GH Update Friday 1/9/04

General Hospital Update Friday 1/9/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

On the deck of the Haunted Star, Faith tries her hardest to convince Zander not to quit. When Emily appears and enters the casino, she sees the way Zander looks at Emily and warns him not to bother getting his heart broken again. At the casino, Emily approaches Jax and asks if he knows Ben. Jax said he does not know him, but has seen him. She says she believes he killed Cody. She asks him to find Sam before Ben does. She tells him that Sam is on Azure Key.

While waiting for the elevator at GH, Zander and Maxie start to talk about fathers. He asked her who she would pick for a dad, someone who has done bad things without many people knowing about it; or someone who’s checkered past is known to many. She says she would pick whoever wanted to change his life to be her dad. Zander seems to really be grateful for her advice. He thanks her for letting him vent. She wishes him luck.

At the police station, Emily tells Nikolas about Zander’s offer to make the charges disappear. Nikolas becomes furious and figures out this has something to do with Liz’s baby and Zander trying to keep in contact with Emily. He wants no part of this. Emily leaves as Alexis arrives. Nikolas tells her how he and Emily found Cody’s body. At the courthouse, Alexis argues with Ric about him not wanting to allow Nikolas any bail. She is vaguely suspicious of his motives. Ric says he is not going to give Nikolas any special treatment because of who he is. Alexis manages to convince the judge to grant bail for Nikolas. Zander is not happy with this and voices his displeasure to Ric in the shadows of the courthouse. Ric snaps at Zander that he must be more patient or he may again, not get what he wants. Later Nikolas spots Zander at the courthouse and tells him that he heard about his offer to help and he wants no part of it. He tells Zander to stay away from Emily or he will kill him.

Inside the casino, the Quartermaines confront Jax and accuse him of letting Sam rob them of “their” treasure. Jax denies that Sam is his girlfriend and denies knowing anything about her or the treasure’s whereabouts.

Carly, desperate, corners Cameron at GH. She tells him she has been having sexual fantasies about Alcazar. She asks if there is anything he can do to make her stop having them. He says only conventional therapy may help. She really wants a quick fix, but agrees to an appointment with Cameron for the next morning. Carly goes to the panic room. Alcazar is sleeping and she- again- loses her nerve and begins to leave. She stops when he says, “Don’t go”. She begins talking to him and admits she has feelings for him. She tells him about her sexual fantasies in which he stars. She explains that Cameron told her this is most likely due to her brain injury as opposed to any true feelings for him. Gently, he tells her she is in denial. He holds out his hand and she places her own in his. Softly he tugs and she moves in closer and closer until they are in a tight embrace. Finally, they kiss passionately.

In the shack on Azure Key, Sonny suggests to Sam that she is not chasing treasure as much as she is running away from something. Then, an announcement of an impending hurricane comes over the radio. Sam insists that she is still going after the treasure despite the hurricane warning. Sonny warns her of the danger and she begins to agree with him when his cell phone rings. By the time he ends the call, she has disappeared. When Sam returns to the shack, Sonny is not there, but Ben is. He points a gun at her and asks her for the map to the treasure. She says she does not have a map, he gets even uglier and attacks her. Sonny rushes in and holds a gun on Ben. Ben tries to escape, holding Sam hostage. Sonny shoots him dead. Jax then opens the door to the shack and sees Sam in Sonny’s arms with them standing over Ben’s lifeless body.

At the casino, Skye offers Justus a job protecting Luke’s interests from Faith while Luke is away. Faith approaches and it is apparent that he and Faith have a past.


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