GH Update Monday 12/29/03

General Hospital Update Monday 12/29/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Emily tries to talk Zander into letting Ric and Elizabeth raise his child. She tells him all the benefits of it, like the fact that Ric and Elizabeth love each other and the child will be growing up in a stable home. Zander doesn’t care about any of it; the fact of the matter is that the child is his. Zander makes it quite clear before leaving that he is doing this to spite Emily and to punish her, and to him, it has nothing to do with the child or Elizabeth. He is using both of them.

The opening of the Haunted Star isn’t the grand money making opening that anyone expected it to be. Men dressed in black, covered in head to toe, rob the place and the people of all their money and things of value. Elizabeth and Rick’s wedding rings are stolen, as well has Faith’s favorite bracelet, customers rings, necklaces, watches, money, etc. When one of the men comes up to Sonny, they recognize him and tell him to keep his stuff.

One of the robbers corner Carly outside as she is trying to make a 911 call. At first he grabs her and puts his hand over her mouth, he then turns her around and pulls her into a kiss. Carly tries to back away and looks at the man in shock. She asks him who he is. The man doesn’t answer; he brushes his hand over her cheek and then releases her.

Jax kneels over Sam and tries to stay calm and get her to breathe again. He talks to her and orders Tracy around. He gets Tracy to call an ambulance. She listens and stands over by the docks. She pretends to be shocked that Sam was in the water and asks when she would be doing down there. Sam coughs and starts to breathe again. She lets goof a jewel that she must have found on the Courage. Jax looks at Tracy and tells her that she knows exactly what Sam was doing.

Tracy looks at Jax as if he has two heads but he doesn’t fall for her little act. He puts the pieces together and assumes that Tracy was the one that convinced Sam to go diving for that treasure in the first place. Tracy asks why people always think the worst of her, even though everything he accuses her of is the truth.

Carly runs back into the Haunted Star and into her husband’s arms. She hugs him, still a little shaky and shocked about what went on outside. The robbers have just left the boat. There is a gunshot outside. Carly and Sonny run out to see what it was.

There is a man lying on the ground, dead. Scott looks at him and asks who shot him, and for once, he gets an answer. Alcazar comes out from around the boat and confesses his crimes. Her explained that the man stole his watch and Lorenzo doesn’t like things taken from him. He goes over to the dead man and takes his watch back. He looks at Carly and tells her that he’s glad she is okay. Carly looks at him, Sonny and the robber that is dead on the floor all in confusion.

Courtney talks to Jason outside of Kelly’s. She tells him how she feels and that she can’t stop loving him and how hard this is for her. Jason doesn’t know what to say, as he doesn’t know what he can do to change things for her. She plays the what if game and asks what if she where to move back in, even though she and Jason both know that she can’t bring herself to do that. Courtney starts to cry in confusion. Jason puts his hand on her cheek and slowly brings her into a kiss.

Meanwhile, inside Kelly’s, Nikolas meets up with Emily, who is sitting down with a cup of hot chocolate looking very depressed. He asks her what is going on and she explains everything to him, how Elizabeth is pregnant with Zander’s baby, how Ric wants to be the baby’s legal father but how Zander is using it as power against her. This doesn’t surprise Nikolas and tells Emily that Zander is just trying to make her feel guilty and she is letting him. Emily knows all of this but she still can’t let it go or stop thinking that she has ruined Zander’s life.

Sam lies in a hospital bed with Jax by her side. He tells her that she almost died and is lucky to be alive. He asks her what happened but she can’t exactly remember. He starts her off by telling her that she was in the water, unconscious and not breathing. Sam explains that there was an explosion that she didn’t expect and it caught her off guard. She has to take off all her stuff and swim to the surface. There, she must have blacked out. He asks her if she found anything but Sam shakes her head. She tells him that she didn’t have enough time to get to the treasure.

Scott accuses Sonny of setting up the whole incident with the boat robbery. He says how his watch didn’t get stolen and the robbers where practically bowing at his feet. Sonny smiles and says that maybe he is just intimidating. Scott shakes his head and makes it known to Sonny that they will talk again.

Ric meets up with Elizabeth and makes sure that she is okay. Elizabeth nods her head but is upset that that men took her wedding ring. Ric sees Faith, and doing his job, goes over and talks to her. He says how this kind of thing is her style and that she could make a lot of lost money that she didn’t get because of a lost shipment. Faith brings up Elizabeth and how she and Ric are together again. Ric tells her that she is jealous. Faith asks why the little waitress would go back to Ric; Elizabeth joins her husband and tells Faith that she loves him. The couple walk away together.

Scott questions Faith on the robbery but she also questions him. She doesn’t think that he is too concerned about it and that maybe he had something to do with it?

Sonny asks Carly about what went on out on the docks. She tells him about the mystery man that kissed her and assumes that it was the man that got shot and that Alcazar saw, and in a jealous rage, shot him. Sonny thinks that it’s possible that Alcazar set the whole thing up and the man that really kissed her was Lorenzo.

Zander goes back to the casino and Faith asks him where he has been. Zander ignores her and walks over to Ric and Elizabeth. He tells them that he is cutting all legal ties to the baby. The couple is shocked but also happy. Elizabeth assumes that Emily talked to him. Zander tells them that it doesn’t matter and walks away.

Capelli comes to Lorenzo with all the lout that was stolen at the casino opening. Lorenzo smiles, happy that he is pleased. Capelli is confused; he would think that Alcazar would be pleased with the profits as well. Lorenzo smiles, revealing that he did it all for a kiss.

Capelli doesn’t understand why Alcazar would go to all the trouble to kiss Carly, but there isn’t time to understand, as there is a knock on the door. Lorenzo tells Capelli to take the back exit and to split profits with the other men.

Scott comes through the door, saying that there was nothing in the plan about a man getting shot. The place was supposed to be robbed, Sonny was to be framed and Scott was going to boast his points so that he would be elected DA again. Lorenzo explains that he needed someone dead so that it would collaborate with Carly’s story about the man would kissed her outside. He hands Scott a bunch of money telling him to buy his way into winning the election. Scott takes the money, stuffs it in his jacket pocket and walks out.

Jax shows Sam the jewel he found her holding. She tries to explain but Jax doesn’t listen to her. He tells her that she’s a liar and that hasn’t changed since the day he met her. She tells him that it was a gamble and that she needed to take a chance. Jax places the jewel on her bed and walks out madly, telling her that he hopes her and her treasure are very happy together.

Nikolas talks about the Courage and how he hopes Cody was able to bring all the treasure up to the surface. Emily mentions the fact that the explosion was so big that it knocked the Haunted Star. Nikolas tells her that she’s starting to sound like her Grandfather. Emily laughs and the two kiss before leaving Kelly’s.

Outside, Emily and Nikolas run into Zander. He tells Emily how he has just given up his rights as the baby’s father to Ric. Emily is shocked, but thanks him just the same. Zander sarcastically tells her that she’s a real angel. Emily gets pissed off and tells Nikolas that they’re now leaving together.

Courtney and Jason pull away from their kiss and step back. Courtney is in shock, as she feels it came out of nowhere. She tells Jason that maybe he was right when he said they should keep their distance, because running into each other and not being together when they want to but can’t, could cause a lot of pain. Courtney goes back into Kelly’s and Jason watches her through the window.

Carly tells Sonny that the man that kissed her took her necklace that he gave her. Sonny finds it lying on the ground and gives it back to Carly. She suddenly gets a pain in her head and grabs onto Sonny to keep her balance. He asks her what is going on and suggests that they go to a doctor. At first, Carly tries to talk him out of it, but in the end nods her head in agreement.

Jax goes into the casino, which is now empty, except for Skye. He asks her what happened and she tells him about the robbery. Jax asks if he can play blackjack and Skye comes to deal the cards. He loses purposely to help Skye make some money while they talk. He tells her that he just broke it off with Sam. She tells Jax that she thinks that it is a mistake and tries to give him some advice.

Emily and Nikolas go back to Windermere and ask Cody about that search. He tells them that he was able to blast the freighter off of the Courage and get into it, but the treasure was gone. Emily and Nikolas both assume that Sam got to it before they did.

Tracy goes into the hospital to see Sam so that they can get their story straight. She turns on the light and looks at Sam’s hospital bed, but it is empty.

Tracy finds Sam at the docks in her wet suit and diving equipment. Tracy is not worried about Sam’s safely, only the treasure so that is the only thing she asks about. Sam informs Tracy that the treasure is gone and someone got to it before they could.

Cody goes through that Cassidine tunnels to a dark place where there is a small box. He opens the box, which has in it all the treasures that where on the Courage.


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