GH Update Tuesday 1/13/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/13/04

By Steph
Pictures by Juanita

Jax is laying on the ground calling out to an un conscience Sam. They are separated by a wall of fallen rocks. Sam awakes and calls to Jax. They are able to get through the rock to each other but Sam doesn't want to leave the treasure. She and Jax argue about leaving. Jax says that when they leave he will send miners back to recover the treasure. She yells that she doesn't need him to take care of her. He corners her up against the rock and says, "You have a choice, You can fight for this treasure and die, or you can fight for a life...for us."

Zander meets up with Ric on the docks and tells him that if he doesn't send Nikolas away for life, there is no way that he will sign over his rights to the baby.

Liz, Ric & Real Estate Agent wake into the old house. She lets him know that the paperwork is in order and she can start showing the house. Liz appears nervous as she looks towards the painting that is on the wall to the panic room. She walks over to the bookcase and is about to press the button to open the door. Ric walks up and says that he should have never let her come back to the house. She said that she needed to in order to put it past her. He said it was OK, he told her to open the door. She was about to push the button and his phone rang. She told him they should go and he said that it was important to her so they should stay. She decided that is was in the past and that they could never forget but there was no reason to relive it. They leave the house not knowing that Lorenzo is in the panic room.

Maxie & Georgie are at Ruby's acting silly & taking about "Tom" and how he & Georgie will have the house to themselves that night. Georgie is talking about being excited for her "first time" Of course, Dylan is sitting at a nearby table listening to the whole thing.

The girls go back to the house giddy about having made Dylan believe their farce. Maxie is setting up candles and giving Georgie hints on how to make the right "noises". Maxie notices Dylan outside the window and sinks to the floor. The shade is drawn so all Dylan can see are the silhouettes. Georgie stands in front of the window undresses, then goes to the bed. She is calling out "Tom's" name and yelling "YES, YES, YES". Dylan throws something then sulks off.

Back at the diner he sees Sage. He doesn't want to talk to her about what happened but she pressures him. He ends up telling her that he finally knows what he put Georgie through when she walked in on them in bed. He also says that he wished he'd never met her or her uncle.

Courtney sees Brian and tells him that there is no way that she will give him information on Jason's work. Brian tells her that his work is the reason she is so upset and she needs to talk about it. She said that he was a cop and that as long as she was in PC she will be in Jason's life and that makes them on opposite sides.

Nikolas and Emily are at Ruby's meeting with Mike about Ben. Mike says that if this is the same guy he is not one that you want to mess with. He gives Lucky a description along with a list of his aliases. As they were getting ready to leave he notices Zander looking through the window. He walks outside to confront him. He asks him who he was looking for. Zander replies, "Emily", he says, "you are going to be put in prison for a long time and Em will need someone to console her. I will be that person." Nikolas throws a punch as Lucky and Emily walk out. Zander tells Lucky to arrest Nikolas. Emily comes to Nikolas's defense saying that Zander provoked him.

Carly comes downstairs as Jason is getting off the phone. She asked who he was talking to and he told her it was Sonny until the call got dropped. She asked him what he was going to tell him. He says, "That you went to Lorenzo" They argue about her seeing Lorenzo again and that she lied about it. She tries to make Jason understand by bringing up his accident. She tells him that it is wrong of him to tell Sonny, especially since nothing happened. She compares it to the time that Robin told A.J. that Michael was his son, not Jason's. He yells to Carly that he loves her. He says, "I moved out of the way, I walked away from Michael so that you and Sonny could be together. I walked through HELL so that you could have the family you wanted. You aren't betraying Sonny, you are betraying ME, your kids and yourself." A crying Carly agrees. Jason brings up the rumpled bed and Lorenzo's unbuttoned shirt. Carly admits they almost had sex. Jason wanted to know who stopped it. She admits that it was Lorenzo.

Jason goes back to the panic room. He and Lorenzo argue about Carly. Lorenzo asks about his niece and Jason says that he and Sonny don't use women and children for revenge. He lets him call Sage. He tells her that he is in Singapore and not to worry about him.

Carly goes to the panic room only to find it empty. He sits on the bed crying, "What did I do, what did I do?" Jason walks in and says, "He isn't dead if that's why you are crying." She says, "I tried to stop myself Jas, I really did." and runs into his arms crying, "Please help me."

Ric meets up with Lucky who gives him the information on Ben. Ric takes him off the case explaining that he is too close and it could jeopardize it and hurt Nikolas in the long run. Ric then talks to Brian who tells him that Courtney is starting to open up to him. He gave him the information Lucky gave him and told him to bury it.

Zander and Nikolas have another confrontation on the docks. Zander throws the first punch and Nikolas punches back. Zander calls 911 telling them that Nikolas attacked him.

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