GH Update Wednesday 1/7/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/7/04

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Ben is on the docks making plans to go to an island for a treasure hunt. He knows where Sam is and is heading to the island that she is on.

Sam is weak and is hallucinating. She sees Sonny as Jax and tells him how sorry she is and how she tried and couldn’t and how she has made mistakes. She tells him to find the map and keep it safe before drifting off. Sonny looks for the map on Sam’s orders and finds it tucked in her pants. Sonny goes to take it but Sam becomes wide-awake and accuses him of trying to steal her treasure.

Sonny tries to explain but Sam doesn’t know what to believe. She feels that she cannot trust Sonny. She asks him why he hasn’t gone yet and Sonny tells her that he’s hear to help her with a hard time, just like she did for him.

While she is alone, Sam burns the map. Sonny comes back and asks her what she is doing. Sam explains that she knows where the treasure is and now she is the only one. Sonny tells her that that was a stupid thing to do. The map was her insurance, if someone wanted the treasure they’d take the map, but now they will take Sam instead. Ben is listening close by.

Courtney comes over to Carly’s house and wonder’s why she is so upset. Carly doesn’t want Courtney involved at first, but she is desperate so tells Courtney what she suspects, that Jason took Alcazar and that when Sonny gets back they’re going to kill him.

Courtney offers to stay with Carly but when she says she has a date, Carly insists that she goes, even if it’s not with someone that Carly likes all that much. She wants Courtney to be happy.

Jason brings food into Alcazar’s room. Jason sits away from Alcazar and eats in front of him. Alcazar tells Jason that killing him won’t do anything, that he is in Carly’s head and that won’t change. Jason debates whether to kill Alcazar, wondering but not sure, if Carly would be happy or sad if Alcazar left. Thinking that Alcazar is right, Jason releases him, but tells Alcazar that he has to get through him first. Alcazar makes no effort to move.

Elizabeth goes to the haunted star to talk to Zander. She hands him some legal papers that will make her and Rick the legal parents of the child. Elizabeth wants Zander to sign off his rights to the child. He doesn’t know what the rush is and refuses to sign right away.

Nikolas comes back from questioning while Emily is sleeping on the couch. He explains that they had to release him on lack of evidence. Emily is glad to see her fiancé home. She continues reading the diary but doesn’t find anything in it.

Nikolas picks up the diary and studies it. He puts clues together and finds out that the place is called Blood Point. Nikolas goes on his computer and looks for the place on an older map. While he does this, he explains to Emily how he got that place. He finds the place on the map and him and Emily get ready to take a trip down to the island where they will find the treasure.

Courtney is ready for her date and all dressed up. Bryan looks at her from the window and Ric comes up behind him. He tells Bryan that Courtney is a beautiful, intelligent woman and with Jason out of the way, he will have a clean shot at her. Bryan nods his head and goes in to meet his date.

Sage runs into Ric outside of Kelly’s she tells him about her missing uncle. Ric thinks that she is blowing everything out of proportion and has nothing to worry about. He tells Sage that if Lorenzo doesn’t show up within 48 hours, then to file a missing person’s report.

Bryan takes Courtney to the Haunted Star to start off their date. They go to the roulette table and start to gamble. It is obvious that Courtney is not having a good time. She tries to explain what is bothering her without giving him any details about Jason and Sonny’s business. She is successful in doing so but is still unhappy, nonetheless. Bryan offers that they stop gambling and go out for dinner. Courtney agrees.

Dillon witnesses Sage talking to Ric and tells her that that’s not what her uncle would want. Sage doesn’t care. She is worried that something has happened to her uncle. Dillon thinks that everything is fine and that Alcazar will show up in a couple of days. Sage is not to sure but can’t make Dillon agree to help her.

Rick shows up at the haunted star and meets with Elizabeth. She tells him the bad news about Zander not signing the papers right away. He goes over to talk to Zander while Elizabeth goes to get some gambling chips.

Sage shows up at the penthouse yelling and screaming. Carly opens the door and sees Sage, she tells the guard to let the teen in. On her way in, Sage drops a gun. Max seems concerned to leave Sage alone with Carly but Carly assures him that she is in no danger.

Carly picks up the gun and tells Sage a story about when she carried around a gun and ended up shooting a guy in the head and going to prison. She then hands the gun back to Sage and she points it directly at Carly. Carly urges her to shoot but all Sage wants to know is where her uncle is. Carly tells Sage that she doesn’t know and she doesn’t care. Sage tells her that she should since it is her fault. Carly doesn’t agree since she wanted none of this. Carly takes the gun from Sage and tells her that guns are dangerous, even if they’re not loaded. Carly shows Sage what she took out of the gun. Sage walks away, accomplishing nothing.

Dillon stops Jason and tells him about the worried Sage and asks for his help. Dillon has no idea that Jason dislikes Alcazar. Jason tells Dillon to leave it alone and that Sage just came from the penthouse and she entered with the gun. Jason leaves, but not before Dillon tells him how Alcazar is the only person that Sage has got and without him, who knows what she would do.

Zander questions how much Ric wants the papers signed. He knows that Zander isn’t interested in money since he was already offered that and he turned it down. Zander tells Ric that is he prosecutes Nikolas, then he will sign the papers.

Carly has visions of all the times she had been with Alcazar prior to the accident. She can’t get the words he has said to her out of her head. She then sees flashes of the dream she had while she was in a coma. Carly gets frustrated, turns around and sees Alcazar at the door. She tells him that she does not love him, but the Alcazar at the door was just made up in her head. She turns around and looks at the gun that she took from Sage.

Jason makes calls outside of the haunted star. Courtney comes out and sees him there. She asks him about why he took Alcazar and tells him about how she was talking with Carly. She asks him why he continues to do what he does.

Emily and Nikolas have their bags packed and are about to go to the island. Ric comes in and tells Nikolas that he is under arrest for the murder of Cody McCall. Nikolas doesn’t understand how Ric can do this when he was released this morning because of lack of evidence. Nikolas is taken away just the same.

Emily is alone at Windermere. She uses the phone to try and get a hold of Alexis, she is successful and tells Alexis how Nikolas as been arrested for murder. The two women agree to meet at the police station.

Dillon watches Sage walk quickly past Kelly’s. He stops her and asks why she went to the penthouse with a gun. She tells Dillon that it is none of his business considering that he is not her boyfriend or bodyguard. Dillon tells her that she is a friend and Sage says how she was desperate she was. Dillon tells Sage that is Alcazar is missing it is probably because he doesn’t want to be found.

Carly shows up at the safe room where Alcazar is. He smiles and tells her that he knew she would come. Carly just looks at him. She is holding a gun in her hand but not yet pointing it at Alcazar.


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