GH Update Friday 1/2/04

General Hospital Update Friday 1/2/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

January 2, 2004

Jax goes to Kellys and needles Courtney about her ties to Jason. He says it is for the best that she and Jason are no longer together. Courtney, of course, does not appreciate this. Ben, Cody’s fence, spies on Jax as he is in Kellys. Jax offers Courtney a job at his company but she turns him down.

On the docks, Ben sticks a gun in Jax’s back and asks him where Sam and/or the treasure is. Jax says he has no idea nor does he care where Sam is. Ben tells Jax that Sam got on a plane with the numbers, (XPL something or other) on it. Jax immediately realizes that the plane is Sonny’s and tells Ben this.

Carly, upset about continuing to think about the kiss from the mysterious stranger, calls Jason. When he gets there, she is not forthright with the truth. Jason tries to tell her to be honest with Sonny but she does not want to hear this. She says everything will be okay again once Sonny gets back from his trip. The phone rings and it is Sonny. She tells him she is okay and everything is hunky dory. She tries to tell him that she loves him, but the connection gets cut off. Courtney comes over and Jason abruptly leaves. Carly brings up the fact that Courtney went to the opening of the Haunted Star Casino with Brian. Courtney brushes it off as a mistake in judgment. Carly tells Courtney to go ahead and visit Morgan and Michael since she knows that Courtney loves spending time alone with them. When Courtney goes upstairs, Carly frustrated by her unwanted thoughts, leaves the penthouse. As Carly walks outside, she stumbles and falls. Alcazar appears out of nowhere and helps her up. “Are you following me, or something?” she snaps. As he grabs her arm, she has a flashback to the kiss of the mysterious stranger. She voices her suspicions that he was the masked man who kissed her on the “Haunted Star”. He admits it was and goes on to say, in a voice filled with anguish and longing, that he is love with her. She stares at him, agape. Jason watches and listens from the bushes.

On Sonny’s plane, Sam asks Sonny to drop her off on an island called Azure Key. He says that he will do it if she pays him. She says that he does not need the money. He insists that if he has to go out of his way, she must pay. She gives him a necklace from the duffel bag filled with treasure that she is carting around. He asks her to put it on so that he can see what it will look like on his wife. She obliges him. When they land on the island, he escorts her to the shack she will be staying in for the night. Just then, the pilot of the plane comes to Sonny and tells him there is a small leak and the plane will have to go back to mainland for repairs. Sonny is stuck and blames Sam. She gets insulted and decides to hit the road. As she steps away from the &# 9;shack, Sonny reminds her that she is supposed to be giving him the necklace that she has on. She has trouble taking it off so he has to go over and help her. At the moment he begins to take it off, rain starts to pour and they rush back into the shack. He orders her to start a fire. They strip off their outer clothing and have a drink and talk. She tells how amazing she thinks he is for loving Carly so much. In front of the blazing fire, Sonny finally takes off the necklace.

Nikolas discovers Emily unconscious near the water’s edge at the grotto. Panicked, he picks her up and carries her back to Wyndemere. Emily regains consciousness on the couch there. Nikolas tells her he would rather be a pauper than lose her looking for this treasure. Emily does not think that they should give up looking for the treasure just because of this setback. She says she is not going to give up living her life out of fear. Nikolas eventually agrees with her and they decide that they should resume the search for the treasure.

At Kellys Brian apologizes for butting into Courtney’s life but asks her to hear him out about one more thing. She acquiesces. He tells her about discouraging his wife from taking a job that was offered to her. Basically, he feels that had she taken the job, she would still be alive. It is an oblique way of getting Courtney to consider taking Jax up on his offer.


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