GH Update Friday 1/16/04

General Hospital Update Friday 1/16/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Jax and Sonny continue to fight in the cave. Jax believes they should search for Sam. Sonny thinks they should leave her alone to fend for herself. Sonny leaves and Jax looks for Sam. He sees a shadow and begins chasing it. Sonny goes back to the shack and finds Sam there. She said someone hit her over the head in the cave. When she came to, the treasure was gone. For Jax, the shadow turns out to be a man dressed as a pirate. Jax corners him but then “pirate boy” pulls a lever and Jax falls through a trap door. When Sonny tells Sam that Jax is back at the cave looking for her, Sam begins to go after Jax. Sonny advises against this. Meanwhile, Jax is unconscious amidst a field of skeletons that the trap door led to.

Courtney yells at Brian. Brian continues to deny using her to spy on Sonny and Jason for Ric. Courtney isn’t buying it and throws him out of the penthouse.

Carly stabs Jason in a drug-induced haze but quickly realizes what she has done. Devastated at what she has done to her best friend, she starts to freak out. Dr. Grimes, who first injected her with the drug, tells Cameron that Carly should be in Ferncliff, the sanitarium. Overhearing this, Carly begins to unravel even more. Cameron reprimands Dr. Grimes and requests to see Carly alone. Carly still hallucinating and still hearing in her mind the awful things Faith told her previously, tells Cameron to go away. Cameron then goes to Courtney at the penthouse and tells her that Carly is worse than he first though. He also tells her that Carly stabbed Jason with the drug. Courtney is, of course, alarmed. Cameron then gets a call informing him that Jason has managed to escape and has not received the antidote. He tells Courtney this and advises her that Jason will operate on instinct and go somewhere he feels safe and secure. Courtney heads to her apartment. Jason shows up before she gets there and forcibly opens the door. When she gets there, they begin to kiss passionately in the bedroom. Jason really turns up the heat!!

Faith, in a lab coat, goes to Jason’s room. The nurse and orderlies are there and are just about to administer the antidote as Cameron had ordered. Faith announces that she is a doctor who has done research on the drug he was stabbed with and there is no need for the antidote. The nurse protests at first, but gives in. She and orderlies leave. He is still out of it because of the drug in the needle Carly stabbed him with. Faith tells him she is now in control and says she is going to accuse him of raping her. She reaches for the belt of his pants as if to take them off. He comes out of his haze enough to push her off and run out of the room. Faith and Dr. Grimes go back to Carly’s room. Grimes injects her again and Faith starts with the hypnotic suggestion again saying that Sonny has gone away and he does not lover her anymore.

Alcazar asks Max if Jason went and checked on Sage as he had asked. Max brushes him off.

Shaken up, Emily goes to the jailhouse and tells Nikolas that Zander came to see her at Wyndemere and practically attacked her. Nikolas tells Emily he will kill Zander if he goes near her again. Ric goes to see Nikolas and tries to get him to plea self-defense but Nikolas says no way. Later Zander goes to Nikolas. Nikolas tells him that even if he went to jail, Emily would never love Zander again since she has seen what a cold person he has become.

Zander shows up at the station and confronts Ric about Nikolas’ case. Ric tells him to back off.

Dillon goes to see Georgie at GH. She tells him she saw him kissing Sage. He tries to convince her that he still loves her. He asks her to be sympathetic to Sage since her father was murdered and her uncle is missing. Georgie wants none of this. She demands that he admit he cares for Sage. He admits he does, but it really comes off as if he is just feeling sorry for Sage. Georgie leaves him standing there and Sage shows up. He tells Sage what has just transpired and how frustrated he is about his relationship. She says “at least you’ll always have Paris”. This is the line from Casablanca which means basically that maybe he and Georgie were only meant to be together for a short time. He is surprised by her film knowledge and they walk away together. Sage has managed to divert his attention. Georgie has overheard this whole conversation.

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