GH Update Thursday 1/8/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/8/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Carly goes to Alcazar in the panic room where Jason has been keeping him hostage. She pulls a gun on him instead of helping him. She insists he cannot make her love him. He keeps telling her that he loves her. He tells Carly that if she kills him, Sage will have no one and that she, Carly, will destroy herself. With tears in her eyes, she asks if he will leave town if she helps him escape. He tells her he cannot leave her alone. He goes on to say that even if she kills him, she will not forget about him. She will still think about him and want him. Jason shows up and reprimands her. He asks her if she went there to kill Alcazar or to save him. Jason reminds her about Morgan and Michael and reminds her that they need her. Carly goes home and spends quality time with Michael.

Sage goes to Dillon, hysterically, telling him her uncle is missing. He says that maybe her uncle is just on a business trip but it is evident that he is tempted to go off looking for him. She gets mad and stomps off. Ned shows up and advises Dillon not to go looking for Alcazar.

Later, on the docks, as Courtney looks on from the shadows, Sage runs up to Jason and pleads with him not to hurt her uncle since he is the only person in the world who cares about her. He tells her he does not know where Alcazar is and escorts her home.

At GH, Georgie goes to Maxie and tells her she needs a guy who will make Dillon jealous. Maxie enthusiastically says they can do it right there at the hospital. As they are doing this, via Maxie’s laptop, Dillon shows up. He tells Georgie that she was right and that he was trying to live out some fantasy by considering helping Sage to find Alcazar. Georgie begins to warm up. Just then, Maxie runs up to her with a printout of a gorgeous guy and tells her that he just sent Georgie an email. She says that Georgie and this new guy “must have had some night”. Dillon becomes jealous and leaves. Georgie instantly regrets her and Maxie’s actions.

At the polices station, Ric tries to get Nikolas to admit to killing Cody. Lucky shows up with a piece of evidence that could be the murder weapon. Lucky goes to see Nikolas and asks him if he killed Cody. At that point, Alexis shows up and tells Nikolas not to say anything else. Emily goes to see Nikolas. She meets up with Ric who tells her she will have to wait until Nikolas is done with Alexis. Alexis tells him he is in a lot of trouble. He insists that Ben killed Cody. Alexis reminds him that no one has seen or knows Ben so no one will follow this lead. Tracy shows up gloating about Nikolas being in trouble. She accuses Emily of being in denial about Nikolas and his “lunatic” family. She says she does not know why Allen and Monica brought Emily into the Cassidine family. Emily is unaffected by these harsh words. Ric tries to console Emily after Tracy leaves, but she turns on him telling him she does not forgive him for what he did to Liz and that she does not know why Liz forgave him. Later, Lucky goes to Nikolas and tells him that his fingerprints are on the murder weapon and that he will have to book him. Zander shows up later and asks Ric how it is going. Ric tells him that Nikolas’ prints are on the murder weapon and that Zander should now sign the papers making Ric the legal father of Liz’ baby.

At the Haunted Star, Jason tells Courtney he loves her but he knows that there marriage is over. Brian happens upon them and accuses Jason of loving to make Courtney cry. After Jason leaves, Brian surreptitiously pumps Courtney for information about Jason.


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