GH Update Wednesday 12/31/03

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/31/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Happy New Year's Eve!

It was certainly an interesting episode of GH today. It started off with Dillon being sent to his room by Edward, he tries to watch a silent film festival, but when he can’t see it on the television screen, he soon falls asleep and plays in his own silent film while dreaming.

Dillon is a runaway farmer, gone to the big city to find his birth mother. He is the heir to a large fortune. He isn’t in the city long before he runs into Faith, who is the mother of Sage in this fun-filled fantasy. After picking his pocket and realizing that he is going to inherit a lot of money, Faith tells Sage to go after him. Dillon has no interest in her however, because he is looking for his one true love, who is played by Georgie of course.

Down at the farm, Dillon’s adoptive parents, who are played by Cameron and Alexis, realize their son is gone and has gone to find his family. They plan to stay away at first, but then realize that their son could be in trouble and go after him.

At the Quartermane mansion, Edward’s three daughters, Monica, Tracy and Skye, wade on his hand and foot. When Dillon shows up, saying that he is part of the family, all three daughters deny ever having a son.

Edward demands an heir and suddenly, all three woman claim to be the mother of Dillon. Edward kicks them all out for being liars.

Alcazar, who is playing Faith’s brother, runs into Dillon’s true love Georgie. When she asks if he’s seen Dillon, he denies ever meeting him. Georgie finds Dillon on a park bench being kissed by Sage. She gets jealous, throws down the locket she has with the picture of Dillon in it. Dillon gets upset and thinking that it is over with Georgie, when Sage asks him to marry her, he say’s yes.

Cameron and Alexis are in the big city looking for their son. It just so happens that they look like common criminals the Port Charles police are looking for. They are able to get away easily though, because the cops are easily distracted.

Dillon marries Sage and takes her back to the farm with him, saying that he doesn’t want the fortune that he is entitled to. She gets mad and runs off, back to the big city. Dillon follows her.

In order to get Dillon to cooperate, Alcazar kidnaps Georgie and tells Dillon about it. He ties her to a stop sign and plans to run over her with a turnip truck. Dillon saves her just in the nick of time and they live happily ever after. Dillon is revealed as Tracy’s real son and he is the heir to a lot of money and the criminals the police are looking for are not Cameron and Alexis, but Skye and Jake.

Dillon wakes up, but his dreams world cannot take over reality. He goes to find Georgie at Kelly’s, but instead he runs into Sage.

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