GH Update Tuesday 1/20/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/20/04

By Steph
Pictures by Juanita

Georgie runs up to Maxie and tell her that Tom gave her a promise ring. She is giddy telling Maxie how Tom asked to meet her in the park and told her how he wants them to be together and not date anyone else. Dillon is standing in the background listening to the whole thing. He leaves. The girls laugh as they know that he heard. Maxie wants to see the ring and gets upset that Georgie is using their Grandma’s ring. She tell her to be careful or her “fake” boyfriend will cost her Dillon for good.

Lorenzo brings Carly to the safe house. She starts to caress his cheeks and tells him that she loves him. He has pure joy on his face thinking Carly has finally chosen him. She starts to say that “she” told me to love you. That loving him was her only chance of getting out of Shadybrook. Lorenzo realizes that Faith planted these thoughts in her head. He call a doctor friend to find out how to care for her and help get the drugs out of her system. He makes her take a very hot bath and drink a lot of water. He is very gentle and caring with her. He tells her that he will take care of her until she is herself again and can make her own decisions. He brings her back to bed and Carly starts kissing him again. She stops and starts screaming at him again. He stays away from her. She calms down and thanks him for helping her. He says ” Ok. Now it's my turn. I owe you my profoundest apologies. I really do love you, Carly, and I have been so drawn to you because you're like no one I've ever seen or known. You're so strong, so resourceful, so full of light. I just want to be bathed in that light. And I thought I could give you the life you deserve. And I was arrogant enough to believe that my love would justify anything I had to do to get to you. And I now see how wrong that was. Instead of making you happier, I've shattered your life. I never wanted to see you so broken, torn. That's exactly what I've done to you, and I am so sorry.

He sits in a chair and watches her sleep. He calls the penthouse and Jason answers. Lorenzo thinks for a second then hangs up. He says to himself, “Tomorrow I will let you go, tonight I will sit and love and protect you.”

Sam and Sonny make it back to the shack. He tells Sam that he is sick of running after her. Sam apologizes and tells him that she and Jax would be dead without him. Sonny tells her that it would be a waste to go after the treasure because she can die doing it and so can he. Sonny asks if she is greedy or just single minded. She retaliates with accusing him of being greedy in his business and single minded when it comes to Alcazar. He agrees she may have a point but points out that his businesses make money for others as well as himself and with Alcazar he was fighting for his family. Sam says he would never understand where she was coming from. Jax stumbles in with a gunshot wound. He tells Sam that he wants her to do get it out. Sam can’t bring herself to do it and begs Sonny to help Jax. With a great deal of reluctance he agrees and later tells her that he only did it for her.

Jason & Courtney are at Shadybrook and find Faith in a straight jacket. She tells them that Alcazar put her in it and took off with Carly. Orderlies walk in and prepare Faith for her transfer to FernCliff. Jason and Courtney act like they are saying goodbye to their delusional Aunt.

Back at the penthouse Cameron, Courtney and Jason discuss the effects of the drugs. Jason admits he doesn’t remember anything about the time he was drugged. This upsets Courtney and she says that Carly could sleep with Alcazar and not even know it.

Jason calls Justus and orders him to make sure Faith stays in Ferncliff for a long time.

Courtney tells Jason what happened when they were at the loft, the things he said to her. Jason admits that she IS his world and he still loves her.

Dillon goes to Kelly’s; Sage is waiting for him. She is with the Winter Formal committee. Sage tells the group that she got a ballroom at the Port Charles Hotel with the help of Dillon’s mom. The snooty girl nominates Dillon and Sage for king and queen as a show of thanks. Dillon blatantly objects so Sage comes up with the idea of Georgie and Tom. Snooty girl goes off on how there is no way that Georgie will be nominated and what a loser she is. She says she has no class and no sense of style. Dillon stands up for her and says that Georgie has more class in her sleep than this girl will ever have in her life. Maxie and Georgie walk in and Sage runs up to them to give them the news.


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