GH Update Wednesday 1/14/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/14/04

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Sam is trying to move a bunch of rocks. Jax looks at her and tells her that the treasure is the other way. Sam tells him that she’s decided to live and asks him to help her. Jax and Sam pull at the rocks and Sam worries about what will happen if they die. Jax tries to reassure her that they’ll get out and come back for the treasure. Sam cuts her hand and Jax helps her fix it up.

The oxygen is running out and they both face the reality that they might die. Sam hopes that Sonny will come and get them, not missing the opportunity to have Jax owe him. Jax isn’t sure about this. They talk about what they would have done differently. Jax tells Sam that he would have been nicer to her. Sam is touched and the two start to kiss. They hear something on the other side and a stick of dynamite comes through a small hole. Jax yells at Sam to get back.

Sage runs into Jason on the docks. She tells him about how she got a call from her uncle and how he is away on business. She apologizes to Jason for accusing him of doing something to her uncle. He nods his head and acts as if he knows nothing.

Zander tells Ric that he wants Nicolas charged with assault. Nicolas and Emily come into the hospital room along with Lucky. Rick is just about to charge Nicolas with assault (which would violate the bail) when Alexis comes in and questions Ric and his judgment.

Alexis asks for a moment alone with Zander. Ric suggests that he shouldn’t but Zander agrees to talk with Alexis privately. She tries to talk him out of pressing charges because he is better then this. When Zander doesn’t buy her motives, she tells him how charging Nicolas makes him look guilty of something.

Lucky and Ric argue about why there wasn’t and APV put out on Ben. Ric takes Lucky off of the case; using the excuse that Lucky is too close to the suspect.

Ric comes into the hospital room and asks Zander what he is going to do, although Alexis practically begs Zander not to press charges, he does. Ric handcuffs Nicolas and takes him out of the hospital. Emily tells Nicolas she will follow in a second.

Emily hounds Zander about charging Nicolas. She accuses him of knowing too much as suspects him. Emily accuses Zander of murdering Ben himself to frame Nicolas. Zander denies all of this.

Carly comes to her meeting with Cameron early. He comes in to talk with Carly. She tells him that he has to get her committed to a hospital for the insane. Cameron recommends against it but Carly insists that it is the only way to stay away from Alcazar. She tells him how she can’t betray her husband because it would destroy everything. Cameron doesn’t exactly understand and tries to talk Carly out of it, but she refuses to listen.

Dillon comes into the hospital with a head injury. Georgie is concerned and tries to help Dillon but Tracy comes in and pushes Georgie out of the way. She backs off because of Dillon’s mother. Georgie finds out that Dillon drove Ned’s car into a ditch. Georgie knows why and feels guilty.

Faith and Skye argue about the contract over the Haunted Star. Faith tries to kick Skye out but Justus comes in with a court order stating that Faith can’t do anything until Luke comes back or else she’ll lose the casino. Faith gets pissed off at Justus, who she is already at odds with. She tells him that she is a big girl now and he won’t win again. She then walks out.

Carly tells Courtney what she plans to do and that she is going to a mental hospital. Courtney tries to talk her friend out of it but Carly won’t listen. She tells Courtney how she almost slept with Alcazar and she can’t take that chance again. Courtney agrees to help her friend in any way possible.

Emily tells Jason about her suspicions towards Zander. She asks him to help her clear Nicolas. She wants him to get information on Ben Rogers and to ask around to see if anyone saw Zander around Windermere on that night. Faith comes up to Jason and questions him about her last destroyed shipment. Jason blows her off and Emily walks away.

Skye questions Justus about his past relationship with Faith. He doesn’t care to talk about it. Skye tells Justus what she knows but Justus won’t go into any more detail about it.

Faith visits Zander in his hospital bed. She tells him how she doesn’t like when her workers are in the hospital because it attracts attention and wastes time. She tells Zander how Emily and Jason were talking about him. Zander is suddenly interested in working with Faith again.

Sage shows up in the hospital, hearing about Dillon. She talks to Tracy about how he’s doing. Tracy treats Sage as she best friend. She tells Sage about how Georgie had something to do with it. Sage suggests that is Dillon really loves Georgie then maybe they should stay out of it, Tracy doesn’t think this is a good idea though.

Cameron talks to one of the hospital staff about how Carly has put herself in a hospital. Faith listens carefully and automatically thinks of this as the best way to get Sonny back in town.

Courtney, Carly, Michael and Morgan sit together and throw a ball back and forth. Carly explains to Michael how she is going away to a hospital because she is sick and needs to get better. Michael doesn’t understand at first and doesn’t want his mom to go, but he can see something is wrong and feels a little better when Carly tells him that Courtney will be staying with them and she will be home soon.

Courtney plays a game of Sorry with Michael. Jason comes in and Michael automatically tells him how Courtney has moved in and mommy has gone to a hospital to get better. Jason asks Michael to go upstairs and he talks to Courtney about it. She tells Jason how he scared her into a mental hospital when he was yelling at her the other day. Jason says how he has to get Carly out of there and leaves.

Carly is at the hospital with Cameron. He tells her that she can leave any time. Carly is convinced that is this the best way to get better. She meets a doctor, Patricia who seems nice enough but also has a strange attitude.

Faith sees the doctor Patricia and asks about a new patient, Carly.

Georgie sees Dillon alone and thinks of it as the prefect opportunity to talk to him. She tries to tell him how sometimes you think you see something that is not real, like in a movie, he is not following her and doesn’t want to talk to her. Georgie is about to come right out and say that there is no Tom but Sage comes in and interrupts them.

Dillon tries to find out what Georgie was trying to tell him but she doesn’t want to say it in front of Sage so she brushes it off as if it is nothing. Dillon and Sage walk away; Sage starts to kiss Dillon in the elevator. Georgie watches the two of them together and thinks she has blown it.

Carly unpacks her stuff and has another flash with Alcazar in it. She gets all freaked out and the doctor comes in. She tells Carly she knows just how to fix it. A nurse comes in with a needle. Carly starts to realize just what she has gotten herself into.


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