GH Update Thursday 1/15/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/15/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Emily tells Nikolas she told him she suspects Zander of killing Cody.

Workers at the mental health facility give Carly an injection despite her objections. After she passes out from this, Faith goes to see her and tries some sort of hypnosis. Telling her she loves Lorenzo. Apparently, this is some sort of serum that makes the person injected with it, more susceptible to hypnotic suggestion.

Jason and Courtney argue about Carly committing herself. Jason goes to look for Carly. When he arrives at the psychiatric hospital, the employees tell him that Carly requested no visitors. Still, he goes to look for her. When he finds her, she looks at him and says, “Lorenzo, thank God you found me”. He physically tries to take Carly out of the facility. Cameron tries to stop him from leaving saying that Carly’s wishes were to be at the facility. Carly begins to hallucinate that Lorenzo is there and Cameron begins to think she belongs at the facility after all. Jason goes into her room and tells Carly that he is going to get her out of there. However, all she can think about, all she can hear is Lorenzo’s voice because of her drug-induced hallucinations. When the nurse comes with another injection, she grabs the needle and stabs Jason with it, intending to hurt him since she thinks he is her enemy—trying to keep her from Lorenzo.

Zander goes to Wyndemere and bumps into Alexis. She tells him he must let go of Emily. She tells him Emily thinks he killed Cody. She tells him she has put two and two together and knows he is using Ric to frame Nikolas. Later, as Emily is on the couch reading more of Blackthorne’s journal, Zander shows up and tries to convince Emily that she still loves him and that Nikolas took advantage of her illness. They begin to struggle physically and Emily considers shooting him.

At GH, Dillon goes to see Georgie but bumps into Maxie instead. Maxie won’t tell him where Georgie is. They accuse each other of hurting Georgie’s feelings. She tells him Georgie’s new guy “Tom” is much better for her. After he leaves, Maxie goes to Georgie and Georgie says she saw Dillon kissing Sage on the elevator. She says she understands that he thinks she is with someone else and that is why he was kissing Sage. Georgie says she must make Dillon so jealous that he does something drastic to get her back.

Courtney goes to jail to get Michael out of custody for throwing snowballs. Ric tells Courtney that he is taking Michael to social services. Brian shows up and plays “good cop” telling Ric that Michael is not going anywhere. Ric “relents”. Brian escorts Courtney and Michael back to the penthouse. Michael thanks Brian for saving him from “the bad man who kidnapped” his mother. Courtney takes Michael to his room and Brian begins going through some papers that are on the desk. He hides and eavesdrops when Max and another of Sonny’s men enter the penthouse and talk about a shipment that is coming in. Courtney comes back as Brian calls Ric. He makes a big show of yelling at Ric over the phone about bothering Sonny and his family. Courtney spies the papers that he had been ruffling through and catches on to the game. She tells Brian that he is literally too good to be true.

Sam gets caught when the cave starts falling down. Sonny and Jax lose sight of her. Sonny and Jax bicker about saving Sam until the cave starts to come down around them as well.


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