GH Update Monday 1/12/04

General Hospital Update Monday 1/12/04

By Steph
Pictures by Juanita

Sam is upset after hearing about her father’s death. Sonny tries to console her as Jax walks in. Sonny and Jax work together to get rid of Ben’s body. Jax tells Sam that Ben was the one to kill her father. Sam doesn’t want to go back to PC, she explains that her father died for this treasure and she has to find it. Jax finds Sam in a cave with the treasure. He tries to convince her to leave with him as she sets off a booby trap.

Faith holds Justus at gunpoint on the docks to try to get information out of him. Skye is looking around the corner on the stairs and yells to Faith that she will call 911 if she doesn’t let Justus go. Faith lets him know that hey are not through. Skye asks Justus what his connection to Faith was, and he tells her that he was her old boyfriend’s lawyer, he lost the case and the guy was murdered in prison. At the same time Faith is telling Zander about Justus, but says that he lost the case on purpose so he could Faith all to himself.

Jason arrives at the penthouse looking for Carly; Courtney tells him that she isn’t there. As Jason is heading out the door, Michael starts asking questions about him and Courtney. He said that it was hard to explain, but that they just couldn’t be together forever. After he leaves Courtney tries to explain and Michael gets upset that she says his job is hard. Michael tells her that his job is to protect his Daddy and the family and asks Courtney why she would want him to stop. She tells him that she doesn’t and it’s just very complicated.

Carly goes to meet Lorenzo and they begin kissing. They start to undress and are about to make love. Lorenzo stops her and explains that he will not take advantage of her brain injury. That is she loves him like he thinks she does he will come to her with an open heart. As she is leaving she notices Jason coming in. She hides and when Jason goes to the Panic room she slips out the front door. Only Jason sees her and notices Lorenzo’s unbuttoned shirt and thinks they had sex. He comes back to the penthouse and gives her a chance to tell the truth. She says she hasn’t been back to the room since she went there with a gun. She said she was at a session and then to the spa. She gets upset and goes upstairs. When she comes down to hear Jason on the phone with Sonny.

Nikolas throws Zander against the wall and accuses him of trying to set him up. Ric breaks it up, but refuses to press charges against Nikolas. An angry Zander warns him to make sure the murder charges against Nikolas stick. Liz walks in on the conversation but they cover it up. Brian later meets Ric, who pressures him to get the information out of Courtney, telling him that is the only reason he is in PC. Brian then runs into Courtney and asks her out. She tells him about her conversation with Michael and not meaning to talks about Jason’s business.

Tracey comes to Windamere to “call a truce” but Nikolas wants nothing of it and throws her out. He and Emily agree that if he is convicted they will leave the country.

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