GH Update Tuesday 12/30/03

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/30/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Skye keeps on dealing out cards to Jax and then she realizes that he’s losing on propose. He just answers that maybe she didn’t lost as much as she thought she did today. Skye tries to talk to him about Sam, and how he should be running after her instead of away from her. Jax isn’t sure if he can trust Sam anymore.

Nikolas comes into the casino looking for Jax, hoping that Jax can tell him where Sam is. Jax has no idea and explains how he broke it off with Sam. Nikolas tells Jax about his butler Cody and how he went diving for the treasure, also how he found no treasure. Jax recognizes the name, and tells Nikolas that his butler is Sam’s father. He tells Nikolas what he knows about Cody, that he is a con artist, makes a living off of that, and that he and his treasure, are Sam and Cody’s current projects.

Cody is talking to someone on the dock, Sam watches him from the stairs. Cody tells the man, whose name is Ben, that he is working on a big break and that it involves a lot of money, he tells Ben about the treasure. Ben is not sure whether to believe this, but he doesn’t care. He tells Cody to come up with the money or else his pretty daughter won’t be around for much longer.

Sam comes down after the man has left. She tells her father that she wants her treasure back. Cody pretends to know nothing about what she is talking about.

Emily summons Tracy over to Windermere to talk to her about the missing treasure. She tells Tracy that she’s up to something, and that she never meant to go through with a 50/50 split of the treasure. Tracy tells Emily that she is throwing empty accusations at her and that she could try and be a little nicer. Emily continues, not letting her guard down, she tells Tracy that she wouldn’t be surprised if she had the treasure and was planning to keep it herself, or use it against the Quartermanes.

Tracy suggests that maybe it is Nicolas who is holding the treasure so that he doesn’t have to share with the Quartermanes. Emily is appalled at Tracy’s statement and tells her that Nicolas would never do something like that. Tracy brings up the fact that Nicolas is broke and even goes further in saying that he had to know that if he married her, that her trust fund is worth millions. Emily tells Tracy that she is not going to make Emily doubt Nicolas, and that if money meant anything to Nicolas, he would still be married to Lydia because she was worth billons. Tracy walks out, tells Emily to watch her back.

Cody comes into the living area and greets Emily. She talks about the treasure and then leaves. She watches the butler from the doors. Assuming that everyone is gone, Cody pushes down the switch to the tunnels and goes in.

Sam comes up from the shores onto Windermere property where the tunnels are. She finds the treasure box and opens it. She hears footsteps, takes all her stuff and hides behind a large rock. Cody comes out from the tunnels and looks at his treasure, is doesn’t see Sam around. Cody picks up a large piece of wood and a bunch of tree branches and puts them on the treasure to hide it. With that, Cody leaves, disappearing back into the tunnels.

Sam comes out from hiding; she runs over to the treasure, lifts off all the sticks and then opens it again. Sam smiles, knowing just what she is going to do.

Cody brings Ben to the place where he has been hiding the treasure, but the treasure is gone. Cody explains that it was just there and whoever took the treasure can’t be too far. They go off looking for whoever this person is. Emily, thinking that they are gone, comes out from the tunnels. She looks at a book that must have been dropped and then gets knocked over the head with a gun by Ben. Emily lays unconscious by the water, with no one knowing where she is or no one to help her.

Sam holds a suitcase with the treasure in it, and makes a call down by the docks. There, she runs into Jax. He assumes that she now has he treasure and will be leaving. Jax tells her that he thought she had more then treasure to gain in this town, but them nods his head, and sarcastically tells Sam that he hopes that money gives her all the love and happiness in the world.

Just as Jax leaves, Sam runs into her father, who is being held by Ben, who is pointing a gun at her head. Cody tells Sam not to do anything stupid and to just give the man the treasure. Sam doesn’t follow her father’s advice though; she kicks the man in the chest, which gives her just enough time to run away. Ben tries to shoot but misses, he gets pissed off and frustrated with Cody, so he knocks him down onto a bench.

Nikolas talks to Jax back at Windermere. Jax explains that Sam know has her treasure so her next goal would be a clean getaway.

Cameron has just checked out Carly at the hospital and it appears that she is fine and will be able to go home. Cameron and Sonny leave so that Carly can get dressed. While Carly is putting her shirt on, she closes her eyes and sees Sonny’s hands on her, taking off her shirt and then kissing her on the neck. Carly opens her eyes again and finishes doing up the buttons on her shirt. She goes to the door and eavesdrops.

A worried Sonny talks to Cameron about his wife. Cameron tells Sonny that everything is looking fine now, that they don’t know much about Carly’s condition and that if anything seems unusual he is welcome to bring Carly back to the hospital for a checkup. He asks if Carly should stay the night in the hospital but Cameron tells him that it’s not necessary. Carly comes out from her room and she leave with her husband.

At home, Carly has another one of her fantasies while Sonny is at the door talking with one of his men. He closes the door and tells Carly that he has to leave on a business trip. Carly tells him that there is something that needs his imminent attention and starts to kiss him.

Carly and Sonny talk in their bed after just making love. She tells him about her little flashes that triggered her sudden behavior. Sonny smiles at her and the two of them start to kiss again.

Sonny and Carly come downstairs and he is getting dressed because he has to go on his business trip. He tells Carly that he is only going to be gone a couple of days. Carly tries to distract him from going, but in the end, knows he has to so kiss’s him goodbye.

While sitting alone on the couch, Carly closes her eyes, and sure enough another dream comes, it is just like the first on, only instead of Sonny holding her, it is Lorenzo Alcazar.

Sonny’s plane is just about to take off. Sam comes into the area where Sonny is and they both look at each other in shock.

Maxie calls up Dillon from the hospital and tells him that he has to stop Georgie before she makes a huge mistake.

Georgie waits at the back of Kelly’s, along with a bunch of other teens as she gets instructions about the teen speed dating. Georgie takes a seat at a table and waits for the first guy to come. Sage watches from the window.

Georgie sits and talks with a guy named Tyler, they seem to relate to each other, for a while, but then Sage comes up to them and the guy is distracted. He starts talking to Georgie again, but she is too pissed off that Sage has ruined something for her again.

The next guy to sit with Georgie is a geek who can only talk about camp. Georgie finds this conversation very boring and just waits for the five minutes to be up. When he sees that she’s not interested, he talks about a girl named Sage that went to camp in Europe. Georgie gets really mad, and looks at the buzzer, that just rang.

Georgie packs up her stuff and is just about to leave when a good-looking guy comes up to her and tells her not to leave yet. Just as she thinks she’s found a great guy that could be the perfect match for her, she realizes that he’s about 7 years older then her. Disgusted, Georgie tells him to leave.

The next guy to come up to Georgie is someone she didn’t expect, Dillon. She wants him to leave right away but he wants his five minutes. He talks to Georgie as if he has never met her and is trying to get through to her about the night he slept with Sage. Sage sees them together and pushes the buzzer. Time is up and Sage jumps right in to be with Dillon.

Georgie leaves and finds her sister outside of Kelly’s. She tells her sister about Dillon and how he was acting. Maxie admits that she was the one that got Dillon to go. Georgie tells Maxie that he just pities her because he has Sage and she has no one. Maxie doesn’t believe that’s true but Georgie wants to put it to a test. She’s going to make up a guy to make Dillon jealous.

All the teens have left the building except for Dillon and Sage. He tells Sage that he is going after Georgie and finally gets it through to her that he is in love with Georgie. Sage seems hurt and Dillon realizes that she thought they were together. Dillon tries to talk to her about it but Sage tells him that she would rather be with a bunch of guys, not held up by one.

Georgie comes in, talking on the phone to a mysterious guy, who is really Maxie. She tells Georgie that this is a really bad idea but she doesn’t listen. Dillon looks at her and assumes that she’s moving on.


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