized. He keeps Zander there for a few hours until this is done. Liz comes back with the news that the papers are finalized and thanks Zander. Then, Ric tells Zander what Mac told him hours before. Zander realizes he has been played. He does not explode in rage as expected. He only tells Liz that he hopes she knows what she is getting into and leaves.

Sage and Dillon arrive at Kelly’s and Georgie and Maxie are already there. Dillon suspects something is up with Georgie’s supposed new boyfriend, “Tom”. Maxie tells Georgie she should just tell Dillon the truth but Georgie is not for it. Dillon comes over and tries to put Georgie on the spot telling her he needs to know what her and Tom’s “song” will be for the formal. She has no answer but stammers that she will get back to him tomorrow. She rushes to Mac at the precinct and asks him to use his police database to find a young dark-haired guy her age. Mac refuses and tells her she should tell Dillon the truth and that Dillon will understand if he is the great guy that she says he is. Georgie is crushed. Defeated, she resigns herself to telling Dillon the truth. She and Maxie go to Kellys. Georgie tells Dillon she has to talk to him. During all of this, Dillon has figured out Georgie’s scheme and has verbalized his thoughts to Sage. He goes and talks to Georgie and Sage interrupts them. Dillon and Sage begin to bicker and Georgie spies a cute dark-haired guy right outside Kellys.

Jason tells Courtney that Carly is with Alcazar. Courtney is flabbergasted and thinks that Carly is still affected by gunshot trauma. Jason is unsympathetic and thinks it is still same old self-destructive Carly. Courtney cannot believe that Jason is going to tell Sonny about this. Jason says he will tell Sonny. Jason leaves. The phone rings and Michael picks up. He tells Sonny that Carly has not been home. At this point, Carly rushes in and takes the phone from Michael. She tells Sonny to come straight home as she must speak to him as soon as possible. The phone encounters a lot of static and she has to hang up. She calls Alcazar and arranges to meet him at his lake house. Courtney overhears and asks Carly if she is okay. Carly explains that she realizes Alcazar does really care for her and she is grateful to him. She also realizes that she will not be able to speak with him ever again once Sonny gets home. She must speak to him now and tell him thank you and a final good-bye. She leaves for the lake-house and Jason shows up. Courtney tells him where Carly has gone. Sonny shows up at the penthouse soon after. Jason tells him that Carly has gone to see Alcazar. Sonny abruptly leaves. Carly arrives at the lake house and gives Alcazar a speech thanking him and saying she hopes he finds someone to love and that she cannot ever see him again. Alcazar seems to accept this but says he needs to say goodbye in his own way. He gently takes her hand and begins to kiss her; she kisses him back. Sonny walks in.


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