GH Update Wednesday 1/21/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/21/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth meets with Nikolas to ask him if Ric is helping Zander set him up. Nikolas doesn't really know and has no proof, he says. She thinks that Zander is blackmailing Ric somehow so that he can get back with Emily. Nikolas promises to keep his eye out for any info. He doesn't think Ric would risk his relationship to Liz by lying to her again. She thinks he would give in to Zander in order to protect her and the baby. She regrets she got involved with Zander. Nikolas advises her to just go home and keep her baby safe and away from Zander. He suggests that she do whatever it takes because Zander is too destructive to be around a child.

Lucky asks Brian about info about the cody mccall murder case; Ric comes up and reminds Lucky that he is off the case. Lucky and Ric argue about Nikolas being guilty or not, and about how Ric is handling it. Ric threatens to have Lucky's badge if he doesn't knock it off. After Lucky stalks off, Brian tells Ric that he wants to bring down Jason and Sonny, but he doesn't want to frame an innocent man. Ric assures him that he's not framing Nikolas. Brian is mollified by Ric's explanations. He tells Ric that all is in place for Friday's ambush of Faith's and Sonny's men. Ric reminds him that when Jason and Sonny go to jail, Courtney won't have anything to do with him any more. Brian thinks she'll come around eventually.

Ric sees Elizabeth with Nikolas and questions her. He admits that he did make a deal with Zander to frame Nikolas in exchange for getting parental rights to the baby. She chews him out as he explains why he did it. He says, however, that he doesn't plan to go through with the frame up. Nikolas will not go to jail.

Jason tells one of the other mobsters, on the phone, to stop looking for Carly. Courtney is distress so he tells her that he doesn't think Carly wants to be found. They discuss what might be keeping Carly so long now that she's out of Ferncliff. Jason thinks she's grateful to Alcazar and has turned to him. Courtney doesn't buy it. She reminds him that she's been trying to stay away from him and even had her herself committed so she could get him out of her head. The conversation turns to Brian. Courtney says she was trying to get on with her life but she doesn't have feelings for Jason. She still only wants and loves Jason. He feels the same way. She wonders if she made the right decision, staying away from him just because of a principle. He suggests she stop then. She reminds him that they still have the same problems. She says that when he was drugged and kissing her, she wanted them to be together again, just simple like that with no questions or apologies. He says maybe they can. He gets a phone call and has to leave. He kisses her as he says he'll be back soon. Michael comes out, happy to see them making up.

Lorenzo stops Carly from leaving because she is still weak. He assures her that she's safe. She doesn't remember anything or why she's there, so he fills her in. She has visions of being naked with him so she gets upset, thinking they had sex. He tells her that it didn't happen; they were in bed briefly but she asked him to stop, so he did. He says he loves her enough to let her go. She is surprised that he is willing to let her go. He just wants to know if she loved him at all. Carly admits she cares about him and has feelings that she has been fighting, but she's torn because she loves her husband. He asks her again to stay with him, but she says she wants to go home to her children and her husband. He insists on taking her home. They are headed out when Jason bursts in with his gun drawn. Carly yells at him "No!" to stop him from shooting.

Georgie is upset when she sees the poster at school for her and "Tom" as king and queen of the winter formal. Maxie suggests that she tell everyone the truth, but Georgie doesn't want to be the laughing stock of the school. Dillon comes up so she asks how that happened. He explains it was Sage's idea but he thought she might like it. She says she's not popular but he says that she'll make a beautiful queen. Dillon wishes her happiness with Tom, if he's treating her right. Sage comes up so Georgie has to act happy about being chosen. Sage and her friend ask Dillon if he has seen Tom; he says he's seen a picture of him. Sage asks Georgie for a copy of the picture, to put on the poster, but Georgie claims she doesn't have one and then runs off to class. Sage then notices that Georgie's locker is open, so she takes the picture of Tom.

Meanwhile, Maxie suggests to Georgie that they try to get a model who looks like "Tom" to play him at the dance. Georgie doesn't want to be that pathetic, but she doesn't really have any choice aside from admitting the truth to everyone. Later, Maxie tells Georgie that she talked to some modeling agencies. She thinks they can pay for it with a credit card that their mom left them. Georgie runs into Dillon (literally). He tells her that he's glad she found someone she likes. Sage tells Georgie that she'd better hold on to Tom if he's as hot as he looks.

In Ferncliff, Faith gets hold of a guard by the hair and tells him that she doesn't belong there and that she has power and influence. She will reward those who help her and eliminate those who get in her way. He asks what she wants so she contemplates the idea. Later, we see Justus visit her. She tells him that Jason set her up and that's why she's in there. Justus reminds her that she held a gun to his head recently. She thinks he should help her, but he tells her that he's the one helping Jason keep her in there. She pleads with him to double-cross Jason, but he doesn't want to antagonize him. He says that she deserves to be there. She reminds him that if they all got what they deserved, he wouldn't be where he is now. They hint at their past together. She says he thinks she can't get to him anymore, but that's not true. Then she grabs him and kisses him.

Jason tells Nikolas that he got the info about Ben Rogers that he wanted. He followed Sam Mccall to the airport, but Sam got on Sonny's plane. The plane landed on an island called Azure key. Nikolas thinks Sonny should be warned about Ben following them, but Jason says the island's been hit by a hurricane, so communication is down. Lucky comes up and wants to know what's up, but Jason ignores him and leaves, telling Nikolas he'll be in touch. Nikolas fills Lucky in on what Jason told him. Lucky wants to use the information to nail Ric. Nikolas says no because Ric is just being blackmailed by Zander. Lucky is not too interested in being sympathetic to Ric. Nikolas asks Lucky to give him some time so he can expose Zander. The groundskeeper from Wyndemere phones to tell Nikolas that a man just snuck onto the grounds. Nikolas says he'll take care of it.

Audrey talks to Elizabeth about her sonogram but she can tell that she's upset about something. Elizabeth talks about Ric; she is worried that he is lying to her again. Audrey says that he seems devoted to her and to the baby. Elizabeth wishes his choices fit in more with her vision of them as a perfect little family. Audrey laughs and says there's no such thing. She asks Liz if she loves him, and when Liz replies yes, Audrey says that she should have faith in him.

Elizabeth goes back to Ric; they make up. He tells her that he's got a deal in place with Alexis to make sure Nikolas doesn't go to jail. He didn't want her involved, so that's why he didn't tell her.

Courtney and Michael joke around outside Kelly's as they go to get some hot chocolate. Brian comes up and greets them. Michael tells him that his Aunt Courtney is happy because she's getting back together with his Uncle Jason.

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