GH Update Monday 1/5/04

General Hospital Update Monday 1/5/04

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Brain apologizes again for speaking for Courtney and sends her some flowers as a peace offering. She tells him she is not ready for a relationship just yet. He insists that they can be friends and asks her for a dance. Courtney agrees. Brain and Courtney get close and they start to kiss.

Brain pulls away and apologizes to Courtney. He tells her that he too is not ready for a relationship because of his dead wife and that it must seem like he is leading her on. They both talk about their past relationships and how much they are grieving. Courtney feels that her problems are minor compared to his.

Elizabeth and Rick walk into Kelly’s and see Brain and Courtney together. They talk about it for a while and them Elizabeth decides that she wants to go over and try to talk to Courtney.

Brain goes outside and surprisingly talks with Rick. He tells the ADA how Courtney is opening up to him and talking about her feelings towards Jason. Rick nods his head in approval and says how he knew he picked the right man for the job. Brain says how soon they will have the mob gone from Port Charles.

Elizabeth and Courtney first talk about how her and Rick are together and hoe they are expecting a child together. Courtney seems happy for them and states that it must have been hard to go back to Rick because of the past. She mentions Jason and how it is good Courtney is moving on. Elizabeth suggests that her and Courtney should be friends and Courtney agrees.

Dillon runs into Georgie at the hospital and asks her about the call he made to her on New Year’s Eve. Georgie tells him that it was a mistake and that she can’t go back to him because of their past. Dillon apologizes to her again and tells her that if he could go back in time he would, Georgie doesn’t believe him and walks away. Dillon tries to yell after her but she tells him that it’s a hospital and should keep it down.

Dillon turns around and runs into Justus. He has heard everything and Dillon explains that Georgie is the girl he loved but he slept with someone else and cheated on her. Justus listens and gives Dillon some advice. They talk about the good and bad (bad more that good) qualities about the Quartermanes and how a Quartermane never walks away from a woman he loves. Dillon thanks Justus and then they part ways.

Dillon asks the woman at the desk where Georgie is, she has already left and the woman asks if she can take a message. Dillon tells her that he’ll being seeing Georgie around soon enough.

Jason watches close by and Alcazar corners Carly and pulls her into a kiss. Carly doesn’t push him away until it is too late. She tells him that she loves her husband and that she won’t leave him. Alcazar tells her that they both feel the same way about each other and Carly is denying it. Carly shakes her head and runs off, practically in tears.

At home, Carly has another sex fantasy about her and Lorenzo. She shakes her head and walks around the room in confusion. Jason storms in and asks how long this thing has been going on between Alcazar and how long she has been cheating on Sonny. She doesn’t know what he is talking about at first but then Jason reveals hoe he saw her and Alcazar in the park but couldn’t hear what they were saying.

Carly defends herself, saying that she would never cheat on Sonny and how she never asked for the kiss. She cries about how she can’t control what is going on in her head and that she tried to explain it to Jason but he just didn’t get it. Jason understands and tells Carly that she has to tell Sonny. Carly shakes her head, telling Jason that Sonny wouldn’t be able to handle it. She makes him promise that he won’t tell Sonny, and tells Jason that he won’t regret it. Jason walks out, less then pleased about the conversation they just had.

Alone, Carly has another vision, but this time it is more like a “what if” situation. She is at the park again with Alcazar but instead of pushing him away, they continue to kiss. Carly gets upset and throws the glass of scotch she has just poured herself at the wall.

Alcazar is alone at the park and is about to make a phone call. Jason comes up behind him with a wire in an attempt to strangle the enemy.

Cody watches as Ben holds a gun to Jax’s head and questions him. Jax tells Ben what he knows, the plane is Sonny’s and that Sam could be anywhere by now. Ben tells Jax to walk away, without looking at his face. Jax agrees, not wanting anything to do with Sam or her business ever again.

Cody comes up behind Ben, knocks him unconscious and pushes him into the water.

Emily reads the book she found by the treasure, which is really Black Thorn, the pirate’s diary. It turns out that Black Thorn was really the Cassidine prince from long ago. He met Constance first as prince Nikoli and then again as Black Thorn when men who were about to slit her throat attacked her and he saved her, then pulled her into a kiss. Emily flips to the back of the book and realizes that the last few pages of the book are missing. By looking at apiece left behind, she is able to tell that the last pages where maps of where Black Thorn his treasures. Cody listens in to everything Emily and Nikolas are saying.

Cody runs into Ben outside the tunnels of Windermere, who accuses the old man of double-crossing him. Cody quickly saves his own skin by saying that he knows where Sam is and what she is doing there. Cody speaks of greater treasure that him and Ban can split 50/50.

Emily and Nikolas decide to head back out to where they found the book to see if they can find the missing pages. In the tunnels, Emily sees something that frightens her and runs into Nikolas’s arms.

At the island, Sam is anxious to get some sleep, but Sonny is sitting on the only bed there is. He asks her if only one bed is a problem and Sam looks at him as if he has two heads. Sonny tells Sam that she can have the bed and he will sleep on the chair. Sam, of course, doesn’t have a problem with this.

Sonny drinks while Sam tries to go to sleep. She tells him to keep it down and complains that he’s making to much noise. Then, she says that he might take her treasure. Sam sits up, unable to sleep. While she is talking to Sonny, a scorpion climbs into her treasure bag.

Sam decides that she is going to leave, rain or no rain, as she is headed out the door, the animal that was in her bag bit her and she is poisoned by it’s venom so must say.

Sonny lays Sam on the bed and puts water on her wound. In a barely conscious state, she talks about her treasure, and a map that she found in a journal. Sonny sits there confused, trying to put the pieces together.

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