GH Update Monday 1/19/04

General Hospital Update Monday 1/19/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

The pirate that Jax was following makes an appearance at the shack Sam has been staying at the last couple of days. He stabs the bed a couple of times and then lifts the sheets to find no one there. Helena is with him and says that she will be back soon.

Jax lies on a bunch of bones, coconscious. Sam comes down a latter and finds him. She kneels down beside him and he lifts a knife on her, thinking that she is one of the people that out him there.

Jax sees Sam and puts the weapon down. He tells her how Sonny thought that she found the treasure and went after it. Sam tells him that she found the treasure but then got hit in the head, and she’s got the bump to prove it if he doesn’t believe her. Jax tells her that he does and then says how he thinks that Sonny stole the treasure. Sam doesn’t believe it, they start arguing about Sonny, since they both have different opinions on him. Sam walks away, tells Jax that she didn’t come to fight with him.

Sam goes to the shack and finds a note there. She reads it and shortly after, Jax comes in. She shows him the note, which is supposedly written by Sonny, saying that he has left with the treasure. She shows Jax, who believes it because of his dislike for Sonny, Sam however, thinks that it is a set-up to throw her off track.

Jax admits that he’s jealous of Sonny and his hold over Sam. She tells him that there is nothing going on between her and Sonny. He then tells Sam that he can’t stop thinking about her and that he can’t forget about her, even if he wants to. He tells her how he always thinks about saving her, even though she’s fearless and can look after herself. Sam admits that she’s not fearless and afraid of what she feels for Jax.

Sam is sleeping and wakes up to find that Jax is not there. She gets out of bed and walks off. She goes back to the cave, where she hears Helena and the other man talking. Someone comes up behind Sam, grabs her and covers her mouth.

Jason continues to kiss Courtney, he tells her how much he loves her and that she’s his life. Courtney tries to make him back off, knowing that he’s not thinking clearly because of the drugs. She tries to make Jason see this, and he remembers eventually. Courtney tells him about Carly and Jason tries to leave and go get her. Courtney stops him.

Faith tells Carly that she is in love with Alcazar and that she needs to be with him. Carly fights off Faith, tells her that she wants to be with Sonny with a big smile on her face. Faith gets all pissed off and tries to tell Carly about Alcazar, which makes Carly experience more flashes. She finally realizes that Faith is not her friend and that being with Alcazar is big. Faith gets Carly mad, and Carly attacks her. Putting her hands around Faith’s neck.

Elizabeth shows up at the police station, Ric sees her and realizes that he’s forgotten about their date. He apologizes but Elizabeth insists that it’s okay. Nicolas and Zander fall out of the interrogation room, on top of each other. Ric has them separated. Zander tries to tell Ric that Nicolas attacked him and he wants to press charges. Ric tells Zander that he’s going to out him under arrest and asks Nicolas if he would like to file charges. Nicolas doesn’t argue, of course.

Alcazar hears about Carly and how she is at a mental hospital. He looks around for an escape plan. Alcazar narrows in on the heating vent and sees his way of escape. He calls a guard and tells him that he is freezing. The guard shuts the door and sees what he can do about it.

Alcazar stands by the heat and gets ready to put on a good show. He calls in the guard again, looking pale and exhausted. The guard assumes that something is actually wrong and comes inside the room. Alcazar knocks him out and walks away with his stuff.

Faith yells for help and a bunch of doctors come in and pull Carly off of Faith. She walks out of the room in a bad mood. Cameron comes in and glances Faith walking off.

Ric talks to Zander alone. Zander tries to blackmail Ric, talking about the baby and what will happen if Nicolas is not put in jail. Ric tells Zander that he needs to look at the big picture and to stop making it look like it really is. Ric warns that if he goes down, so does Zander. He also threatens to let Nicolas out on bail, which he knows is something Zander doesn’t want.

Faith tells Patricia that she thinks that Carly should be transferred to Ferncliff. She argues with Faith, saying that Cameron won’t allow it. Faith tells her good friend the doctor to transfer Carly under another name, and adds that’s why she’s paying the big bucks.

Carly gets some more meds pumped into her system. Carly tries to fight it but can’t. She steals the keys from the doctor’s pocket while he is drugging her. She holds the keys in her hand after he’s left.

Alexis talks to Nikolas, who informs her that Ric is letting him out on bail now. Alexis suspects that something is up. She makes it known that she thinks Ric is up to something.

Alexis heads over to a jail cell and talks to Zander. She offers to help him out and asks him again to stop chasing after Emily and hurting everybody. She tells him that he doesn’t have a chance with her, especially since he’s hurting the person she loves most. Zander tells Alexis that she has to back off, because she would choose Nicolas over Zander if she had to. Alexis tells him that he lost his last chance to make things right.

Cameron calls Courtney, who informs him that she found Jason and he is safe. Cameron asks to speak with him. Jason is a little drowsy and out of it but is able to talk to Cameron anyways. Cameron gives Jason an explanation to Carly’s odd behavior, Faith is there.

Jason hangs up the phone and tries to rush out the door to save Carly. Courtney convinces Jason that he is in no condition to go by himself and that she should come with him. Jason agrees.

Carly can’t walk, but drags herself to the door. She doesn’t get far out of her room though, when she runs into Faith.

Elizabeth tries to talk to Zander about Emily. She tells him that he should take a lesson from Ric and move on, away from his vendetta against Nicolas. Zander doesn’t take Elizabeth’s advice very seriously.

Alexis tells Ric exactly what he is doing, and tells him how she’s going to make it play out in court. Ric tries to tell Alexis that she is just speculating but they both know that they are right. Alexis gives Ric another alternative, to throw the case at the last minute, when Zander has signed the papers and to set up something legally so that Zander can’t come near him. Ric agrees but on one condition, that Elizabeth knows nothing of all this. Alexis agrees, wanted to get the innocent Nikolas out of jail.

Carly is escorted back to her hospital bed, where she is given more drugs and put in a straight jacket. Faith stands over Carly and talks to her. Alcazar comes up behind Faith, sticks a needle in her, and asks Carly’s permission for him to help get her out of there.

Nikolas tries to tell Elizabeth what he suspects Ric of doing, but when he sees how much she believes in her husband, he backs off. He tells Elizabeth that he got Emily to go away for a couple of days because of Zander. Elizabeth nods her head, forgets about Nikolas’s strange behavior and walks away.

Jason and Courtney walk into Carly’s room, only to find Faith in Carly’s bed, wrapped in a straight jacket with a cloth tried around her mouth.

Carly and Alcazar are standing outside the window watching for a couple of seconds before Alcazar carries her away.

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