GH Update Tuesday 1/6/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/6/04

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Dillon sits at Kelly’s pretending to work on something for school while he waits for Georgie to come. Sage walks in and asks Dillon to come to the Haunted Starr with her; she is meeting her uncle there. Dillon turns her down and tells her that he quits his job, Sage tries to change his mind but Georgie walks in.

Dillon is interested in the flowers that Georgie had just got. She talks loudly to Courtney about her new boyfriend and how great she is; she leaves to go meet this “secret guy” at the pier.

Dillon pretends to spill something and goes to look at the card. Georgie’s new guy is “Tom”. He leaves the diner in a hurry.

Down at the pier, Dillon witnesses Georgie kissing another guy with a big coat and a hood on, you can’t see his face. Upset, Dillon walks away. Afterwards, “Tom” takes off the hood and he turns out to be Maxie. She is totally disgusted at the fact that she just kissed her sister.

Back at Kelly’s, Georgie walks right into Dillon. He asks about Tom and how he treats her. Dillon ends the conversation by saying he just wants her to be happy. Outside, Georgie tells Maxie that Dillon seemed upset but he wasn’t fighting for her, which is what she wants him to do. Maxie tells her sister to tell Dillon the truth, but Georgie feels that she can’t. She decides to switch to something new and find a real boyfriend.

Jason takes Alcazar into Rick’s old house and right into the safe-room and Rick kept Carly in for the weeks in the summer. He puts a guard on Alcazar and tells him not to move. Jason tells Alcazar that he is going to stay there until Sonny gets back and orders what to do with him. Alcazar tells Jason that there is an attraction between him and Carly and no matter how much he tries to deny it, harming him will only bring the Alcazar and Carly’s bond closer together. Jason chooses to ignore him and tells Alcazar that Sonny should decide what to do with Alcazar. Alcazar hits a little to close to home when he talks about Courtney leaving him. Jason knocks Lorenzo to the ground and kicks him a couple of times before walking out.

Alcazar tries to make a deal with the guard posted at his door. He asks the man how much Jason is paying him. The man wants nothing to do with helping Alcazar escape because he knows he will be dead if he does. Alcazar doesn’t want to escape though, not yet anyways; he wants the man to deliver a message to Carly. He wants Sonny’s guard to tell Carly where he is.

Carly cleans up the glass she smashed and has another dream about Alcazar. Distressed, she leaves the house and heads to the Haunted Star, where Alcazar kissed her on opening night. She imagines that Alcazar revealed himself that night and they continued kissing. Carly is interrupted by Faith, who knows all about Sonny, Alcazar and how they are competing for Carly. She says some things that piss Carly off and she slaps Faith, knocking her down. Faith asks Carly who she really wants, who she dreams about all the time. Carly tells Faith that she loves her husband and walks away from her.

Sage sees Carly on the boat and they meet for the first time. Sage introduces herself, since Carly has no idea who she is, and asks Carly where her uncle is. Carly has no idea, and Sage accuses Carly’s husband of doing something to him. Carly tells Sage that Sonny is out on business. Sage mentions that her uncle loves Carly so much that he would die for her. Carly makes it known that she doesn’t love Alcazar. Sage tells Carly that she should and then walks away.

Rick tells Bryan that he wants information and Jason’s business. Bryan says how Courtney is loyal to her husband and won’t give information about him easily. Rick thinks that Bryan’s feelings for Courtney are getting in the way but Bryan assures him that that’s not the case. Elizabeth overhears the whole thing and thinks that Rick’s vendetta against Sonny is starting again. Bryan gets a call from work and has to leave.

Rick assures Elizabeth that he is on the right side of the law and the only reason he is going against Sonny is because he is in the mob and will have to be prosecuted one time or another. Elizabeth takes his word for it and drops the subject.

Emily and Nikolas find Cody hanging in the tunnels and automatically assume that he was murdered. They call the police right away. Emily thinks that the pages in the book could be important and the police shouldn’t see them because it could give more motive to Nikolas then he already has. She goes to hide the book but the police, Lucky and two others, come in. Emily hides to book while Nikolas shows them the dead body.

Bryan comes in late while Nikolas is talking about the treasure and how he thinks a man named Ben is the guy who killed Cody. Bryan questions Nikolas and they realize that no one in the room has actually seen this guy Ben. Bryan suggests that maybe Nikolas is making him up to cover his tracks and that Nikolas had the motive and opportunity to kill Cody.

While the forensics are working on the body, Lucky tells Nikolas that he believes that his brother is innocent. Lucky leaves and Emily and Nikolas go back to reading Black Thorn’s diary to look for clues. Emily and Nikolas both believe that Ben went after the real treasure, using the map that got ripped out of the book. The only things they learn however, is more about Constance and Black Thorn’s romance and a name of a place.

Bryan goes back to Kelly’s to talk to Courtney. She tells Bryan that she is thinking about starting over, Bryan automatically assumes that she is leaving Port Charles and this upsets him. Courtney tells him that this is not what she meant and she is thinking about taking the next step in a relationship. Bryan kisses her on the forehead at the exact time that Jason walks into the diner. She sees him, Jason runs off in a less then great mood and Courtney backs off of Bryan.

Bryan gathers up enough courage to ask Courtney to dinner for tomorrow night. After hesitation, Courtney agrees.

Rick and Elizabeth show up at the Haunted Star. Justus quickly goes to talk to Rick about business so Elizabeth leaves to go talk to Zander. She asks him if he is still okay with her and Rick raising that baby without him. Zander tells Elizabeth that he is not ready to be a father, she’ll be a great mother and Rick wants to be the father so they should be the child’s parents.

Elizabeth goes to tell Rick the gook news, but Rick is not sure if Zander is being totally honest when he sees Zander talking to Alexis, who happens to be Zander’s attorney.

Zander tells Alexis and Cameron about his child with Elizabeth. He asks about legal advice from Alexis but asks nothing of his own father. Alexis answers his questions and tells Zander he doesn’t have to make any decisions yet. Zander thanks her and leaves. Cameron questions the advice Alexis just gave to his son.

Rick questions Zander about the child and his motives. Zander assures Rick that he plans to give all legal ties to the baby to him. Elizabeth joins her husband and they share a dance.

Lucky comes back to Windermere and tells Nicolas that he has to come back to the station for questioning, Cody was indeed murdered. Nikolas assumes that it is in the morning and makes plans to get Alexis to come with him. Lucky says that they wants to, and have to do questioning tonight. Why is not discussed.

Carly goes back to her penthouse and Jason startles her by being there. He questions her about what she has been doing and bugs her about Alcazar. Carly asks Jason where he is and what he has done to him. Jason doesn’t try to deny anything, all he says is that like it or not, Alcazar is out of her life for good.

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